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Nick Drake | Fruit Tree: Complete Recorded Works | Album

On 25 November , Nick Drake, a 26 year old English guitarist, singer and songwriter died at his parents Tanworth-in-Arden home from an overdose of the anti-depressant drug Tryptizol. The coroner at the time declared the death a suicide, yet family and friends suggested it was an accidental overdose, following upon a long period of depression. According to official accounts, there was no suicide note discovered and friends said that Nick was in a relatively good frame of mind at the time.

Whatever the truth surrounding his death, there is no doubt that it was a tragedy, both personnally and musically, for Nick Drake was a rare talent. For this reason his fan base contunues to expand and his music remains on general release around the world. The young musician left a legacy of just three albums — in all 31 songs - issued on the Island label betweenThe albums sold poorly upon initial release, and Drake performed infrequently in public to promote them. During his pop star years he gave just one interview, such was his shyness, preferring instead to express his thoughts and feelings through his music.

Despite this apparently inauspicious, short-lived career, Nick Drake today is a cult figure. His albums and cds continue to sell, with his three albums having been reissued and remastered. A boxed set compilation of the original albums plus additional unreleased material has been made available, whilst bootleg recordings also exist for the diehard fan.

All of this is despite the fact that no actual film of Nick Drake in performance exists, nor any live performance tapes. Such is the quality of his music that, in recent years, it has featured in numerous movie and television soundtracks e. Volkswagen US. Nick Drake web sites and discussion groups proliferate see below , and he is now more popular than at any other time. Why, you may ask, is there all this acclaim for a young man who died, relatively unknown, back in ?

Why the ongoing interest and cult status? The answer is, in part, yes, but there is more to it than that. Nick Drake may have died a tragic, lonely, untimely death as a result of a drug overdose during the early s, just like the aforementioned artists, but his career was very much less public than that of Hnedrix, Joplin or Buckley.

Also, he was rare talent who followed a very different path to those aforementioned pop icons. Nick Drake was an extraordinary musician - his dexterity on the acoustic guitar still amazes his fellow guitar players. He was a competent songwriter and a singer whose breathy voice had a melancholic and emotional quality about it which haunts the listener and remains a unique part of the present cult-status phenomena.

His masterly guitar work, comprising complicated tunings and fingered arpeggio runs intimately linked in with the words and melodies of his songs, was groundbreaking for its day and often breathtakingly beautiful. His official recordings — made between - mostly have a timeless quality about them. They could have been recorded yesterday, yet due to their complexity few modern day guitarists can replicate them, and it is no easy task to sing them.

They are often referred to as "timeless" works, and we must thank his record company and producers at the time for the manner in which they nurtured his talent. They speak of the earth, nature, trees, the sky and moon, the beach and love. They are melancholic, but not depressing, and in the blues tradition, with obvious reference to contemporary singers and songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Donovan.

Unknown to his contemporaries, his music was a relection of a deep seated depressive illness which took over his life after aboutFruit Tree , a song off his first album, uncannily foretells the artist's fate, and reflects the bittersweet irony of the public acclaim which he sought at an early age:.

Fame is but a fruit tree, so very unsound. So men of fame can never find a way Till time has flown far from their dying day. Forgotten while you're here, remembered for a while A much updated ruin, from a much outdated style.

It is clear that, as time went on and his music matured, Nick Drake fed off his inner angst — the natural shyness evolved into a love of solitude, where it was just the artist and his music, writing and practicing - perfecting his art.

A general lack of public acclaim following the release of the first two albums in coincided with in the onset of depression, requiring the intervention of professional psychiatric assistance. His subsequent songs became darker and more solitary, reflecting this state of mind. Friends and relatives were unable to alter his path towards an untimely and unexpected death. At the time the artist, when he considered that the moment was right, rang producer John Wood to arrange a studio.

It featured just the artist and his guitar, with no overdubbing, no strings, no backing musicians. Fruit Tree box set , Hannibal,Contains four cds, including Time of No Reply , plus booklet. Site last update: 6 FebruaryMichael Organ Home page.

Fruit Tree: A Nick Drake Playlist

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Nick Drake originally released Fruit Tree written by Nick Drake and Nick Drake released it on the album Five Leaves Left in

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Fruit Tree

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On 25 November , Nick Drake, a 26 year old English guitarist, singer and songwriter died at his parents Tanworth-in-Arden home from an overdose of the anti-depressant drug Tryptizol. The coroner at the time declared the death a suicide, yet family and friends suggested it was an accidental overdose, following upon a long period of depression.

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NICK DRAKE > The Fruit Tree Box

I would listen to this for my life, and still want to listen to it in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is astounding. Why haven't I've been told about this? I've seen his albums in Hifi magazine adverts for Vinyl Stores and downloads etc. Years ago. Oh well, better late than never. My favourite Nick Drake track, moves me too tears every time. It seems almost prophetic, given the circumstances of his premature death.

Listen to Fruit Tree on Spotify. Nick Drake · Song · Album • © Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited.

Fruit Tree Lyrics

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All About Nick Drake

It was a bad fit all along. You can see it in the cover photo for his second album, Bryter Layter. Drake is shrouded in shadows, his face barely visible. He peers out uncertainly toward the camera, his shoulders hunched over his guitar, his right arm extended as if to fend off some unseen attacker. Like Planet Earth, maybe.

Since his premature death in , English folk singer Nick Drake has slowly cultivated the kind of following that eluded him in life. Fruit Tree , as a whole, suggests taking a fresh look at Nick Drake.

Strangley prophetic are these lyrics to "Fruit Tree" from the debut album by English singer-songwriter Nick Drake, who failed to find fame and fortune during his brief lifetime, only to be rediscovered and canonized by leagues of young, aspiring musicians years after his death. It seems unjust that Nick was denied the recognition he so much craved for while he was still alive. Yet it all makes so much sense, considering his introspective and elusive nature, his uncommunicative concerts, during which he didn't say a word and rather would be busy retuning his guitar in between songs, barely looking up and occasionally simply leaving the stage if the audience failed to pay the attention to him that he himself didn't seem to demand. Nick Drake wasn't destined to be a star but why his work did not even attract a cult following until years after he died, is inexplicable from today's point of view. Certainly his albums didn't sound any less beautiful and haunting than they do now.

Since the issue and promotion of the Way To Blue compilation in , interest in his delicate, melancholic songs and character has steadily grown. Recently there have been discs of early home recordings and appearances on soundtracks and adverts. Most tellingly, Drake is an evident influence on, if not an outright template for, the current breed of sensitive doe-eyed singer-songwriter with shoulder-length hair and wistful lyrics about feeling one step removed from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Heard in sequence, the albums provide a potent biographical document.

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