The jade plant care

The jade plant care

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The jade plant care guide will be the starting point for you to learn how to care for jade, which includes its growing, propagation, and maintenance. will give the basic information about jade plant care, and it will be perfect if you're new to growing jade.

Caring for jade plants might be the top most challenge you face when raising jade. After you get hold of some basic jade knowledge, you can actually help the plant flourish and grow!

Jade plant care guide

1. Jade plant growing information

1.1 Cultivation

Some gardeners feel strongly that there's no point in purchasing and maintaining a plant that will only live a matter of months.

The real jade plant is an epiphyte plant with no real roots, which can't thrive outdoors. Because of the high altitude and rich nutrients of central Thailand, jade plant grows wild naturally, and because of its unique epiphytic nature, is usually over 100 years old.

Jade plant is a semi-evergreen plant, which is suitable for indoor cultivation and it has a simple needs. If you want to grow a long-living jade plant, it will need a fairly large and spacious container.

We recommend you to start growing it in pots, at least 10-12cm in diameter, and this should last at least 3 years. Remember that these days the container should not be less than 12cm wide.

1.2. Water

It's really important that you keep your plants well watered, especially when it's still in its early stages. It's good to drip water on the jade plant once a week, or if it's really hot or dry.

The soil should be well-drained and the pot should be placed in a shady area. And also, it is better to not to mix too much with composted manure and other earthworms, as it could turn the soil acidic.

2. Jade plant care

2.1 Watering

Jade plant is very drought tolerant and easily stressed. It is better to mist the plant before you water it, and then water it once every few days to keep it damp.

During the growing period, we can spray the jade plant every 1-3 days. When it starts to show flowering, it needs to be misted more frequently.

After the jade plant has finished blooming, the misting process can be reduced by 1-3 days. If you feel that the plant is getting too dry or too moist, you can spray more often.

2.2 Nutrition

Jade plant needs a lot of sunshine during its growing period, and especially the first two years of its life. It can be easily damaged by over watering and its soil should be quite dry.

It's better to not give the jade plant any fertilizers, especially the ones that are too acidic. If you want to feed the jade plant, you can add some diluted household ammonia, or some non-citric acids to the soil

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