Best house plants qith mininal care

Best house plants qith mininal care

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Indoor plants are shown to be good for your health. In addition to purifying the air, one study found that interacting with houseplants can actually reduce blood pressure and stress. Other research supports this, with Psychology Today reporting plants are shown to:. Studies have repeatedly shown that the act of taking care of plants can take our mind off of negativity, relieve stress and provide an overall calming effect. Indoor potted plants are also a great way to unplug from technology for a few minutes.

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The Best Indoor House Plants for Every Room

Australian House and Garden. Don't have the best luck when it comes to keeping indoor plants alive? We've hunted down some of the most indestructible, low-maintenance indoor plants that you'd actually have to try to kill. These little gems will stay alive and thrive no matter how much neglect you throw at them, they will also do you a favour by purifying the air in your home while bringing your interiors to life.

Yes, low-maintenance flowering plants are a thing. Guzmania bromeliads like shade and being watered through their leaves not flowers once a week. Because of their towering size, Yuccas make great indoor focal features. They like part-shade or full-sun, and only need a cup of water every 10 days. A lush Lady palm Rhapis excelsa will create a tropical vibe in your home and requires very little attention.

They thrive in average indoor temperatures out of direct sunlight and only require watering every days. Surprisingly, orchids are one of the most low-maintenance flowering plants out there. All they needs is tbsp of water every two weeks. Overdo it and you've got a couple of dead sticks in a pot. If you're looking for a large indoor plant , you really can't go wrong with a dracaena in your living room. These tall and spindly guys are happy with a drink once a week and as long as the soil dries between watering, you're looking at one super-chilled plant.

Dracaenas are great if you're looking for an indoor plant with a bit of height. Photo: Kristina Soljo. The peace lily is one of the best air-purifying plants you can get. A sunny spot, weekly watering and light, mid-week spray-bottle spritzes makes them happy. Much like their large, waxy leaves, rubber trees are super tough and require very little maintenance at all.

Because rubber trees can also be grown outside, they can tolerate sunlight and can survive with little water. We suggest watering once a week and wiping down their leaves down with a damp cloth to get rid of dust, keep them moist and to help your plant absorb more sunlight.

Wipe the leaves of your rubber tree with a damp cloth to keep them dust free and glossy. Photo: Martina Gemmola. Tillandsias - also known as air plants - are like cacti in disguise. Water them once a month only; they are extremely tough - both in and out. Sansevierias or snake plants are all over the place. There is probably one at the cafe with the cute barista you frequent. Bond over their dislike of water; they only need a spray a week. Allow soil to dry between watering your snake plant and take care not to over water in winter.

Zanzibar gems are the closest plants to superheros because they're practically indestructible. Only feed them once a fortnight and avoid overwatering. The best vegetables to plant and harvest in January Country Style Dec 17,How to grow and care for hydrangeas Homes To Love Dec 16,How to grow honeydew melons in Australia Country Style Dec 16,How to grow an avocado from seed Homes To Love Dec 03,How to start composting Australian House and Garden Dec 01,Kmart's outdoor furniture range will elevate your summer entertaining Homes To Love Nov 29,How to create a soft perennial garden Australian House and Garden Nov 28,Outdoor rooms that get the balance right Australian House and Garden Nov 24,Plant guide: bearded iris Homes To Love Nov 22,


Make a donation. With a wide range of houseplants to choose from, you can be spoilt for choice and end up choosing the wrong plant for the wrong place. The trick is to select for the location. This narrows down the selection and ensures whatever you choose will be happy and healthy. Whether it be a bold structural statement or a delicate floral display there are house plants to suit all tastes.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your indoor plants Plants4. 1. Water: Overwatering is probably the most common reason a plant doesn't thrive. They.

10 Best Low-Water Houseplants

Not all house plants require the same care. Some are finicky and will only thrive under super-specific conditions. Here are some house plants you only need to water once a month. The plant can survive droughts, low-lit rooms, and general neglect. Just water it once a month, and feed it a balanced liquid fertilizer to keep it happy. Snake plants are known for their long striped green leaves that reach towards the sky. Just be sure to water yours on occasion, and allow the soil to dry all the way in between waterings. Next on our list are jade plants technical succulents , which do well in low-lit spaces and only need watering about once or twice a month. The String of Pearls plant, another succulent, can be sensitive to overwatering.

Best Houseplants: 9 Indoor Plants for Low Light

Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Studies have shown that indoor plants can lower your stress levels, elevate your mood and improve your concentration and productivity — all of which is important as you continue to live and work at home.

Before we get started, let's address an uncomfortable truth: there is no such thing as an indoor plant.

12 easy indoor plants for beginners

Looking to add a touch of green to your home decor? Adding indoor plants to your home has multiple benefits — they purify the air and embellish our homes by simply adding on to the aesthetic value of the space. However, it is important to pick the right kind of plants — ones that can thrive indoors and grow well with basic care and watering. An easy-to-maintain indoor plant that thrives in low light, it absorbs toxins and chemicals from the air and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. This is one of the most popular Indian plants, which is easy to grow in both soil and water.

29 Best Houseplants For Beginners That Look Amazing

Most plants need some light in order to grow, but shade-loving plants can easily get by with indirect light, or even artificial light from regular light bulbs. Chinese evergreen is a durable plant that tolerates a fair amount of neglect. Mature plants produce lovely, white blooms that resemble calla lilies. Chinese evergreen thrives in very low light or under a regular bulb, and too much light will scorch the leaves. Choose a variety with darker leaves, as variegated types with cream or silver markings require a bit more light.

First, you'll have to evaluate your space: is it a room that gets direct sunlight, indirect sunlight or stays shady? Plants like yucca, ponytail.

15 Popular Houseplants to Grow in Your Home Year-Round

Whether you're a beginner or want a non-eventful plant for the home, ukhouseplants have rustled up the fifteen easiest specimens that are currently on the UK market. Even if you're from overseas, just knowing a few on this list can help you decide which to purchase at a shop. Most are pretty well-known plants; however, there are a few that aren't necessarily associated with easy-care. The 'Life-Expectancy' section is just a projection of the average age for the specimen - most plants can easily surpass this when correctly cultivated.

15 Indoor Plants Perfect for Apartment Dwellers

Joyful Derivatives » Decor Tips. I love that they add the style and comfort of greenery to a home and so conveniently remove the struggle to keep them alive. The living room only has one window which is actually the sliding glass door to the back yard , the kitchen has one small window above the sink, and the dining room has just one large window to the front of the house. In our entire main living space we only have a tiny bit of light coming in through a few windows. Be careful not to over-water it watch for yellowing leaves and be careful when handling because its juices have been known for irritating human skin. When mature, they can produce flowers similar to calla lilies and do a great job filling empty corners of your home when placed on the floor.

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If you have a lot of small pots around that you want to use for something, or if you only have room for small plants in your space, you need to take a look at the best indoor plants for small pots. While any plant can start small, some will grow larger over time and need bigger pots and more space for their roots to continue to grow. But other plants will always remain small. These small plants are great for small pots. Small houseplants are good for a lot of reasons. There are many beautiful plants to choose from that will stay small and do great in smaller pots. When you choose the right plants for your space, you can appreciate them more.

Are you interested in adding greenery to your home? Wondering which indoor plants are easiest to grow in the Indian climate? Well, we present to you our our list of top 41 low maintenance indoor plants best suited for the Indian climate.