Antiques fair royal horticultural hall london

Antiques fair royal horticultural hall london

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Antiques fair royal horticultural hall london

The world’s largest and most important horticultural, floriculture and gardening event takes place in London’s West End on 15th – 19th March 2019.

The Antiques Fairs are the first and most important event of its kind for the floriculture, horticultural and gardening markets of all kinds in the UK, with more than 400 exhibitors – including leading national companies and independent auctioneers and dealers – showcasing their latest collections and products in over 200 trade stands.

A visit to the Antiques Fairs will be a must for every florist, gardener and horticulturist.

Royal Horticultural Society Plant Fair, London 2019

The largest flower show in the world, the Royal Horticultural Society Plant Fair is the largest event of its kind in the UK, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors, along with exhibitors and buyers.

It’s the perfect opportunity for garden and floral businesses to show their best products to thousands of visitors, with many buyers and sellers attending from around the world.

Antiques Fairs at Royal Horticultural Society Plant Fair

The Antiques Fairs are open to all exhibitors from within the world of floristry, gardening, horticulture and horticultural businesses.

A full list of the Antiques Fairs are on their own page.

Antiques Fairs are the first and most important event of its kind for the floriculture, horticultural and gardening markets in the UK

London’s West End

The venue for the Antiques Fairs is the Royal Horticultural Society’s West End headquarters in Chelsea, London.

Every year the show runs across three floors of the building, open daily between 10am and 4pm.

Attendees are met at the building’s front door by the ‘Antiques Fairs Welcome Team . From there they are guided through the show, and given detailed maps and maps of the buildings, along with a free ticket to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Plant Fair.

In the main show area exhibitors have access to a wealth of expert advice from a variety of sources including the RHS Horticultural Advisors who are on hand to offer guidance and advice on everything from pest and disease control to new products and the latest developments in horticulture.


The Antiques Fairs offer over 75 exhibitor space, with the first available for exhibitors taking place on Thursday 5th July.

Each exhibitor is responsible for themselves, with no assistance provided by the RHS, their own staff or any other exhibitor.

Exhibitors must either be RHS Approved for at least 6 years to be able to be exhibited in the Antiques Fairs.

What will I see?

In the main show arena the exhibitors will have access to around 7,000 square feet of trade display, including the main show hall, a dedicated show hall for plants, two show halls and two workshops.

All trade exhibition areas are marked and mapped so exhibitors can easily find their way around.

Exhibitors will also be able to use the Cabinet, Workshop &, Library located on the ground floor of the main building.

In the Cabinet and Workshop, exhibitors will have access to a range of practical tools and equipment including a forge, saw mill, chipping machine and various types of workshop machinery.

There is also a library of antiques and memorabilia available for public use.

In the main show hall exhibitors will have the opportunity to promote their business at a number of high profile stands including the RHS and the National Association of Horticultural Trades and Associations.

Plants exhibitors

All exhibitors selling plants at the show are required to be RHS-Approved plants merchants or members of the National Association of Horticultural Trades and Associations.

A wide range of plants for sale will be available, including herbaceous annuals, perennials, herbaceous perennials, woody shrubs, trees, climbers, vines, bulbs, bulbs and bulbs, ferns and fern, epiphytes, bromeliads, orchids, cuttings and garden centres.

Plants will be displayed in the main hall on stands with individual numbers.

Plants will also be displayed in a dedicated hall - the plants show. Plants will be organised in thematic groups to enable visitors to view the range of plants from one group at a time. This is not a show, but an open trade stand where exhibitors will have access to plant and flower stalls, a library of plants and plant material and a selection of plants and flowers in pots and hanging baskets for sale.

The show organiser

The show organiser, Sowex, will make every effort to ensure that the show runs smoothly. However, like every event, it is not possible to cover every eventuality.

As the main show organiser Sowex will cover all health and safety issues which may arise. Please note that we recommend all exhibitors attend the full risk assessment course with us which is run in conjunction with the Health &, Safety Executive (HSE)

We expect all exhibitors to abide by the exhibitor code of conduct. We will do our utmost to maintain this high level of ethical behaviour throughout the show.

Exhibitors who are late, leave the venue without authorisation or enter the show unauthorised will be subject to prosecution and could lose their membership or licence to sell at shows. This could also affect their status in their place of employment and could affect any promotions they may be currently involved in.


In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, it is the responsibility of any exhibitor to make sure that their exhibition, sales area and/or plant stand is kept clear of any obstacles. Please note that there is to be no parking at the show site on site. Parking is to be at the owners expense and is to be at their sole discretion.

A minimum 1.5 metre spacing is advised between exhibitors, however, we must inform you that this is at the discretion of our security personnel, as we cannot guarantee that all visitors will maintain the required distance. We will always do our utmost to ensure that safety and security is of the utmost importance, however, we cannot guarantee this in every situation.

Sowex are also very happy to provide assistance at any exhibitions and shows. If you need any assistance at the show, please contact the show secretary on 01273 862850 or the Sowex stand manager on 01273 8

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