Large leaf house plant care

Large leaf house plant care

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Large leaf house plant care for beginners

I like growing houseplants and I love taking care of them. I am currently in the process of growing large leaf house plants for my apartment. My goal is to make the room more homey and welcoming with plants that will not require watering everyday. I have many questions about large leaf house plants.

I am wondering how often a large leaf plant needs water. I know that small leaf plants need water every 2 or 3 days. I am worried that a large leaf plant could need water as much as every day. I also understand that when I give my plants a good soaking, I don't have to give them water again for weeks. Is this true?

I am also concerned about the environment. I know the large leaf plants are not very picky when it comes to a good soil. However, I am concerned that they could need to have a specific fertilizer. Do they need fertilizer at all?

Are there special house plants that I should not use if I have kids and pets in the house? Are these plants safe to grow in the house? What kind of soil do they like and how do I go about acquiring it? What kind of maintenance should I expect? Is it possible to repot a large leaf house plant without the plant screaming?

I really appreciate all the input and info that you all have provided. I have lots of questions and lots of research to do. Please keep the ideas coming.

I am not concerned about the environment, they're all quite hardy. I would like a large leaf plant as an addition to my apartment and my budget does not stretch to any really expensive plants, but they should be okay in a smaller container for a few years.

I hope to be able to grow the plants from seed, but I do not have a greenhouse and I don't know if I should purchase them and grow them in a pot and hope to get some seeds in the process. The large leaf plants seem to be the best option, but I don't know if I need to find a certain kind. I'd like to have a variety.

I do know that for a large leaf plant to be picked up by the local potting center, it has to be larger than 25 inches in diameter. Is that a large plant, or should I not try it?

I will certainly watch a video on youtube and research as I need to.

I hope to grow this plant for several years and have it be a part of my home and not a houseplant. I am hoping to grow the plant from seed. Do I need to have a certain kind of substrate for seed to germinate? If yes, please provide some suggestions.

How do I know if my plant will be happy to take that much fertilizer, should I start with a pot first or just throw it in my soil? How much fertilizer should I start with? And how often should I fertilize?

My first step will be to purchase the plants, and hopefully I will be able to grow them from seed. I have little green house experience, so I need to learn from my mistakes as I proceed. Please provide helpful advice and any experience you may have.

Thanks for all your help and support. I will keep you updated as I make progress.

Welcome to this new, wonderful journey. I hope your experience is even more rewarding than mine. (Mine wasn't so good.)

For your first step, I'd pick up as many plants as you can and as many plants as you can afford. I'd put the plants in the soil that you purchased and they will need to be in your containers for a while before you water. Let the plants adjust to the container before you put them into your garden. You can purchase fertilizer if you'd like. There are times when I don't fertilize my plants. I'm thinking that you can just get your plants from a nursery or garden store.

As you make progress, take advantage of the information and the experiences you've had.

Hi, thanks for all the information. I want to grow my seeds and have learned that I need to get a substrate made especially for germinating and growing seed. That's why I purchased my soil for plants. I wanted to start small. The soil that I purchased contains a seed-growing medium and some peat.

I have a greenhouse and am thinking about building a new one. I was wondering if the seed starting soil that I purchase will grow in my new greenhouse. I have plenty of space and it is a metal frame greenhouse. I have very little experience in building a greenhouse.

So I guess I'm looking for your thoughts and expertise on this subject.

I agree that it would be great if you had a greenhouse. I'm new to all of this and need more experience. In the meantime, my first seed that I planted is doing well and the seed is going to be planted in some soil that I've purchased. I don't think that it will need any special attention.

Thanks for all your help and support. I will keep you updated as I make progress.

Thank you for taking the time to put together this thread. I have been wanting to grow soil from seeds for years and finally took the plunge.

I started to collect soil in my garden and I am excited to try my hand at starting seeds, I had wanted to buy some from another grower. After talking to you and others, I decided that buying soil from another grower might be a good idea if it was clean enough. This was a great reminder to go to the local community garden and take a look at what other growers have been up to!

I have been thinking about this ever since I found out about this new way of growing soil. I always liked playing in the garden and growing seeds, so I have been growing all sorts of seeds that I have collected from other sources.

So, as a first step, I have started to test out some soils on a small scale. These soils are collected from the surrounding community. I have also tried mixing some of these soils together in a bucket and see what happens. I even took some