Tropical garden fruit trees

Tropical garden fruit trees

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Planting tropical fruit?

Usually people believe that tropical fruit trees are massive evergreens like a Mango - and that puts them off growing their own tropical fruits. But this needn't be the case. Since moving to Brisbane I've been experimenting with some compact but nonetheless delicious tropical fruits.

The humble choko Sechium edule is really at home in Brisbane but it grows well in any frost free garden. All it needs is a support and a little bit of shelter from the wind. Chokos are as much a vegetable as a fruit. Originally from Mexico, they're cucurbits, which means they're related to cucumbers and melons. If you enjoy eating marrow, then you will enjoy choko boiled in soups and stews, but if you like the crunch of lettuce, then serve them fresh in salads and sandwiches.

Don't waste the seed inside, which can be dry fried and tastes like roast almonds. These plants grow vigorously all year and produce fruit from autumn through to the end of spring. There's another little trick, trim them to shape and don't waste the tip at the end which can be steamed and served like asparagus as a real treat. The fresh flavour of raspberries brings back childhood memories, but unfortunately the European varieties burn in Brisbane.

Luckily there are two local species, Rubus moluccanus and Rubus probus that enjoy the heat. In fact they also do well up to the tropics. These are vigorous suckering plants, so put in a root barrier to ensure they stay on your property. As far as flavour goes, these are just as good as the European varieties. And, as with any raspberry, once you've had a fruit in cane that's finished, cut it off at ground level to produce plenty more vigorous fruiting suckers. As raspberries go, these have an extended flowering and fruiting period, they are useful, and almost indestructible, and are in fact just as good fresh as in preserves.

South American pawpaw Carica papaya is a really compact tropical fruit and it's at home in a frost free climate as far south as Perth and Sydney. The old fashioned varieties were either male or female and so it was important to have both to get fruit.

However look out for a 'Southern Red', it's a modern bisexual pawpaw, which means only needing one plant for crops. These plants are prolific and like freely draining, compost rich soil and a little food, but not too much. Pawpaws are susceptible to a spot disease on the leaves and a viral disease which are both incurable.

Experts are concerned that virulent disease strains may affect global pawpaw production. A simple way for the home gardener to deal with this is to replant them every second year. When they are young and vigorous the diseases don't really affect them. If the plant lives for a long time and the fruits are out of reach, simply slash them down to a metre above ground, and they will re-sprout.

The Davidson's plum tree Davidsonia pruriens is as unique as its fruits are delicious. It grows as a slender upright tree. It likes shade, some shelter, ample moisture and compost around its roots. Botanists are really excited by this plant.

It's got its own plant family, the Davidsoniaceae. As far as we know, there are just two species on planet Earth and they occur in the rainforests around Murwillumbah in New South Wales. I love the way these plants produce flowers directly from the trunk, known as cholyflorescence.

It only takes a few months for them to ripen and resemble rather small Victoria plums covered with a bloom and just as purple. They are an astringent fruit so they are ideal for preserves or liqueurs. So for warm climate gardeners who want to grow some tropical fruits but who have limited space, try some of these more compact varieties and enjoy delicious fruit all year.

Fri pm, Rpt Sun pm. Share Facebook Twitter Mail. SERIES 16 Episode 37 Usually people believe that tropical fruit trees are massive evergreens like a Mango - and that puts them off growing their own tropical fruits. Broadcast: Sat 22 Oct , am. Published: Sat 22 Oct , am. Credits plus minus. Presenter Jerry Coleby-Williams. Topics Gardening Fruit Crops. My Garden-Rosemary Bromwich. Tropical Favourites. Tropical Looking Plants Down South.

A Houseplant Harvest—Tropical Trees That Really Do Fruit Indoors

First free yourself from the idea that fruit trees need to be in a separate part of the garden to ornamentals. This belief in 'appropriateness' in planting is comparatively recent; once upon a time cottage gardens simply grew whatever was useful or beautiful together in one area. Whether you have a small, inner-city courtyard or even just a balcony, there is always room for at least one fruit tree. To make the choice easier I've narrowed it down to a list of attractive, hardy, relatively pest-free, delicious fruits.

I got into the tropical fruit tree business on accident about 10 years ago. While purchasing fruit trees for my gardening hobby, I found that there was a.

Tropical & Semi-tropical Fruit Trees, Spring 2019

Growing tropical fruits in Toledo or Toronto or Trenton may seem like the stuff of fantasy. A warm sunny outdoor location in summer, an equally sunny indoor niche in winter, a suitable watering and fertilizing regime, and a well-drained growing medium such as Fafard Professional Potting Mix will keep them happy and fruitful. The genus Citrus is particularly well endowed with container-friendly plants. Kumquats Citrus japonica , aka Fortunella are a stellar example. A number of other, lesser-known kumquats are well worth eating and growing. Ripening in early winter, kumquat fruits typically remain on the branches until spring, providing decoration and snack possibilities well beyond the holidays. Small, starry white flowers perfume the air in late spring and early summer, and the lustrous, verdant, evergreen leaves are handsome year-round.

The Kampong Plant Collections

To fulfil her year-old daughter's wish to pick strawberries, housewife Victoria Ho bought a packet of strawberry seeds for 90 cents from a nursery here and started growing them in paper cups at home. Catching the morning sun from the window of her 24th-floor condominium in Braddell View, the seedlings grew so well that she had to transfer them to 1. To share her experiences, Ms Ho, 47, started a Facebook group called SG Farming in Apartments, where she received tips when she ran into gardening difficulties. For example, during the hot spell in July, users suggested she let the soil cool down at night and to use chilled water to water the plants.

My Julie mango arrived in perfect condition! It traveled from Florida to Hawaii.

Taste The Tropics – Exploring Miami’s Tropical Fruit Paradise

Kasturi is not just another good-tasting cultivar of mango. It is a fully different species of Mangifera , from Kalimantan Borneo. Some people say it is not a mango, it is a Kasturi! Fruits of Mangifera casturi are black-purple skinned, their flesh is deep orange, sweet and loaded with flavour and vitamines. The species was unknown in the western world until a few years ago. It is sadly extinct in the wild, as Kalimantan forests have been extensively cut.

A garden full of surprises

An evergreen, small to medium-sized tree. It produces flowers in clusters that become small berries which contain one or two large seeds that are dried and used to produce allspice. It may take up to three years to produce berries. These trees like well-draining soil and will need protection from frosts and freezing weather. This is a good choice for an indoor plant if given bright light.

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For more than two decades, California Tropical Fruit Tree nursery has proven the viability of its inventory for successful long-term growth in Southern California. With a notable inventory of larger-sized stock, California Tropical is also uniquely poised to provide mature trees, in quantity, that are already bearing substantial flowers and fruit. California Tropical Fruit Tree nursery offers landscape architects, contractors, and nurseries in San Diego County and the surrounding area, personalized service, expert advice, and an extensive inventory of trees for any sized project.

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Jump to navigation Skip to Content. Many tropical fruits can be grown successfully in relatively frost free coastal areas from Geraldton to Esperance. These plants originate in warm to hot climates and many need some shelter from the cold for the first few winters. All the species listed will fruit well once established and many of the taller varieties can supply useful shade.

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Exotic fruit look as great as they taste! Think again! Many people assume you need a heated greenhouse — but there are plenty of exotic fruit trees that will grow outdoors in our temperate climate.