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Best indoor plants bay area

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It's not too much to ask for a plant that will be forgiving of inconsistencies and still flourish! Find success with these beautiful plants and enjoy all they have to offer! Pothos are also great at purifying the air! The Split Leaf Philodendron is an easy-going, low-maintenance plant that will tolerate low light levels but prefers medium light.

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18 Things to do on a Rainy Day in San Francisco

Luckily, there's no shortage of beautiful places to score a wicked succulent in the Bay Area, and lord knows we've whiled away many a Sunday at Flora Grubb. But just as coming upon an unexpectedly lush interior delights us every time, and as an exotic bloom on an otherwise minimalist desk can brighten a dreary workday, finding new jungle-licious moments restores our energy and give us something fresh to Instagram about.

And when we need something truly unique—a rare hybrid orchid, a deftly nurtured Japanese bonsai, or a sculptural arrangement—these local shops provide an ever curious plant-buying experience. Courtesy of Living Green. If you haven't been to the masterfully curated warehouse that is Living Green , as a plant lover, you haven't lived. Filled with all the weird and wonderful things you'd need to create an exotic garden retreat—antiques sourced from cultures and places all over the world, ceramics from the famed Gladding McBean, specialty furniture, and of course plenty of tropical foliage, you could easily spend hours wandering through the mystical indoor-outdoor showroom in Bayview, which gets bonus points for also housing the hip Guerrero Gallery.

Living Green springs from the mind of founder and landscape designer David Dalbok, who's well known in aesthetic circles for his gorgeous green spaces and vertical gardens. Bayview , livinggreen. Courtesy of Ixia. It began as a flower stand near Stonestown, but since it opened on Upper Market in , Ixia has been well known to dwellers of the Castro and beyond for its dramatically earthy windows, dressed with organic sculptures of floating branches, driftwood, soft mosses, and reeds of bamboo.

After 32 years in business, founder Gary Weiss sold the business in but its tradition remains—this is still the place for naturalists who find inspiration in curious arrangements. Of course you will also find the usual pretty blooms and tropicals—bromeliads, orchids, and anemones—as well as more modern artful takes on smaller bouquets for special occasions.

Upper Market , ixiasf. Courtesy of Utsuwa Floral Design. This ultra-zen setting has gone haywire with lush blossoms, sun-soaked bonsai, green sprigs, and branches and air plants strewn about the occasional Buddha statue. Owner and Tokyo native Hiro Hayama learned ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, from his grandmother, and bonsai techniques from his great uncle, an award-winning bonsai master.

After maintaining his shop in Tokyo's Suginami district for 12 successful years, Hayama brought his act to San Francisco inGo for the Japanese bonsais as well as a variety of cacti, orchids, and hanging plants. TenderNob , utsuwa.

Courtesy of Plants and Friends. When the much-loved Birch closed its doors, Hayes Valley was lacking for greenery. Plants and Friends opened in October with the hope of creating an experience beyond your regular ole garden center. With pastel blue walls, the space is part nursery, part home goods store with a selection of plants that will fit on your floor, coffee table, and shelves.

There are hanging varieties and pet-friendly ones too. Owner Nick Forland crafted the woodwork that supports all the roughage; there's even a potting station in the back. Hayes Valley , plantsandfriends. Courtesy of betweenballoons.

Come here for a plant, a caffeine fix, and an Instagram shot. Don't write it off as a hipster hot spot though—this place has been a fixture on Solano Avenue in Albany since the s. In , current owner Carly Dennet took over the place and gave it a makeover, though the old marquee sign remains.

Shop a variety of California native plants, unusual blooms, and, of course, a solid cup of brew from Highwire's coffee trailer.

Albany , flowerlandshop. Just south of San Francisco on Highway 1 is a hidden oasis with history. In , Herb Hager transformed an artichoke field into a state-of-the-art greenhouse to raise and hybridize orchids.

He eventually moved to Salinas, and leased the nursery to a group of artists and horticulturalists. In , Hager's Vallemar Orchids became Shelldance Nursery named for shells found in the area reminiscent of Carmen Miranda's headpieces , which quickly took on a community and environmental focus—you can take classes in meditation and yoga, and even host your wedding here.

You'll find sprawling grounds and multiple garden rooms often used for events , as well as an art gallery and gift shop. You'll be enchanted by the canopies of white moth orchids and gardens of bromeliads, gesneriads, and begonias. Benches draped in Spanish moss invite you to take a seat.

Jen Woo. There's a magnetic pull to leafy nooks—they clear our air, soothe anxiety, and help keep us focused and productive. In other words, plants make us feel better. Courtesy of Living Green Living Green If you haven't been to the masterfully curated warehouse that is Living Green , as a plant lover, you haven't lived.

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Together Fern-Ever: The Bay Area Plant Shops We Love

Understanding your climate zone and microclimate conditions are central to successful gardening. Microclimates in the San Francisco Bay Area range from cool coastal fog belts to hot inland sun belts. Fortunately, we can pinpoint conditions like climate zones Sunset Western Garden Book , plant hardiness zones U. A healthy green lawn has long been a staple of the home landscape.

A plant, house plants, indoor plant and other foliage can add more than just the humidity of a room, which helps keeps respiratory distresses at bay.

For Bay Area plant shops, business blooms amid pandemic

Make a donation. With a wide range of houseplants to choose from, you can be spoilt for choice and end up choosing the wrong plant for the wrong place. The trick is to select for the location. This narrows down the selection and ensures whatever you choose will be happy and healthy. Whether it be a bold structural statement or a delicate floral display there are house plants to suit all tastes. Houseplants have been part of our homes for centuries. The climates within our offices and houses give us the option of growing exotics plants, making places more interesting and pleasant to work or live in. There is also increasing evidence linking houseplants to purification of the air in buildings and mental wellbeing. If you are lucky enough to have a conservatory or greenhouse, see our pages on plants for cool and warm conditions.

The Top 16 Indoor Plants For Clean Air in Your Home

Our boutique in Petaluma, California stocks lush plants and eclectic gifts. Our public, private, corporate team building, and fundraiser workshops inspire creativity. If you love being known as a great gift-giver and if you dream of a having your home be an oasis of peace and beauty, we're here for you. Visit our shops in Petaluma and Sebastopol, which many locals call their favorite stores in the county, for lush houseplants, vibrant succulents, lovely gifts, and friendly folks. Come get crafty with us!

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Trailing indoor plants: vines to drape over your bookshelf

Houseplants offer an organic appeal and bring a pop of color to otherwise neutral design schemes. But placing greenery throughout your home might go beyond enhancing the aesthetic. We know plants and trees supply the earth with oxygen , which helps us breathe. While experts aren't totally aligned on the issue, an oft-cited NASA clean air study found that certain air-purifying indoor plants can provide similar benefits inside your home. Besides releasing oxygen, some shrubs might also remove VOCs volatile organic compounds like benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air.

Best Houseplants: 9 Indoor Plants for Low Light

Keeping your condo unit interior trendy and neat can be very costly especially when renovation comes along but when you love a touch of green inside your condo unit starting in your living area, the best way is to keep indoor plants at bay. Purchasing top-of-the-line furniture and ornaments can badly hurt your pockets. Eventually, you will just be buying more once it is out of style. On the other hand, buying indoor plants even you are housing the standard living area stuff can make an excessively big difference in the style, ambiance, and aesthetics of your condo design interior. What is super apparent and visible to consider upgrading will always be your welcome area for visitors or guests, the living area.

Houseplants Delivered Monthly. Plants Starting from $ with free shipping. Get 10%off House Plant box this Holiday. Use Code: HOLIDAY at checkout.

What does mindfulness with plants look like? Justina Blakeney can show you the way

We might never empathise, but our high-rise living quarters, a comfortable place of respite after gruelling work hours, is anything but a sanctuary for yet another living thing — plants. More on this in our Top Tips below. Beginner gardeners may have the tendency to pick plants based on their appearance, instead of choosing plants based on whether they can grow in the conditions specific to their home.

23 Indoor Plants for Low Light, Perfect for Brightening Up Your Home

Shopping for plants can be overwhelming. There are many options, and few of us have guides with us at the store to tell us which plants are the best choices. This is even more challenging knowing that some indoors plants are toxic, which means that picking one at random could mean running the risk of kids or pets getting sick if an accident happens. It simply takes a bit of planning to make the right selection. Today we are highlighting 12 indoor plants that are easy to care for and non-toxic; each is a safe selection for almost any living space.

From feathery ferns to spiky succulents and all the leaf varieties in between, house plants can help turn your house into a home. Even outside plants make your space feel more personal and lively.


The coronavirus pandemic has bankrupted innumerable companies, but it has also created a patchwork of winners. Food delivery services. Makers of home gym equipment. Stuck in their homes, Bay Area residents have sought light and life wherever they could, and houseplants have become a hot item. The explosion in demand has cleared shelves across the region, leaving many shops scrambling to restock. Many shop owners said best-sellers include snake plants, also known as sansevieria, a hardy, low-maintenance plant with spiky green leaves.

The Best Garden Boutiques in the Bay Area

Native to the tropics, this indoor plant superstar features large, glossy leaves. Best of all, Croton Codiaeum matches the fall season with its fabulous foliage. Croton needs warmth, humidity, and moist soil. If the air in your home is dry, provide a saucer larger than needed filled with pebbles to set your pot on.

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