Full spectrum led grow lights for indoor plants

Full spectrum led grow lights for indoor plants

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Full spectrum led grow lights for indoor plants can cost hundreds of dollars. Focused spectrum grow lights (4 to 8 watts), on the other hand, cost less than $100 and come with bulb life times of 50,000 hours and more, often much more. The bulb life time is calculated by the life time of the LED bulb multiplied by the number of watts it draws.

So if you can change out your bulbs every 60,000 hours (the normal LED bulb life time, with a 25 watt LED bulb and all the other hardware), you’re buying 25 x 60,000, which is around 2,500 hours for one year of growth. And the lower wattage is much more efficient so this also saves on your electricity bill.

Get A Grow Light Right Now

The greatest value of focused spectrum LED grow lights are their value. Even if you are growing plants indoors and want to use a regular T5 HPS bulb, you can still get a good LED version and save money.

LED grow lights are actually getting cheaper every year. Just like the cell phone industry did with high end phones and now low end phones, more manufacturers are entering the market and creating new, affordable, and more efficient lighting technologies.

Focus spectrum led grow lights are just one of the new technology that we will soon see enter the market. For now, let us keep our eye on the LED grow light market. We will inform you of the newest LED grow light technology in the near future and maybe, one day soon, we can get a pure spectrum grow light.

Until then, you can get your LED grow light today and see for yourself just how effective a LED grow light can be. You can start growing right away and get results within a short period of time.

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