Indoor plant with dark red leaves

Indoor plant with dark red leaves

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Lack of sunlight is one of the most common challenges for indoor houseplants, said plant expert Annette Gutierrez of the Los Angeles garden store Potted. The good news is that there are many houseplants that can grow in low light. What are the best low maintenance houseplants? Do plants really clean the air?

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25 Best Purple House Plants For An Exotic Indoor Garden

Red leaf plants add dramatic shades of crimson, burgundy, maroon, and deep pink to any home interior. Some red-leaf houseplants such as Coleus , Caladium , and Anthurium have bright red foliage.

Other types of red-leaved plants such as Begonia , Ti plants, and Dracaena have darker reds or subtle shades of red.

Some species of plants have natural red leaves. Other red foliage plants are cultivars or hybrids that have been developed with green and red leaves. This article is a guide to some of the most spectacular red-leaf plants. Some houseplants varieties have stunning bright red leaves. Others have variegated red and green leaves.

Still, other types of indoor plants have multicolored leaves with shades of red, green, purple, and white. Please read on to find some of the best houseplants with tropical, colorful foliage. Various coleus plants have red color in their leaves. Coleus is a genus of ornamental plants that has many varieties with brightly-colored red leaves.

These tropical evergreen perennial plants have ovate leaves with serrated edges. Coleus cultivars are low maintenance houseplants that have leaves in color combinations such as red, burgundy and green, sunset orange, magenta pink, or lime green leaves with red margins.

Caladium leaves come in a wide array of beautiful color combinations including red and green. Caladium is a genus of tropical foliage plants with bi-colored and multicolored leaves in red, green, pink, and white colors.

The two caladium varieties are fancy-leaved caladiums with large heart-shaped leaves and strap-leaved caladiums with slender, arrowhead leaves. Related reading: How to care for caladium plants. On the left: Flamingo Lily Anthurium andraeanum. Right: Pigtail Plant Anthurium scherzerianum. Plants from the genus Anthurium have unusual flowers that consist of a shiny, bright red waxy leaf bract or spathe and a yellow or cream-colored flower spadix.

Anthurium cultivars are magnificent houseplants that have spathes in lipstick red, light pink, dark orange, and lilac purple. Related reading: How to care for flamingo flowers. Chinese evergreen plants have some cultivars that have variegated red and green leaves.

Chinese evergreens have broad, elongated elliptic leaves in many attractive shades and colors. Plants in the Aglaonema genus grow well in indirect light and a porous, well-draining potting mix.

Croton plants have beautiful colorful foliage with red, green and yellow leaves. Many varieties of Croton plants have vibrantly colored leaves in variegated red, green, orange, and yellow colors. Croton plants grow best in warm temperatures and are ideal houseplants with colorful foliage.

The bright leaves of these houseplants can help to brighten up rooms and add tropical colors to an interior. There are over species of croton plants, all with variegated oblong or lanceolate leaves. Other croton cultivars have green leaves with yellow splashes, others have large yellow leaves and green markings, and some have long, ribbon-like green leaves with red stripes.

Fittonia plants are popular houseplants with small colorful leaves. Nerve plants are small tropical houseplants, and some cultivars have dark green leaves and red mosaic patterns. Nerve plant leaves are oval or egg-shaped leaves with intricate patterning. Nerve plant leaves look like they have colored veins.

Apart from red veining, nerve plants can also have white, pink, or light green patterns. Polka dot plants are related to nerve plants. Some cute indoor polka dot plants have egg-shaped ovate leaves with stunning red or pink splashes. The amount of color on the green leaves makes some of the tropical leaves look entirely red.

Due to their spotted patterns, polka dot plants are also called freckle-faced plants and splash plants. Poinsettia plants have showy red and green leaves. Poinsettia is an excellent indoor plant with large, showy red, pointed leaves that appear from winter through early spring.

The colored leaves on poinsettia houseplants are typically blazing red bracts or modified leaves. Although scarlet red is the typical leaf color of Euphorbia pulcherrima , there are also cultivars with other colored leaves. Some popular colorful houseplants have orange, cream, pink, white, or pale green leaves.

Many of the thousands of begonia species have red foliage that ranges in colors from dark burgundy red to bright crimson red. The most stunning examples of red-leaved plants in the begonia genus are painted begonias or rex begonias Begonia rex-cultorum. Also, wax begonias have shiny red leaves with dainty pink, red, or white flowers. Ornamental red and green leaves of Peperomia cultivars. Radiator plants are small tropical houseplants with wide variations in leaf shape and colors.

At first glance, it may seem that ornamental peperomia plants only have green leaves. However, many radiator plants have green leaves with red undersides and red stems. Here are some examples of peperomia plants with red and green leaves:. The tricolor Madagascar dragon tree has pointed, ribbon-like leaves that are green, light pinkish-red, and creamy-yellow. The thin tapering leaves are green and cream with pale, crimson-red margins. The beautiful colorful foliage grows in a rosette shape on top of a long, slender woody stem.

The upward growth of the thin tapering red and green leaves gives the plant a spiky crown. You can grow Madagascar dragon trees in bright, indirect sunlight. The tall indoor houseplant grows about 6 ft. This tropical evergreen tree-like shrub is excellent for adding colorful height to any interior.

Wandering Jew Tradescantia include several cultivars with reddish-burgundy leaves. Tradescantia is a genus of perennial plants with colorful lanceolate or ovate-oblong leaves. Many of the 75 species of Tradescantia are common houseplants that have reddish leaves, some having stripes and others just plain reddish-purple.

Thanks to their long, trailing stems and attractive leafy foliage, many plants in the Tradescantia genus are ideal hanging basket plants. Ti Plant Cordyline fruticosa cultivars include various shades of red, maroon and magenta leaves.

The Ti plant is a popular tall, evergreen houseplant with multicolored green and red leaves. Depending on the cultivar and sun exposure, the red leaves can range in shades from bright pink to dark red. The large lanceolate leaves grow in a rosette shape and produce dramatic red crowns upward-pointing spiky leaves. Bromeliads are one of the best tropical plants to grow as houseplants to give a stunning focal point in your home.

Bromeliads are a family of plants with thick, leathery leaves that can be red, white, yellow, and variegated colors. Many species of bromeliad look like they have large colorful rosette-like flowers. The rosette leaves can be various colors like scarlet red, autumn orange, bright yellow, or red and yellow combinations. Most species of bromeliad plants survive well in low light conditions with plenty of humidity.

Due to this fact, they are ideal tropical plants for bathrooms. There are many varieties of succulents with thick, fleshy red leaves. Some types of succulents have green leaves that develop red blushing when in direct sunlight. Other succulent varieties have dark red, burgundy, scarlet, or rosy-red leaves. Related reading: How to care for succulents. Email Pinterest Facebook Twitter Linkedin.

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Plants with Waxy Leaves

Anthurium plant is among the best-known tropical flowers. Popular in tropical flower arrangements, Anthurium bouquets are often used in weddings on Hawaii and other Pacific islands. Give any brightly lit room a perennial vacay vibe with this spectacular houseplant. Discover how to please this exotic blooming plant indoors and you'll enjoy it for years. Anthurium andreanum , also known as tail flower, is especially colorful from spring through fall.

The leaves of rubber trees start with a bright red color when young and turn dark purple once they mature. This ornamental houseplant is highly popular because.

50 Red Leaf Houseplants (Including Plants with Red and Green Leaves) – With Pictures

From frilly fronds to big, bold leaves with eye-catching patterns or hues, these indoor plants will add tons of color and texture to your home. A few even sweeten the deal with occasional blooms. Known for its striking, two-tone foliage , iron-cross begonia gets its name from the brown markings on its leaves which resemble the Iron Cross displayed on shields during the Crusades. This plant doesn't mind being a little pot-bound, but try to make sure it doesn't completely dry out between waterings. If you see brown, crispy leaf edges, give the plant more humidity. However, if you see yellowing or browning leaves, cut back on the amount of water you give it. Keep this plant away from children and pets because if chewed, the roots and stems can cause painful irritation of the mouth, lips, or throat. One of the boldest, most dramatic foliage plants around, peacock plant has patterned leaves that resemble the tail feathers of its namesake bird.

10 Houseplants With Red Leaves

Mother Nature has gifted us with a variety of plants adorned with waxy leaves. This wax can retain water and protect the leaves from frigid temperatures. Want to meet these plants? Follow along the list to explore the most popular plants with waxy leaves.

There are an endless variety of red houseplants to choose from, ranging from beginner plants to some that are better left to expert growers. When the color red appears on plants, flowers, or in life, it usually represents love, romance, passion, or fiery feelings like anger.

Red Leaves Money Plant

House plants have become an essential part of home decor and are the most economical way to upgrade any living space. When it comes to decorating your living room or balcony in a fashionable and sustainable way , a plant with red leaves or dark green leaves remains a popular pick, which can add a pop of color in a trendy style. Red leafed plants are some of the best plants for decor. However, decorating your living space with indoor plants can be a little overwhelming because you have endless choices and maintenance can be intimidating too, but no need to worry. The mix of maroon, burgundy and crimson can add warmth to a colorless space in your home. Some red-leaf houseplants such as Caladium, and Anthurium offer us bright red foliage whilst other types of red-leaved plants such as Ti plants, and Dracaena have darker reds.

All House plants

Plants need 14 hours of complete darkness each day to restore their holiday color. Restoring a healthy green Poinsettia plant from last year back to its original red color is no problem if you follow a few simple rules. Poinsettias Euphorbia pulcherrima need total darkness, for 14 hours each day, starting about eight weeks before you want to display them. During the day, the plants need bright light, along with the other routine care. However, starting in the evening, the plants must get complete darkness. Even a nightlight can disrupt this process!

16 Unique and Unusual Houseplants You Didn't Know Existed and red or deep pink-tipped leaves, this easy-to-care for houseplant certainly.

15 Awesome House plants with red and green leaves (Well Researched)

User Satisfaction. We maintain the superlative facilities to bring forth the most beautiful and colorful collections of roses and plants. These are superior in quality, colorful in varieties and are basically supplied to various commercial and residential clients on large market scale. Have a requirement?

In need of a pick-me-up? Adding one of these vibrant, colourful plants to your home is the perfect way to brighten up the dull days of winter. If you had to imagine a houseplant , chances are it would be something and green. Leave it in a sunny spot and enjoy its flame-coloured leaves all year round. On top of its eye-catching white spots and arrow-shaped leaves, the underside of its leaves is a beautiful dark red.

Three is often the magic number when it comes to Oxalis.

Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! Most indoor plants have heart-shaped, elongated or even blade-like leaves, and few have perfectly round leaves. Look for a creeping, cascading growth habit to identify the Bolivian Jew or Turtle Vine Callisia repens. The Turtle Vine produces small white flowers and leaves that are green on top with purple undersides. Identify the String of Buttons or Necklace Vine Crassula rupestris by its cascading, vine-like growth habit and its waxy flowers. The small, thick and round leaves grow side-by-side along long stems or vines. Identify the Swedish Ivy Plectranthus australis by its cascading, creeping growth form and its glossy leaves with white spike-shaped flowers.

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