Landscape design pasadena ca

Landscape design pasadena ca

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Landscape design pasadena ca 90709

Landscape design pasadena ca 90709

Charge for this support is a regular cost. Many landscapers bill the price of design and execution based upon the square foot of lawn that is designed. For example, they might bill you for $7.00 per linear foot.

Your Service Charge will be decided based upon the following: The type and amount of Work you are requesting, and any agreed upon site modifications The Area of the Yard/Driveway/Walkway The Financial Negotiations you will have regarding your Yard/Driveway/Walkway Before being invoiced, we will work closely with you to properly design and execute the yard of your dreams.

We are just a phone call away (even on weekends!). If you are in need of a Service Request, or simply have a Question, Call Us. We love answering our own calls.

You will have many questions when it comes to Landscape Design and you should be well aware of our answers. We strongly believe our website should be your first port of call. Not only do we want to help you but we also want to send you to our Largest Competitor, Nationally! As it stands, you may find our company to be a cheaper alternative. However, this is never a true reflection of the quality of our service.

Regardless, you will still be charged the same, just from a different company!

Our company was established in 1990. To be totally honest, we do not look to the future as a company that will grow. We are happy with what we have today and don’t feel that much would be lost if we didn’t “increase our level of service” or be “more competitive”.

Whatever your landscape needs may be, we are a licensed California Lawn Care Company in every State of the US. Feel free to contact us today to have your questions answered.

By clicking “Accept Now” below, you agree that we may contact you by phone or text, regarding our services and content.

It is our responsibility to ensure that your installation is done in the most professional manner possible. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at any time. If you find our pricing to be a little too high, contact us about creating a custom plan.


In the event that a home owner has contracted a landscape contractor, we require the final invoice to be submitted before we begin to execute a job. In an effort to save our clients money, we request that the contractor supply an itemized listing of all materials, labor and any other costs involved in the project. This allows us to determine whether our client is being under charged for a project or an item not being mentioned at all.


Landscape Design Cost

In The State of California it is mandatory to obtain a License to perform as a Landscape Contractor. No company can be employed to do any Contracting for you without a valid license.

We have paid thousands of dollars in fines to the State of California for failing to have a proper License and continue to fight this unfair penalty.

There are three types of California licenses available for landscape companies.

We have opted to work with the mid range license for our Company. This means we can perform any landscaping work, without having to procure a specific specialty license.

If you wish to have a Larger Landscape Company design your yard or do a General Contractor job for you. It is necessary to have the Designer License and the General Contractor license to properly do any work on your property.

If you live in Pasadena and you want us to design

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