Terravista landscape management

Terravista landscape management

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Unreal gdal

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Felicori comune. Maurizio Forte. Mauro Felicori. A short summary of this paper. The diffusion of OpenSource tools is increased quite a lot, but also the quality of the tools is improving. Their usability is slowing going even towards communities not exactly skilled in advanced programming. Open movement is penetrated in many sectors, often subverting, thank to its social impact, the traditional rules of companies and research institutions, pulling down sometimes hierarchies and pushing on innovative ideas because of their validity and values.

Even fields that until now were a bit apart, such as Cultural Heritage field but also land-management, are starting their first experiences. There are many perspectives of development, indeed, in sectors that need to use carefully and cautiously the few economical resources they can dispose. The system realised is based on two open projects: OpenSceneGraph library www. They were used in combination, modifying partially the code and adding plug- ins, in order to create a system useful to reconstruct complex landscapes, starting from GIS data DEM, GeoImages and vectorial data in standard format such as.

GIS data are used to build a three-dimensional terrain through a powerful tool, OSGdem, that generates paged and hierarchy terrain databases. OSG was integrated with VTP, whose original code was modified so to import even different terrain database formats flt, txp, ive. We then implemented OSG potentialities of. We realised an ActiveX plug-in for Internet Explorer to load the paged landscape from a Web server in the browser. The final goal is to realise a system, useful for Public Administrations, Research Institutions and other public institutions, but also for the worldwide community.

This system let a user not only navigate in real time through the Web even large territories, but also interact dynamically with them, adding for instance point of views, personal paths, activating or deactivating vectorial layers that can be added on the terrain, better understanding in this way the landscape.

In the process that brings to the reconstruction and the virtual navigation of entire landscapes, even through the Internet, the spatial component of the data is a central issue.

More open is the process more virtuous are its results fig 1. After two years of research, still in progress, what we obtained is a Virtual Reality application based on Geographical Information Systems, that gives the possibility to exchange information, to share data, to open discussions, to test different hypothesis and eventually to revise some data and that can be published on the Web. Appia Antica Project In the case study we choose at the beginning, we worked developing a part of a complex four-years project.

It was a good chance, since it allowed a continuous comparison with other VR techniques thought for PC installation and based on commercial software and it gave also the possibility to follow the entire process of data production: from the fieldwork to virtual reality3. The project, through the Appia Antica case study, confirmed that the use of integrated technologies and the combination of different typological data is extremely useful in order to manage archaeological and historical information inside GIS and Virtual Reality Systems, in a 3dimensional, interactive and flexible way.

Fieldwork activities Fig. We start our work with Virtual Terrain Project because it offered a ready user-interface, a good integration with geographical formats, projections, 3d models formats, etc. Virtual Terrain Project is first of all a project and a community interested to 3D digital reconstruction of large territories.

The tools used for the project were mainly two: VTBuilder and Enviro. GIS file formats are imported and then prepared and exported for an optimised use inside the viewer. It produces DEM as height-field files. Geoimages are adapted and wrapped on the.

Enviro is a complete viewer, partially based on OpenSceneGraph, that allows a navigation on large terrains, enabling or disabling parts of the models. In this way any operation seems extremely natural, allowing to concentrate on reconstruction problems. The entire set of tools for terrain generation, reconstruction, navigation and interaction even through the Web in real- time, was possible, indeed, thanks to the use and partial extension of the 3D rendering library OSG and the tools Enviro and VTBuilder of VTP kit.

VTP, after our adjustments, become a real plattform to generate, model and modify geographic scenarios. It was enabled the utility of importing, inside VTEnviro, different terrain database formats paged and lod terrains — flt, txp, osg, ive or other 3d models formats osg, ive, flt…. Moreover an export utility has been created.

Using specific OSG modules it was possible enabling the access to data even from remote sources. This extension was fundamental also for the development of an ActiveX plug-in for Internet Explorer and for VTP data loading from a web server.

In OSG distribution there are some applications included. This tool, in particular, is dedicated to large terrains generation, starting from geospecific data DEM files and Geoimages. The terrain databases produced are perfect for real time navigation and remote fruition, thanks to the hierarchical structure of the files. However, we planned to maintain VTEnviro as terrain-modifier, thanks to the simplicity of its already available user interface. In the table below table 1 there is a simple definition of the process.

The work has been divided into different activities necessary to realise a complex landscape made of terrain, 3d models, vector layers, labels and so on. With VTBuilder and Enviro we imported culture data 3d models, plants, characters, animals, vector layers, etc and we modified them directly in the 3d environment. The archaeological landscape was reconstructed in this way.

Low-polygons 3d models, built with photo-modelling techniques [Pescarin, Pietroni et alii, ] could be added, together with vegetation information on the park, vector thematic layers on the ancient aspects of the landscapes and so on fig 5. The landscape could be then published through an ActiveX we have written, while all the components of the landscape could be managed, kept organised inside a Web database based on postgreSQL and PhP fig.

The web site is now available at www. The work of opening the system to as many formats as possible gave the possibility to use it also with other commercial or open software and for other uses. Terrains and 3d models generated by other external programs paged terrain, 3d photo-modelled objects, 3d studio models etc.

This allowed to take all the advantages of VTP kit, inside a wider and more effective working flow, and to create a medium useful to add, even on imported terrains, their own cultures, modifying and then exporting them in order to be used by other software. The idea is the integration of different OpenSource technologies, mainly based on OSG library, with the goal of create a system and put territorial data on a server, letting a user to navigate freely in the landscape adding or modifying part of the territory, uploading models from a web repository.

Modifying the landscape Fig 8. Calori L. Felicori M, Forte M. Series,Download PDF.

Landscape Management

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Ici homes silverleaf

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Terra Vista Gardenscapes

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He founded Terra Vista, after working for a large national company, based upon a dream to provide excellent service while being small enough to know each of his customers' names and needs.

KG Landscape Management, Minneapolis MN

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Landscape Designs

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Kg Landscape Management

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73 Landscape Architects and Contractors in Lagrange, GA

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