Best herbs to plant indoors

Best herbs to plant indoors

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Best herbs to plant indoors

Best herbs to plant indoors

Plants have the ability to transform any room in your house or office, be it a small kitchen area, balcony, sitting room, living room or study, creating a unique space that you are proud to call home. Plants are a great way to de-clutter a space while bringing comfort, cheer, freshness and colour to a room. They can even enhance your home's air quality. For example, rosemary can help to keep the air smelling fresher, while mint can help the air to cool down.

For the busy person, it can be hard to find the time to regularly add herbs, flowers, foliage or even potted plants to a room. If you don’t add fresh green to your home every few days, the room can quickly feel dreary and inhospitable. With time to spare in the busy schedule and with so many other things to do, it’s easy to be neglectful with adding fresh herbs to the home. However, there are many fresh herbs and plants that will help to enhance any space, especially the home.

Plants improve the way we feel inside and outside of our homes

There is so much more to plants than the food and oxygen that they produce that goes into your body and keeps you alive. Plants can improve the air quality in a room, and we don't need to be physically near the plants to take advantage of the benefits. For example, if you have a lot of dust in the air, placing plants and foliage, such as mint, in a room will help to naturally filter and purify the air, meaning you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning the air.

Plants can help de-stress your life

The stress of daily life seems to creep up in so many ways. Many people feel stressed and can't get out of the habit. A few fresh plants in your home can make your home seem more welcoming, calm, and inviting. They can help to make your home feel like a safe place where you feel comfortable going about your life without feeling stressed out.

Plants provide you with vitamins and minerals

We get vitamins and minerals naturally in our foods, but we often need a little extra to get the full benefit of these nutrients. Plants have their own vitamins and minerals, which can help boost our nutrient levels to help with digestion and overall health. Vitamin D, B vitamins, vitamin K, beta-carotene, and iron are just a few of the many nutrients that plants have.

For all of these reasons, fresh plants can enhance the look and feel of your home for you, your family, and the guests you invite into your home.

Whether you’re new to gardening or you’re a gardener who is looking to expand your vegetable garden, you can begin to change your entire home’s appearance and climate just by adding a few fresh plants. Your guests and your family will instantly notice your efforts to be a little more green in the house. Even if you only have a few plants, you can make a huge difference by giving them more light and a homey look.

Plants provide you with a sense of comfort

It’s not hard to see why gardening brings a sense of calmness and comfort into a room. Not only do plants provide you with more oxygen than you have on the surface of your skin, but they offer a feeling of nature and safety to visitors. Plants offer a calming element in a room that is both visually and socially engaging.

Gardening also helps to de-stress. While your garden can be an outdoor area, you can still bring nature inside, giving you a moment of peace and calm. This, of course, will be an immediate change in the look of your room, but it also helps to combat any stress or illness. The smell of a fresh pot of soil or flowers can do wonders for your health.

Plants will add plants to your décor

Your garden is going to add a homey feel to any room. While we often think about décor and colors, it’s actually the plants that take center stage in a home.

Many flowers have an interesting form that is designed to attract pollinators, creating an interesting part of any room. You can enjoy the plant life inside your room as well. Adding a small indoor garden to a room with the potential to become a little too hot and humid can really make a dramatic change in the appearance of the space.

The right plants can bring new life to any room

Any room in your home can become more lively with the addition of a few plants. Not only do plants provide you with oxygen and provide a place for bugs and animals to live, but they also provide you with a way to be green inside the home.

While you may think you have to have a giant tree or bush to provide shade in your home, indoor plants provide an almost perfect form of shade. Just because your room doesn’t get direct sunlight, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a little help keeping you warm. You don’t want your room to become too cool or too warm, and nothing does this better than plants.

Plants add to the décor as well as their own kind of value to a room. A few plants can add value, keeping the home looking good at a low cost.

There are literally thousands of varieties of plants you can choose from to make your room look more alive, and many can provide you with a place to rest and relax, as well. While you might think that a room with a large plant would take up a lot of room, you can keep your indoor plants looking trim and in great shape with regular care and watering.

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