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May 20, by zachmortice. There was, strictly speaking, no site. Miranda, his successor at the Los Angeles Times. Sketched and rendered with an Instagram collage aesthetic, with hearty helpings of millennial pink and teal, it looks like a ready-made boutique Airbnb offering. Image courtesy of Martin Rickles Studio. Absent site-specific context and guidance, Rickles was able to draw on the history of Los Angeles landscape design from the late Ruth Shellhorn.

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The urbanist with a plan for the LA River

We also assist with consultations on garden lifestyle, furnishings and appointments. Benner serves a broad range of clients and enjoys the challenges of maximizing aesthetic potential in small garden gems as much as she enjoys both the broad brush strokes and complexities of estate scale garden design and construction.

Benner brings a thorough knowledge of plants of varying color foliage, flower color, texture and form to her plant palette, as well as a current sensibility and sophisticated chic to timeless design. Benner Landscape Design strives to establish a spirit of collaboration, not just in developing the greatest possible outdoor space for our client, but working in harmony with the site itself to create the most beautiful, sustainable, long-lasting landscape.

The firm is sensitive to site appropriate design and is highly knowledgeable about sustainable landscape practices including drought tolerant planting, low water-use irrigation, low impact development and responsible paving approaches, water reclamation methods and systems, organic gardening and green roof design. We have designed landscapes in cities across California that require stringent, drought tolerant design.

Bringing a garden to life requires an on-going dialogue with our clients, and ultimately, effectively translating visual inspiration into built form. As a landscape firm, we create beautiful, comfortable, well-integrated outdoor experiences. Our clients want their gardens to look beautiful, and their outdoor living spaces to remain inviting and comfortable though all four seasons, which requires a level of ingenuity in structuring and detailing gardens to look their best, even in the spare days of winter.

Having worked as a Management Consultant and in staff positions at several Fortune companies, Ms. Benner brings a strong background in administration, a high degree of professionalism, a keen eye to budgets, and a well-honed approach to balancing project costs and benefits. Benner is committed to achieving beautiful, inspired, high quality projects in a cost effective, efficient and value-driven way.

Landscape Design and Architecture in Beverly Hills, CA

Photo courtesy of Jude Parkinson Morgan. It seems that this year has been quite tree-centric. Everyone has been up in arms about the massive fires destroying the Amazon. A similar situation is happening here as we willingly cut down masses of mature trees for new construction, without any thought of creatively building around them.

Greetings from Exoticus Botanicus Landscape Design! Locally owned and operated in Los Angeles, California, we are your friendly neighborhood.

Landscape Design & Build + Estate Gardening

Inner Gardens is led by Stephen Block, celebrity landscape designer and antiques dealer. Stephen is guided by the principle of wabi-sabi, the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. He embraces vintage and antique designs as well as aged reproductions that transform garden spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. One day I knew nothing and the next day I knew everything. Stephen Block provides Los Angeles with one of the most unique and distinctive locations for those who love and choose to live outdoors. Stephen hand selects pieces and plant material from all over the world and curates them within a garden oasis where one can easily lose sense of time and space. Inner Gardens has inspired me since the day it opened.

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Landscape and design is our passion here at RainforestLA, Inc. With over 20 years of experience in creating beautiful landscape designs, we believe that beauty is in the details. Contact us today! You might be looking for a complete remodel of your backyard space or to minimally update your patio corner.

Eden Condensed provides garden design and installation services that result in beautiful, bountiful, and intimate gardens in the greater Los Angeles area.

Best Landscape Designers In LA

Jump to navigation. The Los Angeles Conservancy is a c 3 nonprofit organization. You are here Home. Photo courtesy Jocelyn Gibbs. Photo courtesy Architectural Resources Group. Boyd Georgi.

Sustainable Landscapes

Award-winning landscape design firm, Dirt Diva Designs would love to transform your outdoor garden environment into an oasis of personal enjoyment. Our goal is to custom design a space that uniquely expresses who you are, allowing you to do all the things that you enjoy most. Extend your living from the inside to the outside and get the maximum enjoyment possible from the land you live on. Artfully combining beauty and function, a Dirt Diva designed garden will allow you to live in your outdoor space like you never have before, at the same time enhancing the value of your property. This California homeowner had very fond memories of her younger years spent living in Arizona and dreamed for over 30 years of creating her own Southwest garden. Approximately 5, square feet of turf were replaced with low water use plants.

FormLA Landscaping believes authentic beauty can save LA, so we are bringing it, one optimally sustainable landscape at a time. Design+Build, Maintenance.

Grand Park

Flores Artscape creates award-winning landscape designs that will give your home instant curb appeal and value. With an experienced team of artists, landscapers and builders; we help bring your vision to fruition. Flores Artscape provides the highest quality landscaping services because we take great pride in what we do and have done for over 10 years. As part of our commitment to each and every client, we go above and beyond by ensuring reliable, professional service every step of the way.

To create a better California, these landscape architects design inclusive public spaces for all

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This is the third installment in our four-part, water-sensitive landscape design WSLD series. This landscape is designed to provide a passive capture system and keep rain on site. Photo: Philip Otto Photography. As drought conditions become the new normal, we may have to significantly reduce or eliminate use of potable water for irrigation, and plan for the day when there may not be enough water to sustain the landscape. The days are over when the responsibility to address the worst-case scenario can be passed on to the client or maintenance provider.

USC landscape architecture students are working with community organizations throughout Los Angeles on projects that could improve the lives of unsheltered Angelenos.


Sustainably Beautiful. Garden Design. As a garden designer, I create habitats for plants and people to live in harmony with each other, the larger ecosystem, and the watershed. Handbooks, Blog, Press. My garden design blog explores current landscape, outdoor living and environmental issues.

Landscape Design Minor

Our landscaping plans are custom fitted to accommodate your personal preferences, and are comprised of beautifully crafted, original, and thoughtful solutions for your project. We have heard time and again how our garden designs have changed the way people live, how they relate to their environments, and how much they enjoy their surroundings. Consultations View Portfolio. We offer project planning, design, and management of your new water-wise and low maintenance sustainable landscaping.

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