The benefits and harms of eggplant for human health

The benefits and harms of eggplant for human health

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Humanity has been cultivating vegetables for centuries. They enrich the diet with vitamins, make the daily menu varied. The abundance of vegetables allows you to choose for food those that are to your taste. Eggplants are popular among the housewives. From them you can cook a delicious dinner, mouth-watering snacks, perhaps familiar to everyone. In addition, they perfectly diversify the winter diet, since they are good in salted and pickled form, are combined with other vegetables and are used as summer cottages. We will talk about the benefits and dangers of eggplant for human health in this article.

More about eggplant

These vegetables are native to Southeast Asia... In the tropics of India, they are found in the wild. The Indians of South America used eggplant for food long before the discovery of the continent by Europeans.

In Europe, they began to exist only in the Middle Ages.... Prior to this, the plant was credited with strange properties, for example, causing madness, and was not eaten.

In the history of Russia, the first mentions of this vegetable date back to the 18th century. At the beginning of the twentieth century. they were successfully grown in the southern regions of the country.

Today, thanks to the work of breeders and climate change, these vegetables grow well in the middle lane and more northern regions.

Large oblong fruits, depending on the variety, can reach a length of 70 cm.In addition to the usual purple color, plants are bred with different shades of fruit: white, burgundy, almost black.

Eggplant is a berry rich in vitamins and minerals that belongs to the nightshade family. Due to its low calorie content (24 kcal per 100 g), it is often used in various diets for those who want to lose weight.

Composition and useful properties for the human body

The blue ones, this is how they affectionately call him in the southern regions of Russia, are very rich:

  • various minerals (iron, calcium, potassium, iodine, molybdenum, manganese, magnesium and others);
  • organic acids, they have a high content of niacin, which helps to conduct nerve impulses, folic and ascorbic acids;
  • vitamins of group B, A, P;
  • sugars and tannins;
  • pectins and fiber.

High in potassium and zinc causes a diuretic effect and popularity in the diet of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Relieves swelling, strengthens the heart muscles, removes cholesterol.

Helps overcome nicotine addiction. Due to the high content of nicotinic acid, eggplant dishes reduce the urge to smoke and contribute to weaning from the bad habit.

Low calorie content helps to actively use the vegetable when correcting weight. Folic acid is responsible for the normalization of hematopoiesis processes.

The antioxidants included in the composition protect against the development of cancer. Due to the fiber included in the fruit, the work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and gallbladder improves.

The program “Live Healthy!” Will tell you about the benefits of eggplants:

Potential harm to health and contraindications

For all the usefulness do not use "blue":

  • with exacerbation of gastritis or ulcers;
  • in case of problems with the pancreas;
  • with arthrosis or an attack of gout;
  • the presence of allergic reactions;
  • serious kidney disease.

There are few contraindications... As part of steamed vegetable stews, eggplant will benefit almost everyone.

The benefits of a vegetable

For women

High manganese content makes a vegetable indispensable for women during menopause and with premenstrual syndrome. Relieves irritability, tearfulness, relieves mood swings.

Useful for pregnant women Due to the high content of folic acid, the use helps to cope with the swelling that often accompanies pregnancy.

Normalizes the work of the digestive tract during lactation. Helps to diversify the diet, allows you to quickly lose weight.

For men

Since it is men who are most susceptible to cardiovascular diseases, they need to consume eggplants, which enrich the body with the necessary zinc and potassium.

In addition, with high physical exertion, "Blue" show a tonic effect.

Due to their high content of niacin, these vegetables are one of the staples during the smoking cessation period.

Low calorie content meals allows you to control weight, this is true for both men and women.

For kids

Until a year and a half, it is better not to include eggplants in the children's menu. With a lack of iron and low hemoglobin purple berries will help fill the deficit.

They will relieve the baby of constipation and normalize the digestive tract. The peculiar taste of dishes with this vegetable will surely please the kid.

Important: eggplants are not eaten raw... Cooking in large quantities of oil will do nothing but harm to the body.

How to choose and store

Choose under-ripe, smooth and shiny specimens. Wrinkled, overripe berries are of no value.

Fruits with a thin skin are tastier. The darker the fruit, the better the taste.... Store well frozen or dried.

Tip: To remove the bitterness, soak them in water for 2-4 hours, or cut and blanch (dip in boiling water) for 1-2 minutes.

Blot chopped blanched vegetables with a napkin, fold into a container and place in the refrigerator. So they are stored for up to six months. You do not need to defrost it before cooking.

Open air dryby ensuring air circulation and protecting from direct sunlight. You can chop fresh eggplants and dry in the oven or fruit dryer.

When used in a diet, it is more useful to cut the peel from the vegetable.

They are used to make vegetable stews.... Stew over low heat, adding carrots, bell peppers, onions, herbs and potatoes. For cooking, use 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Remember: when frying, "blue" ones absorb a lot of oil. Better to bake or simmer. They can be pickled, salted, popular caviar, stewed or fried.

They go well with meat or vegetables.... Eggplant stuffed with meat or vegetables, a delicious and nutritious dish.

Eggplant with nuts and eggplant with garlic and herbs, video recipe:

Eggplants have long settled on our table. Benefit and bright, unique taste, made them popular on holidays and weekdays. They found admirers in different countries.

Cheap and tastyWhen cooked properly, these vegetables can provide significant benefits to the body.

The content of vitamins in eggplants is called rather scarce, since the "blue" contains a rather low concentration of vitamins A, C, PP and group B. At the same time, this culture has a lot of useful microelements that are necessary for the human body to function normally.

So, eggplants contain a lot of iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, potassium, cobalt, iodine, aluminum, due to which in the East they are called longevity vegetables.

In addition, the fruits of "blue" contain molybdenum, which is not found in all vegetables: this substance contributes to the normal functioning of joints and prevents arthritis. Eggplant peel contains a special element, non-zunin, which is a powerful antioxidant and protects nerve cells and brain tissue from destruction.

How to choose eggplant

The harm and benefits of eggplant primarily depend on the quality of the fruits themselves. These vegetables are of different types, so the color and shape are not always reliable indicators. There are round and oblong, white and green species. But most often in our market there are ordinary oblong purple vegetables. Be sure to pay attention to the color. Fresh young eggplant is dark, dry and shiny. Moreover, the younger the vegetable, the darker it is. Therefore, you should not buy light, gray, brown eggplants - they will most likely be overripe. Do not forget to carefully feel the fruit: because of the dark surface, you can easily miss rotten spots.

As already mentioned, the harm and benefits of eggplant depend on how fresh the vegetables are. They have not proven themselves in the best way, so buy as much as you plan to eat right away. Then it's better to buy fresh ones.

What vitamins are contained in eggplant, calorie content

Eggplant, in addition to its undeniable taste, has many health benefits, firstly, it is low calorie vegetable, 100 g of a vegetable contains 24 calories. What people who are losing weight use to the full - tasty, healthy and low-calorie! Unless it is worth controlling the amount of vegetable oil for cooking eggplant caviar and other delicacies.

Secondly, it contains a lot of mineral salts: phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B2, C, PP, anthocyanins, fiber, carotene, pectins, little protein and sugar.

Rules for storage and selection of "blue"

To keep vitamins in vegetables, you need to store them properly. This requires:

  • place them in a dark and cool place
  • too low temperatures will harm and turn the peel into a "wrinkled bag"
  • wrapping vegetables in parchment paper will keep them unchanged longer
  • in suburban conditions, in the absence of a refrigerator, you can place them in clean sand.

The health benefits of eggplant last for 3-4 months. Further, vitamins are gradually destroyed.

So that eggplants do not harm, you need to be able to choose them. Pay attention to the following parameters:

  • the peel should not be damaged or wrinkled
  • small rot can kill beneficial properties
  • the stalk must be intact
  • the young fruits of the plant are more useful, because they do not accumulate solanine, which can harm the body
  • if there is an opportunity to purchase white varieties of cultured eggplant, it is better to choose them
  • fruits easily absorb harmful substances, so you should not buy a vegetable from sellers along the roads or in case of uncertainty about the pure production of a crop.

Main dishes

So that during the heat treatment the eggplant does not lose its useful qualities, they need to be subjected to a short cooking process. It is recommended to cook them in a multicooker, oven, double boiler.

  • The fruits must not be overripe. Young fruits contain less solanine. They are peeled and sprinkled with salt. After twenty minutes, washed with cold water.
  • To prevent the taste of the fruit from spoiling, they must not be cut with a metal knife.
  • During frying, you can prevent oil from absorbing by pouring boiling water over the raw fruits.
  • If you do not remove the peel from the fruit, then during cooking they will not lose their shape.

The benefits of eggplant

A sufficient amount of potassium can be found in the pulp of eggplant fruits, and it has a beneficial effect on water metabolism in the human body and significantly improves the function of the heart muscle). Eggplants are deservedly called low-calorie vegetables, as they contain only twenty-eight calories. Therefore, in a well-composed diet of the correct diet, eggplant must be present (but by no means fried!). In addition, the eggplant contains vitamins (B, C, B2, PP), carotene, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron.

Eggplants perfectly cope with the normalization of water-salt and lipid metabolism in the body, remove uric acid salts from the body, and are an irreplaceable source of potassium for our body.

In the diet of people suffering from gout, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, atherosclerosis, constipation, impaired kidney and liver function, as well as the elderly - this vegetable must be present.

Removing cholesterol, reducing its concentration in the blood further increases the benefits of this herbal product.

This vegetable can provide invaluable support to those who have decided to defeat the bad habit of smoking. It would seem fantastic and what is the connection between eggplant and cigarettes, however, due to the fact that this vegetable contains vitamin PP (known as nicotinic acid), the period of nicotine starvation after giving up the bad habit and cigarettes with eggplant will be easier to survive.

There is also an opinion that eggplant has the ability to defeat cancer cells. Whether this is true or not, until science has not been proven, but besides this, eggplant has enough advantages to include in its diet.

As for the harm from eggplants or contraindications for eating, nothing is known about them, therefore, eat eggplants for health!

Olga Shevtsova, World Without Harm

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Lectins in food

The largest number of them is found in such product groups as:

  • cereals of all kinds (especially wheat)
  • legumes (especially soybeans)
  • nuts and seeds
  • milk products
  • nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes)
  • seafood (eel, shellfish, halibut and flounder)
  • genetically modified foods (lectins are specially incorporated into them)
  • fats that are produced from the mentioned food groups.

Highest in Whole Wheat, Whole Flour, and Brown Rice

The smallest amount of lectins is contained in:

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