Easy flowers to plant and take care of

Easy flowers to plant and take care of

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Tips for keeping plants healthy; plus our favorite flowers and plants for container gardens. Choose the pots. Make certain there are one or more holes in the bottom of your container to allow water to flow out freely. Insufficient drainage can cause roots to drown, and the plant to die prematurely.

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41 Best Indoor Plants in India

Flowers for the balcony garden come in almost every color and shape imaginable. Many flowers do well in small containers and bring splashes of color to balcony container gardens.

The following 25 beautiful flowers are popular and easy plants to consider for your balcony container garden. To learn about more flowers that thrive in containers, peruse BalconyContainerGardening. Azaleas are flowering bushes that have impressive, showy flower blooms in the summer. Their large, colorful flowers last for weeks, and they look beautiful when cut and displayed in a vase inside. Popular in Southern-style gardens, the azalea plant is often grown as a large bush.

In balcony container gardens, however, these bushes will need to be pruned — they can actually be pruned to resemble small flowering trees. Calla lily flowers, also called trumpet lilies or Lily of the Nile, most often have waxy-white flowers that gracefully twist and curl, ending in a delicate point. Calla lily flowers can also come in pink, orange or red, and the dark green, heart-shaped foliage can also be variegated with white spots.

Calla lily plants are native to marshlands of South Africa but have gained popularity in gardens in the United States as marginal pond plants and container plants. It is a popular flower for weddings and Easter, and cut calla lily flowers last a long time in floral displays. The calla lily grows to 2 feet tall and can be grown in plant containers, and there are also miniature calla lily varieties that you can keep.

Celosia flowers, also called woolflowers or cockscombs, have unusual flowers that can bloom up to 10 weeks. These flowers can have red, pink, purple, gold or bicolored blooms. When many celosia flower blooms are next to each other, they collectively resemble fire, which is why the genus name Celosia , meaning burning in Greek, was chosen.

Not all celosia flowers look this way — there are many shapes, colors and sizes from 6 inches to 2 feet. And each blossom is made up of many tiny flowers, which is why this flower will produce numerous small seeds and keep sprouting in your plant containers with no extra effort on your part.

Celosia flowers also look great in vases and bouquets, so you can bring their beauty indoors. Chamomile is a beautiful little white-petaled flower that can be dried and made into a fruity-tasting herbal tea. If you are growing chamomile in your balcony garden to make tea, get the German chamomile variety and not Roman chamomile.

This container plant can is usually only about 9 inches tall, but it can grow to 2 feet, and it spreads up to 2 feet across. Chamomile flowers look like dasiies and are about 1 inch in diameter. Chrysanthemum flowers, also called mums or chrysanths, come in many varieties and colors that are suitable for a balcony container garden.

The two main chrysanthemum variety types are hardy and florist chrysanthemums. Hardy chrysanthemum flowers aka garden hardy do well in cooler weather and can be overwintered outside in the container garden. Florist aka exhibition chrysanthemums do well in mild need more attention i. The late-blooming chrysanthemum flowers give gardens color throughout the fall season and are often the last flowers to bloom before winter.

Daffodills, also called Narcissus, are hardy flowering plants that mostly flower in spring, but several species such as Narcissus tazetta , commonly called paperwhites flower in Autumn. All daffodil flowers have a trumpet surrounded by six floral leaves outer three are sepals, and the inner three are petals.

Most common daffodil flower colors are yellow, white or a mixture of the two. The daffodil flower has a pleasant sweet smell. Daffodils are great flowering plants for balcony container gardens. Dahlia flowers do best in plant containers that are at least 1 by 1 foot, and low-growing and dwarf dahlia varieties are best for container gardening.

There are so many dahlia flower varieties that every gardener can find something for their garden. These flowers come in every color imaginable for a flower except for blue. A blue dahlia flower has never been produced, even after the Caledonia Horticultural Society of Edinburgh offered a cash prize for the first person to grow a blue dahlia in !

Common daisies are beautiful flowers found in many flowerbeds and vase arrangements. The white-petaled daisy flower with its yellow center does well in plant containers and is easy to grow and care for in balcony gardens. Daisy blooms are most commonly white, but they can also be light pink to purple-red, depending on the variety.

Daisy blooms should appear from early spring to late autumn. Daisy flowers bloom close to the ground it only grows to about 6 inches tall and are rather small about 2.

Dianthus flowers are perfect for plant containers and will bring a splash of color to any urban balcony garden. Dianthus flowers come in many colors, either it be a solid white, red, purple, pink and sometimes yellow, or with two colors or marks in the petals. The height of this flower ranges from 6 inches to 3 feet, and there are so many Dianthus varieties that any gardener can find a beautiful Dianthus species to fit his or her balcony garden.

The common foxglove plant produces beautiful cascading trumpetlike flowers that range from purple to gray to white. Depending on the species and variety, foxglove flowers can be different colors yellow, pink, red, etc.

The common geranium flower blooms from mid-spring to early fall. Its 4- to 5-inch-wide flower clusters come in many colors — pink, purple, red or white. This gorgeous flower is a staple in balcony gardens and grows well in plant containers. This commonly used flower usually shows up in flowerbeds, but they also look great in windowboxes, plant containers and hanging containers, and will even do well in a shady balcony garden.

The aromatic lavender plant has beautiful purple-blue flowers and adds height to a container garden. It makes a great companion plant with vegetables and herbs, and it will attract beneficial insects to your garden, including butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

These beautiful gold, orange, yellow or white flowers and a mixture of these colors are often planted in butterfly gardens. They attract butterflies, but ward off other undesireable insects with their pungent odor. Plant these flowering container plants next to your tomato, eggplant, chili pepper and potato plants, as marigolds deter some pest insects that can harm these plants.

The morning glory flower is a climbing vine with heart-shaped leaves blooms in the mornings. Morning glory blooms, which only last one day, come in a variety of colors pink, purple, red and white, while blue is the most common and usually bloom in mid-summer to late fall. Morning glory flowers can begin to bloom in March in warmer climates. These beautiful flowers grow well in plant containers on balcony gardens.

Balcony gardeners can attach fishing line or durable string from the balcony railing to the roof and train the morning glory plant to grow along the string. This growth will provide dappled shade you can intersperse white Christmas lights on these lines if there is an electricity outlet outside. Phalaenopsis orchids, aka moth orchids, are the most commonly kept orchid flowers in the gardening hobby.

There are thousands of orchid hybrids, and many are almost impossible to care for. If you choose a cheap orchid that you find in the grocery store or local garden shop, the odds are that it is an easier variety. These varieties are easy to keep alive, as long as the gardener realizes that orchid care is much different than most container plants that we keep.

Pansies are hybrid flowers that were developed in England in the early s. Because pansies have been selectively bred by humans, they are hardy and bloom quickly. Pansy flowers are easy to care for and do well in container gardens. Peonies are easy flowers with large, colorful and wonderfully scented blooms have large, deep root systems, so when growing them in plant containers, make sure to give them a lot of extra room.

They can grow down at least 1 foot, so provide a large container for these flowers. Once established, peonies require little maintenance. There are many peony varieties to choose from, and flowers, which bloom in late spring or early summer, can be white, pink, red, yellow, orange, or purple. This classic flower for plant containers comes in many colors, mostly blue, white, and shades of pink. There are a few different petunia flower varieties: large flowers grandiflora , ground cover hedgiflora , smaller flowers good for baskets multiflora , or small flowers that do well in harsh weather milliflora.

Blooming in early spring, the primrose flower is one of the first flowers to bloom after winter. And, luckily, the primrose treats container gardeners with a flowering encore and blooms again in the fall. There are many varieties of primrose that can grow in plant containers, and flower colors include blues, pinks, reds, yellow, orange and purple.

These are easy container garden flowers that will delight you with beautiful blooms twice a year. There are many rose flower varieties that grow well in plant containers — you can choose a color, size, shape and fragrance that suits you and your balcony garden space.

But because there are so many rose varieties, you should read books about roses, join an online forum discussion, a local gardening or rose club, or ask a knowledgeable staff member at your local garden shop about what varieties will work for you. Also known as the dragon flower, snapdragons are small but fragrant flowers that are easy to grow in plant containers. Snapdragon flowers are colorful and dominant, often having so many blooms that the plant's foliage below is hidden.

Snapdragon flowers come in many varieties, including dwarf 8 inches tall to tall ones 3 feet and in an array of colors, including pastel colors, reds, pinks, yellows and even bicolored flowers. These beautiful flowers can be cut and displayed indoors. Ten-foot giant sunflowers really can be grown in plant containers even in small 3-gallon nursery pots. These beautiful native American flowers must be planted in full sun, or they can topple over while trying to reach sun.

But growing these beauties in your balcony container garden will attract attention from the people in your neighborhood, as well as a lot of wildlife. The sunflower's floret patterns what eventually turn into seeds are displayed on the circular flower head in an amazing spiral pattern. This, in addition to making a beautiful flower display, ensures that the most seeds are crammed into the sunflower's flower head as possible. Tulips up to 12 inches can have pink, purple, red, dark red, orange, red orange or yellow flowers.

The sweet-smelling flowers appear in early spring after periods of cold temperatures, which are necessary for tulips to thrive. These flowers are great for container gardens in colder climates: Tulips survive frosts and freezing temperatures. Zinnias are beautiful flowers that are great for butterfly gardens. Zinnia flowers come in white, light green, yellow, orange, red and purple. There are many different Zinnia species, but the most common is Z.

Zinnias have different flower petal arrangements — some have a single row of flower petals, while others have multiple rows that give the flower a more full, dome shape. These easy-to-grow flowers are great for plant containers in urban balcony gardens. Privacy Policy Site Map.

10 Easy-Care Perennials Every Garden Should Have

Flowers are one of the best antidotes to the icy winds of winter, and growing a houseplant that buds and blooms inside while all is dormant outside is particularly satisfying. This winter, as an alternative to the brightly blooming azaleas, chrysanthemums, or traditional holiday plants, consider growing a clivia plant. Clivia miniata is a wonderful flowering plant. When given a month of cool night temperatures in autumn, followed by a six-to-eight-week rest period with very little water, a clivia plant will produce dense clusters of orange, lilylike flowers. Equally important, the straplike, dark evergreen leaves are virtually blemish free, making clivia an attractive foliage plant, even when not in bloom.

If you are growing flowers and hoping for a good outcome from them, you need to do more than just water and weed your garden. You need to.

How to plant and grow a cut flower garden

The queen of winter bulbs can re-bloom for years. Poinsettias, with their signature Santa-red petals, are America's go-to holiday plant, with more than 80 million sold each year. But what if we told you that there's a better flower out there, one that's more vibrant, easier to grow, and even re-blooms after the holiday season? We're talking about amaryllis. Like the Christmas cactus , another favorite, this tropical beauty thrives indoors with minimal care and flaunts spectacular long-lasting winter flowers. As a potted bulb and a source for cut flowers, the amaryllis is a versatile choice for sprucing up your home year round. And it's a perfect flower to give on Christmas to relatives or your boss. Ready to upgrade your windowsill?

20 Best Flowering Houseplants

The Anthurium pot plant and cut flower are very easy to look after, as they need very little attention to keep looking beautiful for a long time. When the plant is positioned in the dark, it will give fewer flowers. Anthuriums really prefer high humidity, so for example in the bathroom is where they feel most at home. Also read: Home decorating tips: how to use Anthurium plants. In the winter period, the Anthurium plant should be watered once a week.

Are you looking for the perfect perennial to add a gorgeous splash of color to your flower garden this year?

Anthurium for sale

Are you interested in adding greenery to your home? Wondering which indoor plants are easiest to grow in the Indian climate? Well, we present to you our our list of top 41 low maintenance indoor plants best suited for the Indian climate. These indoor plants are easy to tend to , brighten up your interiors and in the bargain, purify all that stale air and poisonous gases leaving you as fresh as a dewy daisy every day! Snake plant requires minimal care and to top it all, has superior air purification qualities. It removes four out of five toxins and is counted among one of the few plants that also remove carbon dioxide at night.

Top 10 easy to grow flowers

Know before you grow, and your pets will thank you! Every pet owner knows their dog or cat will chew on anything it can sink its teeth into, whether that's a toy, shoe, or ball of yarn. And at some point, your furry friend will inevitably gravitate towards plants and flowers for a bite or two. As beautiful as these colorful blooms are, from household plants to flowers grown in the garden, some can be particularly dangerous to our tail-wagging companions. Of course, fragrant varieties are especially tempting and, yes, even deadly , but did you know that your pet simply drinking water from a vase containing poisonous cut flowers can result in vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, lethargy, and lack of appetite? As you will see on this list, sometimes the potency is wrapped in the leaves, whereas in other cases, it could be in the seeds or bulbs.

Easy annuals such as sunflowers and zinnias are simple to start from seed, perennials require little care and return year after year, and bulbs are practically.

25 Easy-To-Grow Perennials for Beginners

In fact, many of the plants that I am currently growing are nearly impossible to kill, making them as travel-friendly for me as possible. In this guide, we are going to take a look at 15 plants that are easy to grow and almost impossible to kill. Marigolds are one of the hardiest flowers that you can plant in your garden, which is why they are seen at nearly every home in the country. In fact, they are well known by gardeners to be a drought tolerant plant that can handle a lot of heat.

10 Top Flowering Houseplants

There are few things that signify the changing of summer into autumn like beautiful fall mums. Growing mums is easy, growing perfect mums, not so easy. We have a few tips to care for your favorite chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums — often referred to as mums — are a classic favourite and go to flower for fall gardening. They flower in bright reds, yellows, oranges, and other rich colours brightening gardens, as the weather turns chilly. Mums traditionally bloom in the fall and are in tune with the day lengths, hence why they trigger blooming when the days get shorter.

Perennials are the foundation of any flower garden! See our list of easy, no-fuss perennials that are especially perfect for the beginner gardener, with an emphasis on native plants.

How To Care For Anthurium The Easy Way (Flamingo Flower)

If you want low-maintenance, try out these eight flowers that are easy to care for and should work in your garden. With these flowers, you can still have a beautiful outdoor space without a lot of work. These are self-cleaning plants no deadheading needed, in most cases! They bloom in multiple colors and are deer-resistant. In frost-free climates, they can grow as perennials but are annuals in colder regions. A great cascading plant that is self-cleaning and deer-resistant.

Easy Flowers to Grow

There are a lot of easy flowers to grow that even the most inexperienced beginners can plant. Whether you want to add a bit of color to your flower beds or want your yard to smell summer fresh, we can find the right plants for you. Plug plants are seedlings that have already been started for you by a greenhouse. They are easy to transfer into your garden.