Horticulture as a subsistence pattern definition

Horticulture as a subsistence pattern definition

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Horticulture as a subsistence pattern definition

Horticulture as a subsistence pattern - I have to find a sustainable form of subsistence. Is it possible to grow a crop of mushrooms from the local forest that they would gather during the day and grow the next morning? I want to live entirely off what I can find in the wild and my own efforts. I read that one can plant edible crops like spinach, tomatoes, peppers, and beans in holes in the ground and that it provides you with a form of sustenance and a form of food for a long period of time, but would this be a sustainable form of subsistence? I don't have any money to buy much and if I were to live off the land, I would need to be sustainable. I love to be outdoors and would hate to have to leave the local area or go to another area to find what I need to live. Is there a way that I could sustain a life off of the land?

I agree with the first paragraph. You may need to consider a different definition of sustainable. A food source that will provide sustenance for as long as you can live on it and not deplete the population. If you are on your own, it's really not that likely that you can last out there as you need water and other things that you can't grow or create on your own. Your definition might be that if you have the tools to survive, but you can't make enough to meet your own needs, then the act of living off the land is unsustainable. You wouldn't need to go to another area if you can get the basics from the area you're in. I would think you'd need to find the right balance in terms of how long you can be in one place as you need to be mobile.

What is the main idea behind my question?

You say that you can find a form of subsistence in the wild. I believe that would be the most sustainable for you. However, you should also know what your personal definition of sustainable is. In order to sustain a life off the land, you should be able to create enough for yourself to meet your own needs. As you noted, you have to bring the food and other supplies with you. If you can't sustain yourself off the land, then your question becomes moot.

What is the difference between "live off the land" and "live sustainably"?

Sustainability is a more complex term. To me, "sustainability" is the ability to remain on the land, or in this case, survive off the land for as long as possible without depleting the population of your environment.

I believe a better definition of sustainability is the ability to not destroy your own environment, in other words the ability to provide for yourself from your own environment. I believe living off the land is sustainable.

Sustainability is more complex than the first two definitions I gave, which is why it was listed as being "of" the land and not in it. You can't be living sustainably off the land without destroying the resources that you can take in and you don't want to be destroying what's on the land if you're taking in everything.

One of the things that is most necessary for me to provide for myself is food. If I can get food from the land and I have no ability to get food from the land, then I am not sustainable.

To me, sustainable living is based on the belief that the people and land can support their own population.

How do I ensure that my children will have a life without me?

I would recommend living off the land. Since you already live off the land, you have no choice but to live without you. If your kids want a certain standard of living and don't want you around, they can take it and find someone else to take care of them. The land can't take care of you, you have to take care of it.

Are you a parent?


How do I encourage my kids to avoid living on the land?

First off, I'm not encouraging it because it's not my thing and secondly, it's kind of selfish because you're kind of asking your kids to do something that is just your preference. I'll just answer the question, "I do encourage them not to live on the land."

My goal is to teach my children to live off the land. I'm teaching them how to hunt, how to make fire, how to be self-sufficient, and how to live off the land. I want them to feel uncomfortable if they have to live in a house or if they have to use modern devices and technology.

Do you have kids?


How can you teach people that are not born on the land to live off the land?

People will be born on the land. The land's here and there's nothing that says you have to be born off the land to live off the land. You can teach anyone to live off the land.

It's not that hard to teach people how to live off the land. We could go to a farm and show people how to do it. I just teach them how to do it on my own and teach my own kids the same way.

What did you want to be as a child?

I wanted to be a fire chief.

How do you know what to teach your kids?

That's a good question. I teach them by myself or they learn things from other people. I always tell them, "That's not what we're going to learn. That's what someone else said."

There's always a new way to live off the land or a new way to make a weapon. If you learn from other people's knowledge or experience, you're never going to know all the tricks and the ways of the land.

How do you know if they've been taught correctly?

They have to come back to me and say, "Dad, I'm good."

Have you or your family ever been hungry?

There was one time that my family was hungry. We were really low on money. It was a time when I was married and a boy would be born.

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