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Have you realized your dream of having your own garden and finally want to start arranging flower beds, shrubs, trees and all the other details? However, what may seem like a simple task at first will suddenly become a challenge for many. If you do not want to hire a gardener, fortunately you can count on technology: free landscaping software is your best partner when it comes to arranging, which allows you to visualize your future plan. In this sense, we have compiled a list of natural applications that you can use or download online. Gone are the days of designing landscapes on paper, and software has found its place in garden decoration.

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3D Artistic Project Design

Today, we have nearly a dozen iterations of the Echo Show, ranging from 5-inch models to the largest smart display yet: the new Echo ShowAtIt's also smarter than previous Echo Shows and designed to live somewhere no previous Echo Shows could -- your wall.

Amazon took a calculated risk here, but thanks to a reasonable price, the new AZ2 chip and welcome features like widgets, that risk mostly pays off. Still, there are more capable Echo Shows out there, and for that reason it isn't the best bet for everyone. You can purchase a special stand for the Echo Show 15 if you don't want to mount it to your wall with the included hardware. Pulling the Echo Show 15 out of its box, the device looks thick.

It's also quite hefty at 4. Something about the Echo Show 15 profile reminds me of my first "flat screen" TV circaThe idea of mounting a device with this much weight on my wall felt a bit intimidating. I'd imagine one drop from 6 or 8 feet would damage not only the device, but also my home's year-old hardwood floor. Thankfully, if you would like to wall-mount the Echo Show 15, the included mounting bracket and hardware feel up to the task.

When choosing the right spot on the wall, you'll need to consider the height and eye level of everyone in your home who will use this display. You'll be putting four holes into your wall, so it's a "measure twice, cut once" situation.

As invasive as it feels, Amazon did make the installation simple to understand and easy to do. The p screen measuresThe Echo Show 15 comes with adaptive brightness and is surrounded by a white mat and black frame, much like a digital picture frame or Samsung 's The Frame TV.

On the top or side, depending on orientation , you'll find volume and mute buttons as well as a switch to slide the physical cover over the Echo Show 15's 5-megapixel camera. I really like the aesthetic of the Echo ShowIt feels more sophisticated and less gadgety than any Echo Show before it, with a familiar screen and interface presented in a much more appealing and subtle way.

I'm always encouraged by smart home tech that takes a subtle approach to fitting into the design scheme of a home. The Echo Show 15 does that quite well. It's just a shame there aren't more color options for the frame.

The Echo Show 15 speakers are side-firing, housed in the rear, white plastic portion of the device. The Echo Show 15 is equipped with two 1. They're behind the screen, in the white plastic housing of the Echo Show 15's back half. On a table against the wall in my living room, it appeared that the sound was coming out of the back of the device and into the wall. The speakers do have room to fire out the side of the display. It just doesn't sound great.

Admittedly, this is not an audio-first device. You're here for the screen. However, I'm no audiophile, and I still found myself slightly disappointed and wishing for some sort of front-firing speaker array. In many ways, the Echo Show 15 is exactly that -- one of many iterations on a familiar Alexa host. Setup feels identical to all the Echo Shows that came before it, complete with free trial offers and the familiar steps of naming and placing the device in your home.

The ambient screen displays art, family photos or stock images like any Echo Show. Navigation through the device has the familiar Echo theme. There is some redesign in that theme, though. Two rows of control bars swipe down from the top of the device in landscape mode. Widgets, which we'll get to in a minute, are an easy swipe from the side. Most of this experience is enhanced by the large screen.

More real estate means bigger buttons, easier-to-read text and plenty of room to view photos and video. Amazon calls it Visual ID. You'll need to enable it since it's an opt-in feature, and you'll need to complete a setup process to teach Amazon your face, too.

From there, the Echo Show 15 will recognize your face when it sees you and bring up personalized content, similar to how the Nest Hub Max or the iPhone do.

Setting up Visual ID is easy. You'll take four photo-booth-style images of your face with the display's camera. Next time you walk up to the display or tap it awake, you'll see a greeting in the top-right corner.

Visual ID enables personalized results like individual calendars, to-do lists and commutes, all tailored to you. You can also use it to assign reminders and sticky notes to other family members, which Amazon will deliver when they appear in front of the screen. For example and not at all inspired by my own life , you could ask Alexa to "remind Ben to take out the trash tomorrow.

One of the standout features for the Echo Show 15 is the widget gallery. There, you'll be able to select from 14 widgets to add to your Echo Show 15 home screen. Right now, the options are slim. There are basics for calendars, to-do lists, sticky notes, music, smart home and a few others. I'd expect that more services and features will get a widget in the future, but I wish there were more options today. Widgets are a nice way to keep from swiping and scrolling to get to what you want. Once you've selected your widgets, they'll appear on the home screen beside your regular home screen content.

I chose four widgets, which, in landscape mode, resulted in a sort of split screen. You can "resize" a select few widgets, but really, that just means choosing between a regular and a larger size in the gallery. If you opt for a large widget, you can only have one at a time. All in all, the idea is solid. Aesthetically, I don't prefer it, but it does add practical value. There isn't quite enough customization for it to feel enjoyable, but I think future updates will get there.

Third-party widgets are likely but not yet available. That could greatly improve the experience. Bring your home up to speed with the latest on automation, security, utilities, networking and more. Today, there are a few things scheduled but not yet delivered for the Echo ShowZoom isn't an option, but support is promised forThe same goes for Custom Sound Detection, a feature that will allow you to train Alexa to listen for specific sounds and then send you an alert.

In theory, this would allow Alexa to alert you when your dryer dings or the doorbell chimes. The Echo Show comes with a 5-megapixel front camera.

That pales in comparison to the megapixel front cameras of the Echo Show 8 and ShowI'm surprised Amazon chose to cut corners on the camera, yet charge the same price as the Echo ShowThe speakers in the Show 15 are also a downgrade compared to the larger speakers of the Show 8 andThere are the odd bugs here and there. The AI filters on my Drop In video calls sometimes froze or turned from color to black-and-white.

The oddest thing about this Echo Show 15 is that it feels incredibly non-Echo Show-y. It's a completely different look. From a design perspective, it feels like Amazon aimed for a more refined, subdued and subtle Echo experience, and if so, the company has nailed it. I have my qualms with smart displays and Alexa in general, but this version just looks nice. Not to mention that it has the best resolution of any Echo Show screen.

Looks aren't everything. Its cameras and speakers are inferior to previous models. If you're planning to use the display for video calling or streaming shows, you won't get the moving and tracking capabilities of the Echo Show 10, which costs the same.

If you placed the Echo Show 10 and 15 side by side and asked me to guess their respective price tags , I would certainly peg the Show 15 as a higher priced item based solely on design. After spending time with it, I can't think of one specific task it's better suited for than any other Echo Show, save for looking pretty on your wall and viewing video on a larger screen.

If design and screen size are your top priorities, you'll love this Echo Show. If not, there's surely another model that offers better specs for the money.

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Molly Price. Like Attractive frame design Physical camera shutter Large, high-res screen. CNET Home. Read more 4 ways your Amazon Echo can help with holiday shopping 13 Walmart deals you won't find at Amazon Best Alexa devices of

Mega City ! ))

Write a Review. They make for an easy and fun weekend project. In Stock. This windmill plan lets you build a windmill that measures 35" tall from the base to the top of the turret. Alrighty, lets get into the tutorial. This mold must be cast 20 times in order to have enough blocks to build the windmill. The windmill is a medium difficulty project.

Attractive frame design; Physical camera shutter Two rows of control bars swipe down from the top of the device in landscape mode.

Hawkins Landscape Architecture/TriadGarden

We have created a process that is educating and empowering our clients so they can feel more at ease and in control of the planning and design phase of their project. One of our main goals is that at the end of the process our clients will have all the tools they need to take the project to its next phase, choosing a contractor and executing the project. Vision To Completion is a unique residential Landscape design studio dedicated to assist homeowners in designing and planning their outdoor living spaces through a journey of realizing projects in the most realistic and relate-able way. Our designs arise from investing time upfront in truly getting to know our clients, enrolling them as our teammates, and actively co-creating and collaborating with them throughout the project. Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality service and product in a matter of days. We offer quality service, competitive pricing and the commitment to meeting the deadlines for each project using the newest technology available today. Every project is unique to us!

Landscape Design Carson City, NV

The Realtime Landscaping Architect software by Idea Spectrum is a complete set of tools for designing lawns, buildings, decks, patios, edging, retaining walls and other landscaping features. You can design complete landscapes including yards, gardens, swimming pools, ponds, decks, fences, patios, and much more. Give your plans a hand-drawn look using a wide variety of plant symbols and color washes. Add plant labels automatically using the wizard, and add a plant legend with just a few mouse clicks.

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Landscape Design Tools Online Free​

Click here for Flight Simulator United States sceneries. P3D cfg. Your help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated. O'Hare began as an airfield serving a Douglas Last updated: the 13th of December Can't find the freeware scenery you are looking for? Take a look at the commercial scenery listing: www. Other Changes in version 1.


Fetch Content. Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture - About. Learn more about the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright in this About. Read Article. A bid is a fixed price based on the landscape work to be done.

With MEGA's software platform, manage enterprise complexity for optimal business performance. and get an end-to-end view of the architecture landscape.

Mega Foodwalk Landscape / Landscape Collaboration

VizTerra gives you the power to quickly and easily design incredibly detailed, fully-interactive 3D hardscapes, landscapes, and outdoor living spaces. Official Website. Terragen is a scenery generator, created with the goal of generating photorealistic landscape images and animations.

Amazon Echo Show 15 review: Alexa gets widgets, Visual ID and a mega screen

Today, we have nearly a dozen iterations of the Echo Show, ranging from 5-inch models to the largest smart display yet: the new Echo ShowAtIt's also smarter than previous Echo Shows and designed to live somewhere no previous Echo Shows could -- your wall. Amazon took a calculated risk here, but thanks to a reasonable price, the new AZ2 chip and welcome features like widgets, that risk mostly pays off. Still, there are more capable Echo Shows out there, and for that reason it isn't the best bet for everyone.

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Outdoor Living

Discover the different types of gardening tools essential for your gardening task. We include a variety of gardening tools for digging, edging, lawn care, planting, pruning, and spraying. You can start with just the sun, good soil, and seeds. Source: Etsy. These have much shorter handles than other kinds of shovels , making them ideal for using by hand when you are close to the ground.


Search Products:. Image digitizer. As a digital photo frame and slideshow app, it provides great photo streaming experience with beautiful display and … All images are printed on Kodak Professional Endura or Fujicolor Crystal Archive Super Type PDN photo paper, which means your Prints will last well over years in a typical home display. Some allow you to make digital edits before converting, so you can see what the final product looks like before conversion, whereas others only let you make edits after digitizing the image.