Hardy cottage garden flowers

Hardy cottage garden flowers

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Proven Winners. Photo By: W. Atlee Burpee Co. Home Outdoors Flowers and Plants Flowers.

  • Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants
  • 12 key plants for a cottage garden
  • 12 charming cottage garden design ideas
  • The best plants for a cottage garden
  • Top 10 Cottage Garden Favourites
  • Welcome to Hardys Cottage Garden Plants
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Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants

Rob and Rosy Hardy are part of the fabric of the show — exhibitors for 29 years and winners of 24 gold medals — and a favourite among Chelsea visitors. Now Chelsea has been postponed until September and the couple have decided that swapping a top class May display to an autumn one was just too difficult. Part of a Festival of Flowers run by sponsors Candide, the exhibit is open to the public until June when it will be adapted into a permanent wildflower, wellbeing garden for nursery visitors.

An eye-catching centrepiece made from English chestnut resembles the upturned hull of a boat and forms a striking entrance to the garden. More wood is used for seating, and a rill of still water gives lovely reflections of plants. As ever there is something different to see. I was tempted to add this pink form to my garden. Seeing it on the garden made me smile. The usual May is, we agreed, not the best time to make a garden with the British weather notoriously unreliable, as this year has shown.

He believes that an autumn Chelsea will also help encourage people who usually pack up their gardens at the end of summer. I love everything from digging, dividing, pruning. Her Psalm inspired Sanctuary Garden for the Bible Society was also originally planned for and has had to be tweaked for the new September date although not as much as she feared. Spot colour that was originally going to be supplied by aquilegia and digitalis will now come from late season stars, including eupatorium and Aster divaricatus.

I think in the early morning those gardens are just going to absolutely come to life. The event included a tour of the nursery and the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing the plants. More information is available on the website.

Enjoyed this? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Rob and Rosy may be leaving Chelsea but the nursery will still be at other shows. Naturally, there was cake to celebrate.

A glorious mix of colour, texture and form. I really liked the angelica against this tree stump. I loved this combination of Disporum sessil e and rodgersia. Asphodeline lutea was new to me. This caught my eye but I resisted the temptation. Adam was the guest of honour to open The Festival Flower Garden.

Sarah Eberle will be building a garden at Chelsea in September. Sign me up Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I would love you to share this:. Like this: Like Loading Really nice piece with great pics. Marilyn, Roses UK. Join the conversation Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

12 key plants for a cottage garden

Many gardeners crave the cottage garden look and the secret is in the plants. Grow a mix of these charming, old-fashioned favourites and the cottage garden effect can be yours. Biennial or perennial, hollyhocks are erect and unbranched, with a coating of star-shaped hairs. The leaves are usually lobed or toothless with solitary flowers arranged in fascicles or racemes. The notched petals can be pink, purple, white or yellow and are usually over 3 centimetres wide. These vibrant flowers are the perfect cottage garden, plant bringing beautiful colour and a soft, floral scent to your garden.

60 plug plants ; Rate of growth: average to fast-growing ; Flowering period: June to July ; Hardiness: fully hardy ; Alcea 'Chaters Double Mixed' From rounded buds.

12 charming cottage garden design ideas

Gardening Help Search. Missouri Botanical Garden. Butterfly House. Shaw Nature Reserve. The Garden. Things To Know. Family of Attractions. Top Attractions. Our Garden.

The best plants for a cottage garden

Due to the pandemic the Chelsea Flower Show has been moved to September and sadly the Hardys cannot attend at that time, so in the spirit of the show must go on, the exhibition garden, which was to be the largest yet they had built for the show, has been constructed at the Hardys' Whitchurch nursery instead. May 25,Candide are hosting an online 'Festival of Flowers' for all of May and if you have not had a look at what they hosting for the festival and in general then do. They are building a good gardening community on line, with the ability to buy plants from a range of independent nurseries plus gardening equipment, lists of gardens open and many other gardening related things. It is a website to get easily enthralled in.

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Top 10 Cottage Garden Favourites

A cottage flower garden evokes a spark of happiness in most people with just one glance. We immediately start daydreaming what it would be like to live in a home surrounded by a beautiful garden. Instead of just dreaming about pretty landscape, why not elevate your space into a place that soothes your soul? The easiest way to do this is to layer your garden beds with cottage flowers. Whether you decide to have a variety of different colors dancing outside your front door, or if you prefer a more subtle color palette to decorate your landscape — cottage flowers will deliver the look you envision.

Welcome to Hardys Cottage Garden Plants

Of course I do grow lots of perennials, but in my garden they take their chances amongst everything else. Rosy and I do lots of talks to gardening clubs and horticultural societies, and we seem to follow each other on the lecture circuit. Wherever Rosy has been she leaves gardeners inspired and they all talk about how much they gleaned from spending a couple of hours with her, and they rave about the wonderful perennials they bought! I invited Rosy to share her love of perennials and gardening with us, and to give us a few tips on how to achieve success with them. How did you get into perennials in the first place Rosy, and how long have you been hooked? Hooked on perennials more by mistake than design.

We're a small independent nursery growing herbaceous perennials in peat free compost. Photo by Hardy's Plants in Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants.

She was an outdoors girl, and inquisitive. Horticulture was then suggested and she had the luck to be in a school that offered an O level in the subject and had a walled garden. A degree in commercial horticulture followed, then two jobs in vegetable production. They quickly built up a presence at local flower shows, always presenting the plants in landscapes that incorporated zones requiring a range of conditions — damp, dry, sunny, shady.

Proven perennial winners hardy in Northern and Midwest climates. Listed here are some of the most reliable hardy perennials for northern and Midwest gardens. Keep in mind that a severe winter in your zone may actually expose your plants to conditions of a more northern zone. Some winter protection is always recommended in the north or Midwest garden to ensure that your perennials survive whatever the weather presents, even hardy perennials. Hardy perennials heavily protected with deep mulch, leaves mounded in and around the base, and a good snow cover will often survive winters in zones north of their hardiness rating.

Hardy's Cottage and Garden is nestled down a country lane amongst woodland in the Dorset countryside and is the historic cottage and garden where one of the most famous novelists and poets in the world was born and where he spent his younger years. The garden is worth visiting combined with a visit to the cottage which is also open.

Let your imagination run away with itself with our gorgeous range of Hardy Perennial Plants - choose exactly the colour, shape and size you want by picking from our extensive range of interesting plants. To justify a place in our perennial range they must be what we call a "good doer" and perform well in gardens. Many of these have achieved the renowned RHS Award of Garden merit, where their independent trials and assessments over many years to sift out the winners. We try and offer something a little different too - new colours, and new varieties, as well as proven winners and ever-popular types. We sell both potted plants in 9cm pots and plugs, both of which are suitable for planting straight into the garden Spring, Summer or Autumn. The 9cm pots will quickly establish and flower in your garden.

If you want to emulate the soft, frothy hues of a cottage garden, these six flowers are a good start. Words: Nadene Hall. The English cottage garden is a colourful, fragrant tradition that has found favour with gardeners around the world for hundreds of years. But what looks like a jumble of plants and flowers in a delightful mix is almost always planted to a careful design and maintained to a high standard to look at its best, needing a regular schedule of weeding and planting.

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