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Research interests. Description and understanding of the components of fleshy fruit quality, considering genetic and plant controls, in relation to the environment and cultural practices.

Research is conducted from the viewpoint of a quantitative integration of physiological functions in models explaining fruit development and quality. With this approach, scientific innovation emerges as much from the integrative viewpoint as from process descriptions.

Several simulation models describing the main physiological processes involved in cell division, DNA endoreduplication, fruit growth, sugar and acid accumulation, ethylene metabolism and sensitivity to brown rot have been done. Those models has been integrated in a Virtual Fruit model which can be used to analyse phenotypes following a virtual profiling approach.

Toggle navigation. Have you forgotten your login? Number of documentsThe effects of diurnal temperature rise on tomato fruit quality. Can the management of the greenhouse climate mitigate such effects?. Scientia Horticulturae , Elsevier, , , pp. New Phytologist , Wiley, , , pp. Cuticular waxes of nectarines during fruit development in relation to surface conductance and susceptibility to Monilinia laxa. Model-assisted analysis of the peach pedicel—fruit system suggests regulation of sugar uptake and a water-saving strategy.

An integrated irrigation strategy for water-saving and quality-improving of cash crops: Theory and practice in China. Agricultural Water Management , , , pp. Model-assisted comparison of sugar accumulation patterns in ten fleshy fruits highlights differences between herbaceous and woody species.

Fruit water content as an indication of sugar metabolism improves simulation of carbohydrate accumulation in tomato fruit. Biomass composition explains fruit relative growth rate and discriminates climacteric from non-climacteric species.

Coupling water fluxes with cell wall mechanics in a multicellular model of plant development. Model-based QTL detection is sensitive to slight modifications in model formulation.

A simulation study of synergies and tradeoffs between multiple ecosystem services in apple orchards. Journal of Environmental Management , Elsevier, , , pp.

Coupling epidemiological and tree growth models to control fungal diseases spread in fruit orchards. Supplemental LED lighting affects the dynamics of tomato fruit growth and composition. Organ-wide and ploidy-dependent regulation both contribute to cell-size determination: evidence from a computational model of tomato fruit.

Modelling grape growth in relation to whole-plant carbon and water fluxes. Tomato quality as influenced by preharvest factors. European Journal of Agronomy , Elsevier, , 94, pp. A kinetic model of sugar metabolism in peach fruit reveals a functional hypothesis of markedly low fructose-to-glucose ratio phenotype.

Plant Journal , Wiley, , 94 4 , pp. Frontiers in Plant Science , Frontiers, , 9, pp. Putting primary metabolism into perspective to obtain better fruits. Ecosystem services in orchards.

A review. Cell division, endoreduplication and expansion processes: setting the cell and organ control into an integrated model of tomato fruit development. A kinetic model of sugar metabolism in peach fruit allows the exploration of genetic variability. Analysis of blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum L. A simple allometric model for estimating blueberry fruit weight from diameter measurements.

Trends in Plant Science , Elsevier, , 22 7 , pp. A kinetic model of sugar metabolism allows the simulation of sugar concentrations and their genetic variability during peach fruit growth. How many insects can a great tit population prey on in apple organic orchards? A modelling bioenergetics study. Frontiers in Plant Science , Frontiers, , 7, pp.

Francoise Lescourret, J. Potential of QualiTree, a virtual fruit tree, to study the management of fruit quality under biotic and abiotic constraints. Dynamic QTLs for sugars and enzyme activities provide an overview of genetic control of sugar metabolism during peach fruit development.

Simulation of carbon allocation and organ growth variability in apple tree by connecting architectural and source—sink models. The consequences of aphid infestation on fruit production become evident in a multi-year perspective: Insights from a virtual experiment. Ecological Modelling , Elsevier, , , pp. Inter-species comparative analysis of components of soluble sugar concentration in fleshy fruits.

Frontiers in Plant Science , Frontiers, In press, 7, 12 p. Water scarcity conditions affect peach fruit size and polyphenol contents more severely than other fruit quality traits. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture , Wiley, , 95 5 , pp. Benoit, M. Nonone, et al.. Modeling changes in pH and titratable acidity during the maturation of dessert banana. Peach water relations, gas exchange, growth and shoot mortality under water deficit in semi-arid weather conditions.

A process-based model of TCA cycle functioning to analyze citrate accumulation in pre- and post-harvest fruits. Metabolomic profiling in tomato reveals diel compositional changes in fruit affected by source-sink relationships.. The decline in xylem flow to mango fruit at the end of its development is related to the appearance of embolism in the fruit pedicel.

Nest-site and landscape characteristics affect the distribution of breeding pairs of European Rollers Coracias garullus in an agricultural area of southeastern France. Acta Ornithologica , , 49 1 , pp. Spatial and temporal variations in mango colour, acidity, and sweetness in relation to temperature and ethylene gradients within the fruit. Journal of Plant Physiology , Elsevier, , 17 , pp. Non-destructive prediction of color and pigment contents in mango peel. Metabolic studies in plant organs: don't forget dilution by growth.

Frontiers in Plant Science , Frontiers, , 5, pp. Comparison of evolutionary and swarm intelligence-based approaches in the improvement of peach fruit quality. Annals of Management Science , , 3 1 , pp. European Journal of Horticultural Science , Ulmer, , 79 6 , pp. Profiling sugar metabolism during fruit development in a peach progeny with different fructose-to-glucose ratios.. Modeling the vacuolar storage of malate shed lights on pre- and post-harvest fruit acidity.

Benoit, G. Lemire, et al.. Citrate and malate accumulation in banana fruit Musa sp AA is highly affected by genotype and fruit age, but not by cultural practices. Resource competition modulates the seed number-fruit size relationship in a genotype-dependent manner: a modeling approach in grape and tomato. Remarkable reproducibility of enzyme activity profiles in tomato fruits grown under contrasting environments provides a roadmap for studies of fruit metabolism..

Model-assisted analysis of spatial and temporal variations in fruit temperature and transpiration highlighting the role of fruit development. Lobit, D. Mbeguie-A-Mbeguie, C. What controls fleshy fruit acidity?

A review of malate and citrate accumulation in fruit cells. In-silico analysis of water and carbon relations under stress conditions: a multi-scale perspective centered on fruit. Combining niche and dispersal in a simple model NDM of species distribution. Alistair J. Hall, Peter E. Minchin, Michael J. A biophysical model of kiwifruit Actinidia deliciosa berry development. A model approach revealed the relationship between banana pulp acidity and composition during growth and post harvest ripening.

Assessment of the water stress effects on peach fruit quality and size using a fruit tree model, QualiTree. Agricultural Water Management , Elsevier Masson, , , pp.

Jose M. Assessment of the water stress effects on peach fruit quality and size using a fruit tree model, QualiTree vol C, pg 1,Particle swarm optimization to design ideotypes for sustainable fruit production systems. Towards multiscale plant models: integrating cellular networks.

Trends in Plant Science , Elsevier, , 17 12 , pp. Effect of water deficit and variations of fruit microclimate on peach fruit growth and quality.

Curriculum Vitae

The architecture of a plant depends on the nature and relative arrangement of each of its parts; it is, at any given time, the expression of an equilibrium between endogenous growth processes and exogenous constraints exerted by the environment. The aim of architectural analysis is, by means of observation and sometimes experimentation, to identify and understand these endogenous processes and to separate them from the plasticity of their expression resulting from external influences. Using the identification of several morphological criteria and considering the plant as a whole, from germination to death, architectural analysis is essentially a detailed, multilevel, comprehensive and dynamic approach to plant development. Despite their recent origin, architectural concepts and analysis methods provide a powerful tool for studying plant form and ontogeny. Completed by precise morphological observations and appropriated quantitative methods of analysis, recent researches in this field have greatly increased our understanding of plant structure and development and have led to the establishment of a real conceptual and methodological framework for plant form and structure analysis and representation.

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Marc Tchamitchian - CV

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Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Although this gene family has been well characterized in many plant species, its evolutionary and comprehensive functional analysis in rose is lacking.

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This symposium was held in Vienna, Austria, and was a success so the decision was taken to continue the initiative and organize the Second Symposium in in Angers, France. All these societies have appointed representatives of the Advisory Committee which had the duty of overall appreciation and suggestion on the scientific programme. I should like to thank all these colleagues for their contribution. The Symposium is open to scientists, teachers, professionals and students interested in a forum to discuss their respective scientific advances and build new cooperation and will give the opportunity to network and build new interdisciplinary research projects and European courses at Master and PhD level. The objective of the Symposium is to give scientists who study all aspects of Horticulture an opportunity to exchange knowledge, information, ideas and techniques.

Exemple de cv maraîcher

Scientific Title:. Marital status: Married with Radu E. Books selection. ISBNAmeliorarea soiurilor de pere. ISBN:Editura Invel Multimedia. Editura AcademicPres.

Exemples et modèles de CV à télécharger gratuit au format Word. CV simple et efficace Gardening, Sample Resume, Free Resume, Letters, Places,. Exemple.

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BOOK OF ABSTRACTS. 2 nd Symposium on Horticulture in Europe. Angers, FRANCE 1st 5th July 2012

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An experiment was carried out to study effect of pre-cooling on post harvest life of Sapota Manilkara achras Mill Fosberg cv. The various pre-cooling treatments viz. The results of the study indicated that mango fruits treated with different pre-cooling treatment showed lower and slower rate in physical and chemical changes than control fruits. Lower physiological loss in weight and higher firmness of fruits. The treatment was also promising for slower increase in TSS, reducing sugar and total sugar, while slower decrease in ascorbic acid and acidity during storage. In India, the sapota crop is mainly cultivated for its fruits.

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Resume Database. Home cv b. Central Violations Bureau The Central Violations Bureau CVB is a national center charged with processing violation notices tickets issued and payments received for petty offenses committed on federal property. Click here to see an image of a federal ticket. Instructions Home Boise. Visitors often comment on the city's vitality. Its energy.

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