Landscape designers consultant

Landscape designers consultant

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Landscape designers consultant Remi

Landscape design is not only about the look, shape, and form of your garden. We design your garden with a special focus on the important links that connect you and your house to the natural environment. The space where you live in your city or town has much to do with your quality of life.

As landscape architects we know that your garden should play a vital role in the natural living environment. A home environment should be integrated into the environment, connected to nature and with the outdoors. A well-designed garden is the perfect example of nature at home.

We take the time and care to design your garden in a way that relates to your specific needs and wants. Landscape design and engineering are an integral part of our clients’ renovation and new building projects.

Our design and construction of projects can be managed as a stand-alone or can be completed as a part of the ongoing overall design and construction of your building project.

The Landscape Architect

As landscape architects we pride ourselves on providing a new, original and individual design approach to your landscaping needs. We take the time to listen to your concerns and requirements, consider these against our technical knowledge, look to the past, the present and the future, and adapt our design and the approach we use to it to meet your needs.

Where to find Landscape Designers?

We can provide you with cost-effective advice, plans and designs for your garden at any stage of the planning, design and construction process. This can be done when you are planning a new house or living-area, or when you are developing an existing house or area. At any stage in your project, or any combination of the stages, we can provide you with detailed design advice, realistic costs, suitable materials and concepts for your requirements.

We are able to coordinate and manage projects on our own, or we can be part of a larger team for the overall building or landscaping project.

How do Landscape Architects Help you?

The landscape designer is your partner in your vision of how your new home, new garden and building should be. They work closely with you, your builder and other builders to develop and implement a vision of a perfect landscaping that relates to your property and your budget.

The landscape designer looks carefully at the structural problems of your garden and uses their design skill to build in a cohesive way that makes your home look attractive and provides a safe and secure environment. They design not only the look, but also the function and the structure that provides the best relationship between the interior of your home and your garden.

What does a Landscape Architect do?

Landscape designers are highly skilled at designing and creating natural environments that relate to your building project. They use landscape architecture, professional planning and design tools and practice to bring your vision to life. They create a natural landscape and interior design that ensures the beauty of your home extends into your garden.

Landscape designers are in charge of the main design of your property, the overall plan for the garden and garden walls, topsoil levels, topsoil preparation, soils and drainage, fencing, walls and retaining walls, trees, plantings and shrubbery and other aspects of the landscaping. Landscape designers are also responsible for bringing your landscaping to fruition by providing a detailed plan with cost-effective details that provide a satisfactory outcome.

Landscape designers also create ‘the envelope’ of the home, which includes the building design and landscaping around the building. You would never walk past a plain building and ignore the landscaping around it. Landscaping that relates to the building is an integral part of its design, and an important feature to the