Brite side landscapes

Brite side landscapes

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This allows us to give you a truly localised service. We have had numerous compliments from our neighbors and people walking by, stating how great the landscaping looks. I want to thank you and your company for the tremendous effort on a job well done. Excellent work and thanks for handling all the council inspections. We had a new house built recently in Hornsby that needed landscaping.

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Celebrate Your Bright Side in These 7 Inspiring Destinations

We humans have left our mark on the entire planet; not a single ecosystem remains completely untouched. But some landscapes have been affected less than others. And the extent to which the earth can provide habitats for plants and animals, sequester atmospheric carbon and regulate the flow of freshwater depends on the vastness of the least affected regions.

These tracts, where human influence is still too weak to easily detect by satellite, are prime targets for conservation. Around half of the area of the world's IFLs are in the tropics, and a third can be found in the boreal forests of North America and Eurasia. Logging, agriculture, mining and wildfires contributed to the drop, as reported in January in Science Advances.

The bright side? Landscapes under formal protection, such as national parks, were more likely to remain intact. Number of countries that will be completely devoid of IFLs in 60 years if losses continue at the current rate.

This article was originally published with the title "Waning Woods" in Scientific American , 1, 18 JulyJason G.

Goldman is a science journalist based in Los Angeles. He has written about animal behavior, wildlife biology, conservation, and ecology for Scientific American , Los Angeles magazine, the Washington Post , the Guardian , the BBC, Conservation magazine, and elsewhere.

He enjoys sharing his wildlife knowledge on television and on the radio, and often speaks to the public about wildlife and science communication. Follow Jason G. Goldman on Twitter. Already a subscriber? Sign in.

Thanks for reading Scientific American. Create your free account or Sign in to continue. See Subscription Options. Digital Flash Sale. Give a Gift. By the NumbersNearly 1 million square kilometers Approximate area of IFLs lost between and , about the size of Egypt. E; January 4,Get smart. Sign up for our email newsletter. Sign Up. Support science journalism. Knowledge awaits. See Subscription Options Already a subscriber? Create Account See Subscription Options. Continue reading with a Scientific American subscription.

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Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. The foundation focuses on improving the capacity of childcare professionals to build healing, life-changing relationships with the most vulnerable kids in their care. Today there are over 10, Life is Good Playmakers who have helped over 1 million kids heal from the trauma of poverty, violence and illness.

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BrightSide Landscapes

This summit brought together scientists, environmentalists, artists, engineers, and civic leaders to share conservation success stories from across the planet. The summit drew in over a thousand attendees, representing 25 countries and en gaging audience of all ages. CSP highlighted a successful partnership between the NPS and iNaturalist and the importance of observing biodiversity in your own backyard. By using the iNaturalist website and app, people can become citizen scientists by simply taking photos of the natural world around them. After they take a photo, the data is uploaded to iNaturalist and crowdsourced to identify the species. Anyone interested in the data can then download it from the website for free. Summit participants could explore iNaturalist data from BioBlitz events and were encouraged to download the app and give it a try. After three days of presentations and discussions about conservation successes, attendees came away feeling inspired and motivated to take action, large and small, personally and collectively and to build upon, enhance, and implement models of success throughout the world, at the local level and landscape level. To learn more about the CSP program, visit our website here. And to watch recorded videos from the summit, click here.

How does the savings work?

In fact, while media sources often speak about the danger of deepfakes in an ominous future tense, they are already being used by cyber actors from around the world. On the other hand, there is no cloud without a silver lining, and our work with deepfakes has exposed us to a side of the technology that is not often acknowledged or explored. Since the beginning of the information age, researchers have tirelessly sought algorithms to generate fake but convincing imagery. Among the first to try were CGI wizards in special effects departments and developers of advanced photo editing software. But until recently, they were facing an arduous uphill battle: given the time and effort required to obtain believable results, it posed few social or cybersecurity concerns.

We strive to reduce food insecurity by increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way.

Men's Look On The Bright Side Crusher Tee

There's a bright side to darkest winter, a silver lining in the starlight, a revelation in the moonlight, a new perspective in the less poetic yet functional battery-powered headlamp. Think of the 15 hours of darkness worth exploring, not the nine hours of daylight spent working. The moons of Jupiter await. The winter woods invite exploration. My personal experience is there's really something peaceful about the nights in wintertime.

Christmas light splitter

The winning project presents a renewable energy future for the town of Port Augusta that grapples with the site's toxic history of coal-based energy production. Silicon Gulf: Transition from contaminated post-industrial land to regenerative data centre park by Zhuocheng Jackie Gu. Run as part of the Australian Institute of Landcape Architects Festival of Landscape Architecture, the Future Landscapes ideas competition invited landscape architecture and design students and recent gradutes to consider how existing Australian streets, parks and public open spaces might be framed as places of spectacle, and how landscapes might be built out of different forms of collapse. The spectacle graphic consciously folds back into itself and expresses an inventive future design, while collapse is presented not as an opposition to spectacle, but a buoyant and hopeful alternative. And yet there may be interesting ways of addressing our future if we see of the spectacle in synch with our downfall, and our collapse as making good outcomes.

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Exploring the Bright Side of DeepFakes

As additional service we provide Bush Trimming as Needed. We charge by the Leaf! Just Kidding! Please Call Us Today for a free estimate.

Brite Side Landscapes in Fargo

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Solar Panels are installed on warehouse rooftops throughout New Jersey. No panels needed! Our community solar projects generate clean power and supply it into the utility grid. A portion of that power is allocated to you every month. Then the savings begin! Solar Landscape projects offset the equivalent of 2M gallons of gasoline burned per year.

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Every night, after his kids go to bed, Brian Forrest writes a letter, thanking someone whose work he appreciates. The next day, he puts the letter in the mail. The letters go to anybody in Vermont who Forrest thinks is doing good work. He has sent letters to some of the stars of the pandemic, such as health care workers, but also to people whose work has been entirely behind the scenes this year. You'll never miss a story with our daily headlines in your inbox. The idea came from a project Forrest worked on a few years ago. He sold a few of the shirts and gave many more away to friends and family — then largely forgot about the project.

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