Cainito fruit tree for sale

Cainito fruit tree for sale

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Southern meso-America. Initial domestication likely occurred in Panama, and it is now grown in many warm climate regions of the world. Best adapted to hot and humid tropical climates up to m with a definite dry season. An ornamental tropical tree up to 20m tall, less in cultivation, with scaly brown bark and a dense crown. It is evergreen in the tropics but semi-deciduous in cooler climates. The simple entire alternate distichous oblong-elliptic leaves, x cm, with a cm petiole are glossy green on the upper side and golden brown underneath.

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Used Star Fruit Tree for sale compared from eBay, Craigslist, Amazon,...

Round, baseball sized fruit that when cut has a core that takes on a star shape. Pulp is soft and sweet. The star apple usually comes in two forms, either the dark purple skinned variety with red-purple pulp, or the green skinned variety with clear-white pulp.

The star apple is a very popular fruit in many tropical parts of the world. Seeds are not available for the Star Apple. Please visit our seed store to view current selections. Seeds were last available in MarchDescription A medium to large sized tree from ft high. Leaves are very pretty, with a glossy green surface, and a shimmering gold velvety underside. Young trees are highly susceptible to any kind of frost or cold wind. Trees need balanced watering throughout the year.

Either by seeds, which take years to bear, or by grafting and budding, with trees coming to bear in years. Star apples are eaten fresh. The pulp is usually spooned out as to avoid the bitter tasting rind. The fresh fruit is also often added to salads, drinks, and other dishes. Native to tropical America, from the Caribbean through Central America. Occasionally grown commercially in parts of south Florida.

Buy Seeds! Home » Information » Star Apple. Seed Availability Seeds are not available for the Star Apple. Hardiness Star apples are tropical, and will not survive more than a couple of degrees of frost.

Growing Environment Young trees are highly susceptible to any kind of frost or cold wind. Propagation Either by seeds, which take years to bear, or by grafting and budding, with trees coming to bear in years. Uses Star apples are eaten fresh. All Rights Reserved. Designed by PSHelper. Join Our E-Newsletter! Argania spinosa Argan. Chrysophyllum cainito Star Apple. Chrysophyllum oliviforme Satin Leaf Tree. Chrysophyllum soboliferum Pradosia brevipes Armadillo Fruit. Manilkara bidentata, Mimusops balata Ausubo.

Manilkara huberi Massaranduba. Manilkara zapota Sapodilla. Mimusops elengi Spanish Cherry. Pouteria bullata Abiurana. Pouteria caimito Abiu. Pouteria campechiana Canistel. Pouteria gardneriana Abuai. Pouteria hypoglauca Cinnamon Apple. Pouteria lucuma Lucuma obovata Lucuma. Pouteria multiflora Bully Tree. Pouteria pachycalyx Bapeba. Pouteria pariry Frutao. Pouteria ramiflora Macaranduba. Pouteria sapota Mamey Sapote. Pouteria torta Curiola. Pouteria ucuqui Ucuqui.

Pouteria venosa Aboirana. Pouteria viridis Green Sapote. Sideroxylon foetidissimum Mastic. Sideroxylon obtusifolium Jungleplum. Synsepalum dulcificum Miracle Fruit. Synsepalum subcordatum Giant Miracle Fruit.

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Star Apples grow well in hot, humid climates like Florida and Southern California. They must have a soil pH between 5. Deep, rich soil is best. Soil that is organic, providing nutrients for quick growth is good.

Fruit Tree Consultant and Director of Phu Ho Fruit Crop Research Center for preserving fruits for home consumption and possible cottage industry sales.

Milk Fruit Plant

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Star Apple (Seedling) Fruit Live Plant

Native to West Indies and Central America. Star apple tree can grow to heights of ft. It is a beautiful tree with glossy leaves that have a silky golden color on the underside. It's firm glossy green leaves are two inches wide and 5 to seven inches long. Star Apple gets its name from the star pattern that can be seen by slicing through the fruit horizontally.

Packet contains ONE live plant.

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The "star apple" is an evergreen fruit tree native to tropical America. It grows fast and can reach a height of m ft. Foliage is very ornamental, dark green above and bright, metallic, copper-coloured beneath. More details. Condition : New. This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Quantity : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Latest units.

The fruits keep well in a fridge for up to 3 weeks. The seeds have a good viability and germinate readily and young trees can start bearing fruit after only.

Other names : Caimito, caimito-roxo, caini, cainito, golden leaf tree, abiaba, pomme de lait, estrella, and aguay. Star apple is a native of the lowlands of America. However, some botanists contest this view and are of the opinion that this fruit had originated in West Indies and then reached South America. It is basically a tropical plant.

Hau V. Doan, Thao P. Chrysophyllum cainito is a tropical fruit tree with multiple benefits to human health. Extracts from the leaves, stem bark, fruits, peel, pulp, or seed of C.

S tar apple is a fruit-bearing tree originating from the Caribbean, its native range extending along the chain of islands from Jamaica, through the Cayman Islands, Cuba and Hispaniola, to Puerto Rico. A medium-sized tree, it may reach heights of up to 30 m ft in natural forest habitats, though it is more commonly 15 to 20 m 50 to 65 ft tall.

Due to the overwhelming demand for our trees, please be advised of the following:. Full Inventory. Availability changes hourly. Fruit Tree. Achacha Tree.

What's going on with all these fruits with multiple names? It's a thing, trust me. The Caimito is a relative of the Mamey, Sapote. When you cut the skin, you can see the star pattern that gave it its name.

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