San francisco native garden plants

San francisco native garden plants

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Spend a portion of your Bay Area getaway finding and identifying some of the incredible California native plants. There are over 2, native plants throughout the state of California that range from shrubs to annuals. There are plenty of places to find these unique plants all over the state. Whether you enjoy a midday stroll or take a dip in the intimate garden jacuzzi, surrounding yourself with the immaculate plant life will leave you with some incredible memories.

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Where to Buy Native Plants - SF Bay Area

These gardens provide opportunities to see a wide variety of native plants throughout the year. Across the street from Oakglen Way, San Jose. A beautiful selection of mature and new native plant gardens. Many of the plants are labelled. Extensive collection of chaparral shrubs and plants.

Plants are labelled. This acre site was saved from development in and is the only dedicated natural open space in the City of Santa Clara. The always-open Berger Native Demonstration Garden showcases a range of drought-tolerant California native plants. It's a great example of what a lawn-replacement project might look like.

The garden was created in FallThis 4 acre parcel includes a a thriving Native Garden. The Water Wise Garden always open to the public includes many California native plants. The overall design of the garden is to maintain a wildlands look and to provide wildlife habitat. It includes a large area of hummingbird sage Salvia spathacea , California Buckeye, Western Redbud Fremont's Cottonwood and many others.

Elizabeth F. This garden includes a. This very appealing garden is in front of the Unitarian Universalist Church; part of the garden was done in and contains mature plants, the other part was done in and contains much younger plants.

The garden was designed with wildlife habitat in mind, and attracts various birds. On the area of about 20 by feet, a couple dozen of carefully selected species of low-growing shrubs e. Stevens Creek Trail , Mountain View. New landscaping is all natives. Plants include ceanothus, iris, fremontodendrons, elderberry, sages, native roses, buckeye, alder, and sycamore. Landscaping starts at La Avenida off Shoreline, where there's a trailhead , then follows Stevens Creek for about a mile south to Central Expressway.

Native garden next to the Historic Schoolhouse. Mixed planting of drought tolerant species includes many California natives. This big, well-designed, and well-labeled native plant garden by the San Carlos City Hall is right between the library parking lot and the dog park.

One area has a focus on hummingbird-attracting plants and includes hummingbird sage, manzanita, and monkeyflower. A second area is for pollinators and includes coyote mint, yarrow, and milkweed. A part-shade area shows off ferns and native iris. The garden in the back of the library is composed entirely of California native plants. It is open to the public during library hours: Mon-Thu ; Fri-SatIt is maintained by the Woodside-Atherton Garden Club. There is a brochure with a map of the different plants.

Regional Parks Botanic Garden. Tilden Park, Berkeley. The largest collection of California native plants, with plenty to excite the native gardener. A section of this city park called "California Wild" is devoted to California natives. West Valley College. California native plants dominate the grounds at the West Valley College campus in Saratoga.

Native Hill at Foothill College. Begun in by former faculty member Robert Will as a teaching aid for students, this small patch of land grew to house species within one acre of land.

Cheeseman Environmental Study Area. Over species of native plants representing 12 natural communities. Planted in the mids, this 4, sq.

It was maintained by the Natural History Club. Mission College. New plantings of natives. A California Native Garden at Stanford. Stanford University, Palo Alto. Designed by Meg Webster and installed in , this garden replaced a lawn that was surrounded by redwoods, giant sequoias and coast live oaks.

Gardens associated with schools may not be open to the public. Please contact the school for information about visiting. Cherry Chase Elementary School. A small native plant garden is located on a piece of land right next to the street. Osborne Nature Area at Peterson. A 2-acre site planted in with native plants from eight biotic communities.

Hacienda Environmental Science Magnet School. A 1-acre site planted in , contains redwood forest, oak woodland, chaparral, grassland, streamside and pond habitats. The garden covers 3. The Garden is an ideal setting for learning about native plants and how they may be used in home gardens and other landscape projects. Larner Seeds Demonstration Garden. A 1-acre site planted in with plants from several biotic communities.

Definitely worth a visit. Tue, Thu , SatWinter home of migrating monarch butterflies. Worth a visit for the dune restoration project. The plant nursery includes a square-foot greenhouse, which grows more than , plants, representing 25 native species for transplantation on the grounds. Send your comments and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Public Gardens of Native Plants Details Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 November These gardens provide opportunities to see a wide variety of native plants throughout the year.

Colleges West Valley College. Schools Gardens associated with schools may not be open to the public.

Pollinator and Native Plant Gardens in San Francisco

Gardens , Plants , Palms. Featured plants, from left: queen palm, Acacia cognata , Yucca elephantipes, Dicksonia large ferns. We all know San Francisco has lots of fabulous quirks, and the climate is one of the weirdest. For visitors and newcomers, our weather can be a puzzle, but for plant nerds like all of us here at Flora Grubb Gardens , this particular puzzle is what makes San Francisco a gardening paradise. Plants that might never find themselves communing anywhere else in the world make happy neighbors here in our gardens, and the weird weather is the reason why.

Growing California Native Plants, Second Edition Expanded and Updated. by Marjorie G. Schmidt —San Francisco Chronicle Designing a Native Garden.

Native Plant Communities

First Required. Last Required. Email: Required. If you respond and have not already registered, you will receive periodic updates and communications from Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. Learn more about individual native plants found in the Golden Gate National Parks and grown in our nurseries for restoration projects. Have you seen a beautiful wildflower while in the park and want more information about it? We have over species of plants native to these Parks Recreation Area. Here we have information on many of the wildflowers and plants you will see along the trails in the park, and ones we have used to restore habitats and plant communities throughout the Parks. Below is just a sample of what you might see. Click on the name of a plant scientific name followed by common name to go to a page with a picture of the plant and information about it:.

Plants and Landscapes For Summer-Dry Climates

Jump to navigation. While our summers are not always warm, they are dry. We suggest using the drought-tolerant and low-maintenance plants in this list to add color to your garden while still helping to conserve water. For more information about landscaping with drought-tolerant plants contact the Garden for the Environment.

Select the links below to learn more about plant communities.

Native Plants through a Modern Lens

Conservation Nursery Tom Florence, W. A list of available plants is posted on our website. Brochure available. We also have access to nursery pots and information on growing oaks. We offer rare and endemic Bay Area natives, but also carry choice native species from across the state of California -- a selection of distinctive and little-known wild plants for the urban landscape.

Gardening and Horticulture

San Francisco, CAHundreds of our customers already enjoy the benefits of being a Green Thumb Member, and you can, too! Our Selection. No Round Up here! Flowercraft boasts an impressive array of natural and organic products, from potting soil and soil amendments to environmentally safe solutions to pest problems that have the "Our Water Our World" stamp of approval. Apples and oranges and figs, oh my! Throughout the year, we offer delicious varieties of dwarf citrus and other fruit trees.

In this month's SF Chronicle column (which will appear December 13, California Native Plants for the Garden, Burnstein, Fross, O'Brien.

Follow SloatGardens on Instagram. See full details. Gift cards are available at all Sloat Garden Center locations.

Those that are native to and still occur in San Francisco County. These species are the best for supporting local wildlife since the local plants and animals have coevolved for millennia. Over species of local native plants remain in San Francisco. Click on the links to the different City Lists below and then proceed to filter those lists for various habitat and other sustainability variables. These lists include many habitat-friendly species of plants. You can use the Plant Finder for this list.

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Jump to navigation. More information » Achillea 'Terra Cotta' yarrow A green leafed yarrow with umbels of soft, two toned terra cotta colored flower heads late spring through summer. Drought tolerant, full sun, it can be used as a lawn substitute or in meadows. Good as a cut or dried flower. Shear back mid season to reinvigorate. More information » Achillea borealis island pink yarrow An attractive greenleafed yarrow from the Channel Islands, the umbels open dusky rose then fade slowly to pale pink, colors that combine nicely. This yarrow blooms over a longer period than most, usually from May through summer.

Whether you're looking for a nice quiet spot to read a book or in search of some awe-inspiring nature, Golden Gate Park features a wide array of gardens, groves, lakes and meadows for you to enjoy, each with its own distinct character and charm. Conservatory of Flowers John F. Kennedy Drive Map It. It houses some 1, species of aquatic and tropical plants, many of them rare, including a year-old giant Imperial philodendron, a world-renowned collection of orchids, giant water lilies, and carnivorous plants.