Rock walls & landscapes by design

Rock walls & landscapes by design

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We install both basalt dry-stack rock walls as well as large boulder rock walls. Natural basalt rock walls are characteristic of landscapes here in the Northwest. They are made by carefully stacked and chelated basalt rock to form a beautiful and natural rock retaining wall. When constructed properly, they are actually quite strong.

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Gray Rock Hill

Our team of professionals have been delivering exceptional results for more than 25 years, and our constant flow of new and repeat clients stands as a testament to our ability.

RJM Landscaping designers work closely with our clients throughout Western Mass to Boston from the initial consultation to the final walk-through of the finished project. We can create a plan that meets every detail, budget, and expectation. RJM Landscaping offers a wide range of landscape construction services to enhance the beauty of your surroundings.

Whether residential or commercial, extensive design and hardscaping elements of natural stone work, retaining walls, and concrete paver driveways and walkways can be implemented into your custom design.

Your home or business will become an outdoor showcase for your family and friends! Do you want to install a fire pit, pizza oven, or a new stone patio that will make a beautiful addition to your backyard? Call RJM Landscaping. From a small fire pit to full patio reconstruction with stone walkways, retaining walls, and outdoor ovens, the experts at RJM Landscaping can help you install custom-designed stone masonry for an elegant touch to your home.

Our expert team gives personal attention to every project in hand and ensures you have a beautiful, functional outdoor space that meets the safety standards of your neighborhood. Contact us today for your free consultation! Landscape Design. Landscape Construction. Stone Masonry. Excavating and Site Work. Learn more about Landscape Design. Learn more about Landscape Construction. Request your free consultation today! Learn more about Stone Masonry.

Landscaping Rocks

Whether it's a porch roof or pergola, our staff of craftsmen use the finest materials, and endless design possibilities. We strive to keep you on the cutting edge of design possibilities for patios walkways, decorative retaining walls, and more! Adding a tranquil water feature to your garden landscape amplifies the beauty, style and relaxation of your garden! Choosing the "right plant" is important! We'll help choose plants that are low maintenance and pest resistant.

We included natural cascading water features, a patio with retaining wall landscaping that doubles as seating, a new grape arbor and easier access to the.

Native Retreat

In this article, we will be discussing one of our most popular services, retaining walls, which we offer to clients on the Sunshine Coast. This service is a crucial element to your property but also serves as a pleasing visual interest in your landscape. A retaining wall is a popular structural feature within a landscape that not only has a specific and important purpose, but is also aesthetically pleasing, can be customised to your overall theme and adds structure to your garden. A retaining wall is specifically designed to hold up ground which would otherwise drift down and to support soil. These structures prevent soil erosion, maximise usable space by allowing for shelves of flat land on an otherwise sloping property, and can help define areas within your landscape. Retaining walls are also one of many aspects of landscaping which add can value to your property due to creating usable land and protecting your property. Masonry link block walls are made of blocks which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and can be straight or curved. The blocks also come in a variety of colours including black, charcoal, sandstone and more. These walls have a very long longevity.

Rocks, Walls, Stairs

Over the years, there has been a continued trend toward more naturalistic landscaping with the use of large rocks and boulders. It can require specialized equipment and a lot of maneuvering. Blanchford Landscape Group based in Bozeman, Montana, has always used a lot of boulders and large stone slabs in their designs. In their Southwest Montana location, these types of additions really fit the region. But Garden Designer Mason Shaffer says that the investment in a pneumatic paver lifter has made these large rocks much easier to manage.

Figure 1: Heiau in Hawaii built with basalt. They play a vital role in preventing landslides, floods and avalanches, and in combating erosion and desertification of the land, enhancing biodiversity and creating adequate microclimatic conditions for agriculture.

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From initial planning to project completion, our team of landscape designers, project managers, and landscaping construction specialists will work together to deliver creative and quality results for your investment property. Our goal is to bring your landscape dreams to reality by offering a total landscape package. From adding needed curb appeal to a residence or a complete transformation of a corporate campus, no job is too small or too large for our creative landscape design team. Creating landscapes that meet your needs and exceed your expectations is our specialty. Our professional maintenance team is committed to protecting your landscape investment and providing year-round expert care to keep your property looking sharp, well-kept, and lush.

Beautifully Built Retaining Walls

Landscape Design. Landscape Maintenance. Thank you South Sound for this fun event! It is a high end lifestyle, quarterly print and digital magazine with powerful writing and appealing images, serving their readers as a guide to the best of the area. This home has a large but very steep back yard with a grand view of the Puyallup Valley and Mount Rainier.

Meyer Landscape designs and builds patios, walks, walls, outdoor living areas, water features, fire pits, irrigation systems and outdoor lighting systems.

Each block is manufactured with an interlocking design for easy installation and enhanced security. Manufactured to hold back a lot of earth, Rib Rock units are the perfect solution for demanding projects that require lasting strength and enhanced durability. These engineered walls are used in a variety of applications including right-of-way restrictions, protection of existing structures that must remain in place, grade separations, new highway embankment construction, roadway widening, stabilization of slopes, protection of environmentally sensitive areas, staging, and temporary support including excavation or underwater construction support.

Presented by the National Association of Landscape Professionals in partnership with. Originally used for retaining slopes, rock gabion walls have been cropping up everywhere from garden walls, planters and benches, to the walls of outdoor rooms. Take a look at these 8 elegant ideas for incorporating a gabion wall into your landscape. Tiered planting. Functioning both as retaining walls for the gentle slope and as an architectural feature of the landscape, these gabion walls in Central Texas hit it just right for a contemporary farm look. The curve of the gabion walls bordering both an upper orchard and lower veggie patch emphasize the subtle grade change of the property, while the gray stones filling the walls tie in visually with the metal of the barn.

We are an award-winning landscape design firm that takes a holistic approach to landscape development, architecture, and on-going maintenance.

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Stone walls have been used to create borders and protect them from hillside erosion for hundreds of years. But today, in addition to being functional, stone walls can add incredible interest and beauty to landscapes. Local or imported stones can add natural color that contrasts flora and fauna and can even be used to incorporate artistic patterns.