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The memorial will honor and forever remember Riley Howell and Reed Parlier, who lost their lives, and pay tribute to Rami Alramadhan, Sean DeHart, Emily Houpt and Drew Pescaro, who suffered physical injuries, and everyone who was present in KennedyEvery element is active, engaging and powerfully connected to the UNC Charlotte community. TEN X TEN will begin meeting with University stakeholders including students, faculty and staff to present the conceptual design illustrating how the commemorative space will be developed. Groundbreaking for the memorial is expected in AprilIt is a memorial that will stand the test of time.

  • Why Every School Should Consider Having an Elegant Landscape Design
  • Urban Design, M.U.D.
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  • At Lift[ED], we work with people to enrich their landscape experiences.
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Why Every School Should Consider Having an Elegant Landscape Design

We don't know why, but we love it! This in turn will assist the retailers and hospitality by bringing higher spending office workers in to the town. But nothing seemed to keep the memories away. Everything was darkness — and I hated the city, where I felt confined and unable to speak or do anything. Then I came here and everything seemed familiar.

I am always at one with the earth. If the garden looks good, I feel good. When the soil sleeps, I sleep. Their collaborative hands-on approach and design flair contributed to the indoor and outdoor environments being developed in tandem.

Their team developed fantastic ideas that encouraged outdoor activities, activated the site as a learning resource and complemented the Dartmouth Park Conservation Area. Throughout the project stages they always faced each challenge with a fresh approach, creating simple effective solutions to ensure the essence of good design was maintained, supported by a clear master plan. The team at Colour are great to work with.

The award celebrates the skill in tackling head on all the negative qualities of the previously isolated roundabout and creates an exciting new public space.

When the scheme was proposed, everyone thought it was mad to expect people to live there, and one of the major challenges was integrating it into the city fabric. Working with Colour we looked for solutions to make the environment attractive so people would want to go there and spend time there, and to direct people around the south side to complete the route to and from the Quayside. The curved pink wall and glazed arcade grab everyone's attention as a bold, exciting addition to the city centre.

Pulsing lights, sculptural benches and giant tree pots subtly send out the wayfinding messages needed. The drab concrete wasteland has become a desirable urban space where people enjoy cocktails under the sunshades. It is also a very strong concept, which responds well to the building.

I really believe that the counter-curves are complementary. Through innovative thinking and responding to the architectural concepts they helped to tie the building into both the site and the wider area.

The team's enthusiasm for creating places, not just landscapes, helped a great deal in the planning and development process. They are able to think conceptually and have an extensive understanding of ecological issues.

We have total confidence in their capability to deliver effectively. It has developed our thinking to looking at the whole school environment not only as a social space but also as an interactive learning environment. We've been very happy with the service provided. More than this however, it has actually created a heart to the campus and now helps to strongly define the University's identity as progressive, creative and inclusive.

Even early in its existence dwell time on campus has visibly increased with staff and students taking advantage of any bright days and the facilities within the quad. Feedback from students, staff and the local community has been excellent highlighted by a recent article in the local press.

They do not just provide a traditional approach but also think widely in their research and design inspiration. Being actively involved in initiatives such as exploratory play assists this greatly. The identification of the strengths and weaknesses of livins open spaces was key to understanding the proposals set out in your strategy.

The various phases and options proposed by yourself will enable livin to invest in its open spaces in a planned and targeted way. It is clear that improvements can be made that will have a measurable impact with little or no capital investment. The imaginative approach taken by Colour not only presents the hospital in a welcoming, green setting but also provides a series of unit-specific opportunities to engage patients in outdoor therapeutic activity.

I've enjoyed working with Colour and I remember from the presentations and interview stage of the tender process you talked about working in partnership with clients and that's has certainly been the case, on occasions I think we've faced a number of challenges!!

In partnership, your support has been fantastic. Their continual involvement has meant that the landscape proposals formed a natural element to the campus redevelopment. The external landscape design provides clear passive wayfinding with important public spaces as well as private areas for contemplation or views. This is reflected in the orientation and design of the associated interior spaces. It looks great and I really do think we achieved maximum effect for the money.

The basket swing is so popular and the spinning cone climber is equally popular - the best thing about both pieces is that they can take more than one child at a time lots! The feedback from the children and families who use it is excellent. Those last minute decisions were very well worth it, really make a big difference and are popular with the most surprising children. We have been particularly impressed with the thoughts and ideas of Sharon McKay and the way in which she has introduced new amenity concepts into the project.

I am also impressed by her attention to detail and innovatory ideas on bespoke seating arrangements, an area of product design that, although appearing simple, is extraordinarily difficult to successfully realise. The class gardens, designed to aid children in learning maths, environmental science and art, are a particularly attractive feature of the primary school designs. We trust that these designs are indicative of the project team's plans for other schools, and that they will continue to work with the Council and the staff of the respective schools to ensure that this exciting approach to external space and its educational potential is a success.

The outcome has been a design which is both innovative and pleasing to the eye. The external areas are therefore as educationally beneficial as the internal spaces. With the wind breaks protecting the play areas and gardens "the children are outdoors as much as possible". The nursery also used it for their candlelit Christmas carol service with parents filling the benches. About Colour.

Our Team.

Urban Design, M.U.D.

Delve deeper into the topics below at your own pace to learn about creating a sustainable home landscape. SOIL Learn more about the role soil plays as a critical base for all sustainable landscapes. Learn more. While conventional gardens can work against nature, sustainable gardens are supportive of natural ecosystems and conserve resources.

ColeJenest & Stone is a landscape architecture and civil engineering firm that creates beautiful and useful spaces in North Carolina and beyond.

Earle Sumner Draper

Learn more about historic preservation at these North Carolina campuses. Launched in , this collaboration between the History and Interior Architecture departments provides students a unique opportunity to utilize the resources of both departments, offering students a multitude of education tools for professional growth. One such opportunity is a three-week preservation field school where students gain hands-on experience under the guidance of skilled restoration and rehabilitation craftspeople. The Historic Dimension Series includes illustrated briefs on a variety of topics created by students in the historic preservation curriculum offered by the Interior Architecture Department at UNCG. Since the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill has been providing students with an excellent education in the planning field. UNC Chapel Hill was the first planning program in the United States with its principal university base in the social sciences instead of in architecture or landscape design. Students also have the option to enroll in certificate programs. There are over 50 courses offered by the department each year, allowing students to concentrate in specializations such as community development, economic development, environmental planning, land-use planning and design, and transportation planning. For more information, visit www. The program has maintained one of the highest placement rates in the country, with graduates working with archives, museums, libraries, historic preservation agencies, historic sites, cultural resource firms, national parks and forests, and historical firms.

At Lift[ED], we work with people to enrich their landscape experiences.

Needles also won the Belmont Stakes that year. A former banker and tax preparer controls the purse strings at Coleman Lew Canny Bowen. Prior to joining Pesta Finnie, Stacy took time away from the corporate world to raise three children. During that time, she found her creative outlet in landscape design.

This giving season, donate to LAF to support students, drive innovation, and elevate landscape architects. His work is in landscape architecture and environmental justice with a focus on democratic design and cultural landscapes.

Want To Start Your Own Garden?

Greyson Oxidine is the co-founder of Southern Cut Landscaping. He was able to build a substantial clientele base that led to teaming up with business owner of ZoomUp Investments, Mike Griffin. Soon enough, they were able to come together to create a young and prosperous team looking to grow significantly in the Charlotte area. Noah as well, obtains a certificate in landscape design, landscape management, and plant production. Together, they have now formed a young and hungry team ready to landscape the Carolina's.

Landscape Architecture

Terra Green provides comprehensive and customized landscape maintenance services to commercial properties. Terra Green has served Home Owner Associations and multi-family communities in the Charlotte region for over 15 years. How do we do it? Our expert landscaping as well as our customer service and care are all made possible by our:. Why we do it? Each and every day we focus on making our customers happy.

education, campus planning, urban design, landscape architecture University of North Carolina Wilmington Campus Master Plan. Wilmington, NC.


The Master of Urban Design M. D degree can be taken as a stand-alone qualification, or may be combined with a Master of Architecture two-year degree for a dual M. D degree.


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The Health and Human Services Building is a classroom and office building that houses a variety of health and education offices. The design of the building also included the design of a pedestrian connector between the new campus quad and the new student center. This pedestrian connector serves as a significant student space for the University. The Health and Human Services building is a four story academic and education building with a gross area of , SF, located in the central campus. A significant part of the site design and engineering package included the civil, hardscape and landscape design of a major pedestrian plaza and commons area.

In Draper established his own firm in Charlotte, specializing in upper-class residential neighborhoods and mill villages, designing hundreds across the south during his extensive career.

K2M Design

Bio: As a small child, Tony used to visit his cousins in a small rural farming town in eastern NC. He would watch them jump on Farmall tractors and drive around like it was second nature. Despite being similar in age, he was never given the approval to drive himself, mainly because of inexperience and unfamiliarity with the machine. In , when Tony decided to start his own business, he went out and traded his first car for a tractor! From there, he began to form what is now Hyatt Landscaping, Inc. The level of professionalism and commitment that was nurtured in the early days of the company are still prevalent in all facets of the company today. His fascination with tractors and machines has allowed him to become a master operator on many different types of equipment.

What We Do

The Central Piedmont Horticulture Technology curriculum is designed to prepare you for various careers in horticulture. Classroom instruction and practical laboratory applications of horticultural principles and practices are included. Coursework includes plant science, plant materials, propagation, soils, fertilizers, and pest management.

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