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Best horticulture apps

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Best gardening catalogs

Gardening sounds easy but sometimes, you need a little help. Even if you are the green thumb, you need to find information, tips and tricks to plant flowers, veggies, or fruits. Luckily, best gardening apps are now available for your smartphone. These apps come in handy to provide you with useful information related to gardening. When you access Google Play Store or App Store, you will find a multitude of gardening apps that claim to be the best.

However, not all of them are reliable to download. If you need help, keep scrolling through this page for trusted gardening apps for Android and iOS. A good gardening app should be able to provide you with clear and helpful guides to improve your harvest. It should also come with a user-friendly interface, so every gardener can access it with ease. Here are the top 10 gardening apps every gardener should download. Garden Tags has been popular among gardeners for its versatility and ease-of-use features.

This app has a vast community of gardeners who will be glad to share advice and offer tips. It also comes with planting inspiration as well as identification to make gardening more fun and enjoyable. Using this app, you can easily manage the entire garden. This gardening app allows you to keep a journal of plants with your own photography. Once you add a new plant, you will get access to the encyclopedia that gives all the information about the plant. More than 18, plants are recorded in this encyclopedia.

As a bonus, you will also get information related to how to grow each plant over seasons. Garden Tags come with many other features such as pests and diseases identification. Thousands of experts are ready to identify your problem and answer questions related to plant and gardening. Just add advice and you will get an answer right away. The latest version also comes with privacy management and communication settings.

When you take a stroll in the park, you find a beautiful flower but cannot identify what flower it is. Worry not! All you have to do is choose the color, number of petals, habitat, and distribution. Next, this app will show possible flowers. Scroll through the list and find the suitable one.

Now you can be a flower expert! This app is free, but you need internet connection to seek out the flower. Additionally, it allows you to search either in English or Latin names. Whenever you are looking for a handy app that helps recognize all flowers around you, it can be a nice pick. Like previous app, LeafSnap is a plant identification app that helps you identify unusual plants or wildflowers.

Instead of providing clues about the plant, this gardening app lets you take photos or upload photos. In a few seconds, the app tries to identify the plant and give you the result. With a huge library of plants, you can identify thousands of plants, fruits and flowers. LeafSnap does not only name the flower or shrubs, but it also provides a comprehensive description. After identifying each plant, you can build a collection and save on your smartphone. Learning more about plants has never been this easy before.

LeafSnap plant identification can be downloaded for free, but it offers in-app purchase. Coming with ease-of-use features for plant identification, this app helps you become a plant master. Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence that enables quick and precise identification for most species of trees, fruits, and flowers.

If you are looking for a gardening app that serves more than plant identification, SmartPlant is a tool to download. This versatile application helps you discover, identify, and care for plants. It has a huge library containing thousands of plants, allowing you to learn more about different plants from all over the world.

SmartPlant has tons of features to make your gardening more fun. Or, it has pests and diseases identification that helps you identify plant diseases and pests accurately. You can also discover loads of plant information that will be useful for gardening activity. SmartPlant is free for beginners who need basic information about plants and gardening. But if you are interested to upgrade your gardening skill, SmartPlant offers a Premium and Pro version. With these upgrades, you can enjoy unlimited care and watering reminders, unlock chats with gardening experts, and unlimited identification for plants and pests.

This is a nice app for every gardener who wants to create a garden journal. Gardenize works like a social media platform that lets you create a profile and get found by other gardeners. Simply save your photos and add notes to document your garden digitally. If needed, you can add information about the plant and how to get the best out of it. More other features brought by Gardenize include Areas section that helps organize your garden with borders or raised beds.

Luckily, it has a reminder feature so you know when to water and fertilize the plants. To make it more fun, Gardenize allows you to connect with other gardeners and explore their gardens. Not only can you look into the garden, but you can also share plant information and any garden-related information. If you need a dose of inspiration, this best gardening app lets you search for public gardens and parks.

Other features to enjoy may include offline mode and support to multiple devices. If you want to join local gardener community, GrowIt! It helps you connect with plant friends nearby that will help you identify plants and answer your garden-related questions. Whether you need inspiration for the upcoming project, this community has plenty of ideas to blow your mind. This app has a lot of things to offer. For instance, you can share videos or photos of your plant. Simply create a profile, join GrowIt community and meet local gardeners.

Like social network, you can follow and be followed by other plant friends. It also enables you to check out what other gardeners in the community is growing. If you want to get advice from gardening experts, simply leave your comment on desired plants.

Or, find information details of any plants through the app. This is one of the most popular apps among gardeners. Since plants are dependent on lunar phases, gardeners should know when to do which activities like sowing, transplanting, or harvesting. With this app, you can check lunar phases as well as take photos of your organic garden. Not to mention it comes with a reminder feature that will remind you of your daily gardening tasks.

Also, you can take advantage of weather forecast that offers accurate information so you can garden in good weather. Last but not least, it comes with Forum feature that helps improve your gardening knowledge.

Sowing Calendar is a great app to make the most of your garden. Not all vegetables can be sowed and planted throughout the year, so it is necessary to pick the best time. This gardening app gives all the information that you need to grow vegetables based on the calendar. For beginners, this app can be an ideal tool to help with gardening. As one of the most recommended gardening apps, Sowing Calendar comes packed with features.

With My Garden section, it enables you to keep a daily diary, statistics, photos and progress of seedlings. You can also take advantages of the Pests and Diseases section that helps you manage and identify various plant problems, including pests and diseases. Another thing to love about Sowing Calendar is weekly notifications that provide you with important tips about plants. These notifications are clickable so you can get easier access to gardening tips. It also has weather forecasts that let you find out the upcoming weather , allowing you to prepare for extreme weather conditions.

Urban Veggie Garden can be the best gardening app for urban people. This helpful tool offers inspiring ideas to transform small space into a functional garden where you can harvest fresh crops.

Using this app, you will learn how to do container veggie gardening and other methods to grow plants in your small urban house. The user-friendly app has a handful of features to improve your urban gardening experience. With planner features, you can choose the right plant to be grown at the right time.

A comprehensive description about specific plant is also available to upgrade your knowledge. Plus, it comes with a chat feature that enables you to get advice from other urban gardeners. Also, you will enjoy the videos section that is loaded with useful and inspiring videos.

A variety of urban gardening videos are ready to transform your balcony, terrace or small backyard into a vegetable garden. This gardening app is an easy tool to figure out the best time to plant fruits, veggies, flowers, and many others.

Coming with a boast of more than 6, weather stations around the globe, this app provides more accurate calculation of the best planting times. Besides accurate planting dates calculated using frost data, this gardening app offers full growing information for more than vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.

The highlight features also include soil, plant position, and row spacing for the best growth.

Top 5 Farming Apps Every Farmer Should Know About

Gardening sounds easy but sometimes, you need a little help. Even if you are the green thumb, you need to find information, tips and tricks to plant flowers, veggies, or fruits. Luckily, best gardening apps are now available for your smartphone. These apps come in handy to provide you with useful information related to gardening. When you access Google Play Store or App Store, you will find a multitude of gardening apps that claim to be the best. However, not all of them are reliable to download. If you need help, keep scrolling through this page for trusted gardening apps for Android and iOS.

You'll never have to wonder which plant that is ever again with these apps! Environment, Gardening.

Online Garden Store

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APPs: Useful apps for greenhouse growers

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Applications provide a wealth of advice and assistance to Sunday gardeners and can take some of the growing pains out of horticulture. Daunted by the bother of botany?

5 Gadgets For Your Garden

Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Gardening is a tricky business. There's growing zones and heirloom varieties and soil acidity and pruning shears, leaving even the most patient of people in a state of overwhelm. Nowadays, you simply need an app to transform you into a successful gardener. From planning your plot to chatting with experts, there are plenty of apps out there that can fit your needs and skill level. The following apps are all free offering the option of in-app purchases, of course , and many are available on both Android and iOS.

The National Gardening Association

Landscape design apps are tools that help homeowners and professional landscapers plan outdoor spaces. Some include advanced features like AR visualization. And others simply help you place plants and create garden layouts. This post is a definitive guide to landscape design software for companies and designers. A landscape design app is a type of software that helps landscapers, designers, and homeowners visualize new landscape layouts. They allow you to add new plants, water features, and hardscapes so you can see them all together and create a plan for actually creating new designs. Starting a landscaping business from scratch is not easy.


10 best plant apps and flower identification apps for Android

Not too sure what to plant this time of year? Confused about the best layout for your vegetable garden? Yates My Garden.

Apps to Help You Plan Your Garden

Provide current contact information - name, phone, address. Tell someone why they want to visit in a short paragraph. Be creative! Take a look at other listings on the App - they are the best guides to emulate. Send everything to Dr. Armitage at amarmitage gmail.

Having a backyard garden is a great way to enjoy your outdoor living space, soak up some important Vitamin D, and grow your own groceries.

It also lists fruits and vegetables that are in season for your area. This web tool is easy to access on a computer or mobile device. The simple layout and personalized content make it a helpful resource for new gardeners. Visit the Florida Fresh web app now. Each plant is accompanied by a color photo. The mobile web tool allows users to simply plug in their zip code to get specific gardening-zone recommendations for temperature tolerance and watering requirements.

Just send us a picture of your crop on WhatsApp and our Crop Doctor will help you to solve your problem. Convince yourself, it's free! Turn your Android phone into a mobile crop doctor: With just one photo, Plantix diagnoses infected crops and offers treatments for any pest, disease or nutrient deficiency problems.