Ginger lily plant care

Ginger lily plant care

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White flowers are very pleasing to eyes. They also go well with any type of decor or designs in the balcony. Scientific Name : Hedychium coronarium. Family : Zingiberaceae.

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How do you grow ginger lilies?

Plant Care Today. The most common names for Hedychium coronarium [hed-EE-kee-um, kor-oh-NAR-ee-um] may be White garland lily or white ginger lily but the plant is nothing close to a lily. The scientific name given by J. This is a description or reference to the fragrant white flowers the species produces in abundance. This flowering plant genus is native to Eastern Himalayas and has a distribution in other regions in Southern China, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, and Thailand. The white ginger plant is also found in Europe and the United States along with some regions in North America.

Like Hedychium gardneranum Kahili ginger the plant is known for its fragrant flowers; grown for ornamental and medicinal purposes in the native lands.

The individual stems grow upright at a fast rate and start covering the area around it. The leaves are medium to bright green in color. The garland flower puts on a beautiful display of showy, fragrant white blooms, borne on elliptical racemes. The flowers are sweetly fragrant and are often used to make perfumes.

The petals make up an intricate shape similar to the shape of a butterfly. They prefer hot and humid summers and subtropical climates over cooler climes. They need to be overwintered indoors to prevent root damage. The garland flower has medium to wet water needs, meaning they need to be watered frequently in hot and dry summers.

Feed the plants with organic compost or organic fertilizer as needed. If growing in containers place the ginger plant type near a water garden or pond periphery for extra humidity. Besides having good moisture retention, the soil should also be organically rich, moist, and well-drained.

The pH should be near neutral or slightly acidic. As for transplanting, Hedychium coronarium plants respond well to being moved. Divide the new shoots and plant them in the ground in permanent locations in shaded locations.

However, you have to be careful about winters. Overwinter coronarium indoors in a dry, frost-free location. Be careful about root rot, keeping the soil well-drained. Otherwise, the Hedychium is pretty low-maintenance in the garden. NOTE: Store tubers for winter in a dry location, in moist vermiculite or peat moss.

Hedychium coronarium j. Common problems such as aphids, red spider mites, scale, and root rot are both preventable and treatable.

Outside its native range, it may be an invasive species. It grows rapidly in streams, shallow water systems, bogs, and waterlogged areas. The showy, Hedychium coronarium white ginger inflorescences look great planted in containers or in landscape garden borders. Since the flowers attract butterflies, ginger plants are used in the garden to attract pollinators.

The perennial Hedychium coronarium is the national flower of Cuba, where it is known as mariposa for its shape. Women used the flowers to adorn themselves during celebratory occasions back in the Spanish colonial times.

During the slavery era in Brazil, African slaves brought the plant to the country and used the leaves as mattresses. By entering your email address you agree to receive a daily email newsletter from Plant Care Today. We'll respect your privacy and unsubscribe at any time. In fact, it comes from the ginger family Zingiberaceae. Pin The scientific name given by J. Other common names for Hedychium include: White ginger Butterfly ginger lily Butterfly lily the indiviidual flowers look like butterflies Mariposa … and many more.

Flowering and Fragrance The garland flower puts on a beautiful display of showy, fragrant white blooms, borne on elliptical racemes. Hence, various common names have the word butterfly in them. As for light, the white garland lily thrives in full sun but will tolerate part shade.

Watering and Feeding The garland flower has medium to wet water needs, meaning they need to be watered frequently in hot and dry summers. Grooming and Maintenance When it comes to pruning, the plant has no needs requiring compulsory cutting. How to Propagate White Ginger Lily The white butterfly ginger is propagated from seeds and by dividing rhizomes. Sow the seeds as soon as they are ripe in a partially shaded location, favorably inside a nursery.

Division is done by gently digging up clumps from the root and dividing the tubers or rhizomes with a knife or spade. Make sure each section has a growing shoot and then plant in a permanent position or in containers.

Invasive Species Outside its native range, it may be an invasive species. The underground rhizomes reproduce rapidly, becoming hard to control.

In fact, the propagation of the invasive plant is prohibited in New Caledonia. Hedychium Coronarium White Butterfly Lily Uses The showy, Hedychium coronarium white ginger inflorescences look great planted in containers or in landscape garden borders. In times of war, the shape of the flower came in handy for carrying secret messages. The intricate structure of the flowers allowed women to work for the independence cause.

In China, the plant is cultivated for both ornamental and medicinal uses. Currently, the blooms are used as garland flowers in Hawaii and Japan. They are also used to extract a fragrant essential oil to add to perfumes.

How to Care for Sontakka Flower (White Ginger Lily)?

Why the Ginger Lily has that name is a mystery. Still, this delightful flower — whose more formal name is Hedychium — deserves all the attention it gets. A native of the Himalayas, the Ginger Lily has been grown successfully in many other parts of the world. One type, the Hedychium coronarium is the national flower of Cuba.

This white beauty has a very fine fragrance, making it hugely popular among the garden lovers. This plant is extremely easy to grow and.

Hedychium flavescens (Yellow Ginger Lily)

Plant Care Today. The ginger lily found throughout the tropics and subtropics, the Hedychium gardneranum is also a delightful choice for a greenhouse or enclosed porch. Hedychium gardnerianum pronounced [hed-EE-kee-um gard-nair-ee-AH-num] also has a few common names:. The plant belongs to the Zingiberaceae family of plants, which most people call the ginger family. The plant produces thin, shiny green stems and banana-shaped leaves. If the plant receives enough water, it should produce denser foliage. Dividing the plant in the spring also provides a way to create more plants and thicker growth.

Featuring Curcuma: Ornamental Ginger Plant

The White Ginger Lilies are some of my favorite plants. I will trim them back tomorrow and put a good layer of mulch over them. Thank you again, John, for the info. The mulch will help to keep the soil warmer and moist.

Here's everything you need to know about growing this fragrant perennial. Ginger lily, or hedychium , are strongly scented tropical plants that are native to Asia.

Plant Care of Ginger Lilies

Large, strap-like leaves appear from June, followed by racemes of fragrant, showy orange-red blooms with spidery pink filaments and bright orange anthers. Both the flowers and foliage die down in winter. Water often and apply a liquid feed throughout summer. Alternatively, grow it in a pot, which you can move under glass for winter. East facing, south facing, west facing.

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Aug 20, Garden , Plant of the Week , Plants. Curcuma plants are among the most stunning yet rare flowers you can grow in your home or garden! The Curcuma plant has a gorgeous display of bright foliage with a long-lasting cone-shaped flower. Native to Malaysia, the Curcuma is in the ginger family and is commonly grown as an ornamental houseplant with rising popularity in colder regions. This plant is sure to stand out in a modern home, or as cut flowers included in a beautiful centrepiece! Grow your Curcuma indoors placed in a bright window with indirect sunlight! As a tropical houseplant, Curcuma can be brought outdoors during the Summer months and placed in full sun or partial shade. Keep soil evenly moist and ensure proper drainage.

Ginger lilies offer everything you would want in a flower — a great them easy as all they need is space, morning sun, and loving care.

The Ginger Lily

Please note that due to the seasonal market availability of flowers it may be necessary to vary individual stems and stem count from those shown. Our skilled florists may substitute flowers for one similar in style, quality and value. Where our designs include a sundry item like a vase or basket it may not always be possible to include the exact item as displayed.

Fall Plant Sale: Ginger Lily

Bring a touch of the tropics to your late summer garden with ginger lily, also known as butterfly ginger — a time-honored plant with flowers that smell like heaven. It brings tropical pizzazz to your yard in the later summer and early fall when not much else is blooming. Ginger lilies are not edible, though. You grow them for their fabulous tropical flowers. Native to tropical Asia, ginger lilies became extremely popular in the 19th century when those original houseplant lovers, the Victorians, grew them in conservatories.

The tropical ginger lily is a relative of the common kitchen ginger. Like ginger, the ginger lily is a tropical plant that grows from an underground rhizome in stiff canes with oblong leaves.

Hedychium Gardnerianum The 'Ginger Lily'

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Ginger Lily Sweetens the Garden

Last Updated on October 23, by Grow with Bovees. Do you want to find out more about caring for one of the more popular plants in the gardening world, namely the sontakka plant? The sontakka plants are Asian shrub plants.