Emanouil brothers landscaping

Emanouil brothers landscaping

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Emanouil brothers landscaping professional Chris Gibbons in Sydenham

In spring we love to spend the day outside the home, enjoying the great outdoors in the sun, enjoying the sunflowers in the front garden or reading our favourite books on the balcony, eating dinner in the garden under the stars. And now the summer is approaching it can be the perfect time to bring some of the outside inside to create a beautiful room with a perfect summery feel.

So this year we thought it would be the perfect time to do a nice DIY project and install some features that can give the rooms a summery feel while making them much more energy efficient and comfortable.

We love the idea of enjoying the outside in but this is all a question of temperature. In summer you can’t keep the whole house at the perfect temperature because you would have to keep your house in the shade and if you leave it in the open there is no way to keep the house cool.

We chose to install an air conditioning unit, in this case our choice was a Condair Rain and Floor air-con system and we are happy with it, as you will see in the video below.

In this video you will see our design process from the first idea to its implementation:

The arrival of a new season means a new gardening routine. That also means having to collect more flowers. Especially if you have a large garden, flowers collection may turn into a major hassle during the summer months.

Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because we are here to help you with the solution to your flower collecting problems. The solution is of course our Condair Designer. It is the automatic flower and garden planter that we use for all our landscaping work.

All you have to do is take the unit out of the box, plant your flowers and you’ll get the end result.

The flow of a stream does not always look nice and flowing, so what can we do about it? We want to clean it, but how do we do it and in the best possible way.

From cleaning waterfalls you can use one of the air tools that Condair and its contractors and fitters use. We decided to take the plunge and get some equipment for the job and we’re so glad we did. It was worth every penny and the investment.

Here is what we recommend for this job:

-Clean water from an animal or plant that is feeding on the area

-Cement to dry the water (water drains better)

-Recycled water

-Pebbles, stones and anything that is loose and will not move

-Filter plants to remove the animal feces and other waste (Don’t forget the plants that you want to grow to attract wildlife)

-A pump

-A hose

-An electric hand sprayer

-To mix the cement you will need a bucket and the cement mix as well as sand or grit

To start the job you will need to have a nice plan for the layout and if you are installing the waterfall you will also need to think about the installation, all the elements that need to be done and in what order.

All of this can be done with your own two hands or you can rent the services of a Condair fitter.

Our landscapers do not do landscaping by hand. We do it with the use of machines that we use to dig, fill, install and shape.

We do landscaping professionally because it is the best way to go, we use the right tools to do the job correctly. We also make sure that our clients are happy with the work and we can prove it by giving you the best prices.

Every landscape, every design is done in such a way that it makes you feel better. If you are having trouble getting the relaxation you need with your garden and house, it is possible that the main reason is because the home is too far from nature.

Well, not to worry, it is possible to bring nature inside your home or in your garden by creating a garden space or landscape that will take you to the green oasis you have been looking for.

The ideal location for having your own backyard nature experience is an area that has a good mixture of plants, trees, grass, flowers, creeks, rivers and pools.

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a house stand out from the rest? It’s not the house’s size or the shape that it has, it’s not the location or the street you live on. What really makes your house unique is the garden and the landscaping you have installed.

It is the landscaping and gardens that provide the experience that differentiates a house from the others. If you want to be the envy of your neighbourhood and get the crowds going, you better get to work on your landscaping and garden.

The level of landscaping and garden are two things that all homeowners should think about. They should be thinking about the overall level of landscaping that they want to put in their home and the kind of garden or landscape they are looking for.

There are so many features you can add to your garden that can bring about a unique and beautiful experience and if you want to change the typical landscaping into something that is more striking, a good garden design will make it easier to bring this experience to your home.

Did you ever think about using the Landscape Designer and Designer Builder by Condair to make your lawn look nice? Well, think again because we can’t stress enough how much we use this software and how many jobs we have made possible with it.

Lawn and garden maintenance is a thing that should be taken care of and it is much easier to do this when you don’t have to dig your garden by hand. Condair has the perfect solution to this, their machine tools.

The Condair landscaper is the automatic plant hoe that we use for all our jobs. It is perfect for all kinds of jobs, it will dig up your soil for you and it will then plant your plants.

By doing this

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