Mediterranean garden plant ideas

Mediterranean garden plant ideas

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Only a limited number have been cultivated, but interest in this genus is […]. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home Garden Amazing ideas on how to make a Mediterranean garden design. Who has not dreamed of a romantic garden in the Mediterranean style?

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10 Garden Ideas to Steal from Greece

So when they moved and Lynda had a whole new garden to create, most people would have expected her to design a garden along the same lines. Just one problem — the architecture at her new home was totally different than her last one. Plus, Lynda was ready to move on from the high-maintenance cottage style and towards a more minimalist, low-care garden. Hot colors. Strong design elements. Large swathes of one plant meandering through the beds or marching along a wall.

Under the hot Mediterranean sun, design elements need to be strong and intentional to keep from looking washed out. Part of creating a successful anything is in the elements you leave out. Because so many Mediterranean plants have purply blue flowers lavender, rosemary, thyme , choosing a hot color to contrast makes the traditional Tuscan garden plants look rich and vivid in the bright light of the sun. In addition, the greyish leaves on many Mediterranean plants can look faded or dull if not supported by a few lush, bright greens.

Were I to design my own version, I would add a few more of our California natives, like mimulus , leopard lily L. There are an infinite number of ways to personalize. Tuscan gardens often incorporate strong hardscape elements, especially stone walkways and patios, colorful tiles, and large pieces of pottery that house boldly-hued plants.

Warm tans, reddish-browns, and terra cotta colors are the most common colors. Warm colors like this can soften the effect of a large area of stone or tile and make it feel inviting, rather than cold or formidable. The vase-shaped pots so integral to a Tuscan garden can be used to create a mini focal point in the garden, to draw attention to seating areas or direct the eye down a path. And under the heat of the summer sun, the sound and look of water can add a cooling feeling to the garden.

The fragrance of Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, sage, lavender, thyme, lavender cotton Santolina , and others are an iconic part of Tuscan garden design.

In particular, lavender makes a bold design statement when used to frame a low wall or pathway. It leads the eye to the focal point a door or patio while providing fragrance every time you brush against it.

The shape and colors of olive and citrus trees are another element that bring visions of Tuscany. They can be trimmed formally and set in pots, or used within garden beds to screen unpleasant views or define a pathway or wall. The spires of Italian cypress are another traditional plant used in this style.

They work well when used formally to frame a view. You can see from the creativity that Linda used in designing her garden that you can personalize this type of design in a number of ways to make it fit with your own style and home. Want more planting inspiration? Tuscan garden planting ideas here. Italian Rustic. Gardening the Mediterranean Way. Mediterranean Landscape Design. Genevieve Schmidt is a landscape designer and owns a fine landscape maintenance company in Arcata, CA.

The owner of North Coast Gardening, she is also a contributing writer at Garden Design Magazine and has written for numerous print and online publications. Wow, it all looks so lovely. I have some planted next to my rather narrow front steps. I placed them there with the same idea that I would brush against them and smell their wonderful fragrance. With a narrow path and stairs I leave visitors no choice but to venture among the bees.

If only they would scare away the door-to-door salesmen I would be content. But the narrower the path, the more this would be an issue. Nobody likes wet pant legs! Thanks so much to both of you for sharing! The lily is especially gorgeous. Just love it. Gorgeous, gorgeous!! I love those saturated colors and the strong design. Thanks, Jenny! Nice job breaking down the elements of Mediterranean design, Gen!

Beautiful photos of an inspiring garden with simple explanations to boot. LOVE the orange colors, too. Thanks, Rebecca! I am coming to love those warm oranges, too.

Wow -your photos are beautiful; and I enjoyed your article. What kind of lilies are they? Im going with a lavender and very dark pink, almost red color scheme.

Do u think that would look ok? One more question — do you think azalea could fit into mediterranean garden? Or is that to English cottage? I think your color combo sounds like a winner!! And I personally would not choose Azaleas in that style of garden — save them for woodland, English, or Japanese. Is it possible that Mrs. I see rosemary and lavender. Can you help me to pick some good plants that can grow in Fresno, CA which is very hot and arid in the summer and barely hits frost in the winter?

Good luck! The homeowners created a […]. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Boldness and Simplicity Hot colors. Hardscape Tuscan gardens often incorporate strong hardscape elements, especially stone walkways and patios, colorful tiles, and large pieces of pottery that house boldly-hued plants.

Comments Wow, it all looks so lovely. Trackbacks […] of North Coast Gardening has a truly inspiring post on creating a Mediterranean garden design. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Create A Mediterranean Inspired Garden

With a bit of planning and the right site, a Mediterranean garden is a very achievable goal for SA gardeners. Mediterranean gardening is not just limited to the beautiful region in Europe, but the style and ideas can be undertaken and adapted anywhere in the world that has a similar climate: long hot summers with low rainfall and short, mild, wet winters that are relatively frost free. Gardening can be daunting and even very disappointing when we lose plants. We do have a vast range of regions within our Mediterranean climate; from the cool climate plants like camellia, azalea and rhododendron that grow well in the Adelaide Hills, to the drought tolerant plants that survive in coastal and arid outback regions and on the Adelaide plains, anything from ferns to succulents will thrive depending on soil types, available water sources, sun protection if necessary and prevailing winds. Plant choice is critical in establishing this style of garden and it may be worth a drive around your neighbourhood to see what plants grow well in your area before choosing. Soil preparation prior to planting, composting, deep regular soakings of water and mulching are the main vital elements to maintain a healthy garden. It would be foolhardy to forget or underestimate the value of mulching.

Plants that thrive in hot climates are the star of Mediterranean gardens, bring some of that style to your own home. Classics of the region include fragrant.

Garden Design Ideas: Japanese and Mediterranean

This entryway pergola creates a sense of anticipation as guests approach the front door: the portal feels like a jewel in the distance. To encourage the growth of vines atop the pergola structure. Nature feels integrated into this Mediterranean-style home. When planning your garden design, get creative and express yourself with art, unusual structures and water features. The Mediterranean landscaping in this front yard garden creates an inviting entrance to this Tuscan-style marble home. Texture and vibrancy come together to create this cheerful retreat. The plantings vary from spiky to velvety, the hue is bright, sunny and serene.

7 key elements of a modern Mediterranean garden

Ebook - Landscaping small areas, courtyard gardens, shade; plant selection planting, care: soils, pests, diseases, plant directory. Ebook - Introducing and using herbs: cultivation, propagation, pests and diseases, herb gardens, plant directory, herbs in pots - colour photos, 61 pages. Course - Extremely comprehensive, students graduating from this course alone can set up a herb farm. Covers all aspects in detail. Course - home gardeners or garden maintenance staff: you will gain the confidence and knowledge to set up and maintain a large or small fruit garden; many fruiting types covered.

Roman gardens and ornamental horticulture became highly developed under Roman civilization. It was seen as a place of peace and tranquillity, a refuge from urban life, and a place filled with religious and symbolic meaning.

Mediterranean Plants for Your Garden

These plants offer the typical easy-care quality of most Mediterranean-climate plants but they also spring some surprises in flower color and form, foliage texture and growth habit. It usually refers to areas with mild, wet winters and warm or hot summers during which little or no rain falls: this includes parts of north Africa, western South Africa, California, central Chile, and parts of western and southern Australia. Mediterranean plants from around the world meet in the garden of Western Hills. Spiky orange flowers are Watsonia pillansii hybrids, from South Africa. Photo by: Rob Cardillo. Appeal: Mediterranean plants add texture, color, an informal look—and a spirit of sunny lands—to almost any garden.

10 Ideas For a Mediterranean Inspired Garden

George Seddon, and his wife, Marli, have created a Mediterranean designed garden, which they believe not only compliments their historic Fremantle house, but also suits the local conditions - a dry summer climate, an underlying limestone cap rock and a location near the ocean. The couple, who have definite views on gardening, live in one of the oldest inhabited houses in Fremantle. The historic cottage on the property was built in and the main house inGeorge is an accomplished academic, and has written books on the Australian landscape and environment. He says we should accept what the landscape offers and make design and plant choices accordingly. George believes that we have got plenty of water and we simply should plant trees that will survive on the generous water allowance that nature gives us.

Our interest in improving the use of xeriscaping (use of drought-resistant plants and techniques for water conservation) along with native plant species.

How to get the Mediterranean look

Have you made the decision to landscape your yard? Congratulations, get ready to move your home into a whole other level of livability and beauty. What kind of landscape design would look the best and will it thrive?

How to Create the Ultimate Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean style gardens have been made universally popular through their origins of Italy, Greece, Spain and Southern France to name a few. They tend to be highly attractive and picturesque with their gravel walks, plethora of colours, utilisation of tiles and softly shaped hedges. There is also the various scents and fragrances within a Mediterranean garden, which can best be described as fresh, exotic and inviting. All of this has facilitated gardeners outside of the Mediterranean to try and replicate these aspects in their very own gardens. Below are some useful tips on how to transform your garden into a Mediterranean masterpiece. In the hot climate of the Mediterranean, gravel is an exceptionally popular form of flooring across gardens, driveways and even some small roads.

A Mediterranean garden design is lush green, beautiful and has a breath of fresh air.

Mediterranean Gardens

It appears JavaScript is disabled. To get the most out of the website we recommend enabling JavaScript in your browser. House 2 min read. House2Home: The Complete Guide to Renovating or Redecorating No matter how big or how small your garden is, an outdoor space of any kind can be transformed into your own little patch of paradise. As we continue with our House2Home series, where we share expert advice around home renovation and redesign, we bring you some green fingered inspiration. Interested in revamping your own green patch? Japanese gardens have quite a unique look and are admired for their structure and symbolism and focus on the importance of appreciating and understanding nature.

Roman gardens

Given the current situation where a large part of the Mediterranean coast is occupied by urbanizations and residences with landscaped areas, the adaptation of these spaces to the ecological conditions of our environment is of vital importance. In general, people use exotic plants from distant countries with vital requirements that are totally different from those provided by our climate, with the consequent excess in water consumption and other resources. The generalization of these exotic environments, denaturalizes our Mediterranean landscape and leads to the cornering, if not the disappearance, of native flora and fauna, causing important ecological imbalances. In most cases, the choice of this type of exotic gardens responds to aesthetic trends that could be described as fashions, a generalized situation that inevitably leads to designing them in this way, as if it were their only alternative.