Indoor plants for sale perth

Indoor plants for sale perth

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Indoor plant lovers alert, I think Perth might have hit the jackpot with a plant sale sure to spark an interest, or consume your passion. Keeping true to their uber-hip Melbourne reputation, The Jungle Collective national plant sale specialists are setting up shop in one of Perth's snazziest spaces, The Old Pickle Factory, in West Perth. This "Jungle Party" will take place on June 9 and 10 from 9am. It's a ticketed event, but don't worry, tickets are free and are put in place just to keep the zen amongst the aspiring botanists.

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Large Indoor Plants - Perth Indoor Plants

Discover our stunning range online at Spotlight. At Spotlight, customers can find a variety of artificial plants for their home. A common question we receive is what the benefits of artificial plants compared to natural plants are. Below, we have provided our customers with an overview of the benefits, so be sure to read through them if you are considering getting some artificial plants to liven up your home.

One of the biggest benefits of artificial plants is the fact they are not subject to seasonal changes. Natural plants can be affected from a change from summer to fall, but artificial plants always remain their cheerful and good-looking self. Plant lovers who had some natural plants in their home may have experienced the seasonal change problem. During the transition of seasons, your plants may start to shed their leaves or change their appearance all-together. Naturally, this seasonal change has an impact on your interior too!

Fortunately, you can easily eliminate the problem by replacing them with some artificial plants once your natural plants should be replaced. Another big benefit of artificial plants is that they require a lot less care and maintenance than natural plants.

While natural plants must be watered and trimmed regularly, such maintenance is not necessary with artificial plants. Of course, artificial plants will require some degree of maintenance from time to time. For example, the leaves of artificial plants can gather dust after a long period. So, make sure to quickly dust the leaves of the plant to make it seem as lively as the day you purchased it.

Some Australians have a place in their home or office they would love to put a plant in, but they find that this spot lacks some required factors such as sunlight and air. With an artificial plant, this is no longer a problem, since artificial plants do not require access to air, water, and sunlight at all!

When you choose artificial plants, you do not have to worry about some of the harmful elements that could affect natural plants. One prime example of such elements are insects, which can invade your natural plants and even your home! Since artificial plants do not have to be watered, you do not have to worry about other problems such as rotting plant trunks. Even if you have the worst luck with plants in your home, artificial plants are strong, durable, and remain unaffected by factors that would otherwise damage natural plants.

The last benefit of artificial plants is also a major one! Artificial plants are perfect for home owners who are passionate about their home's interior, since these plants can be moved wherever and whenever you want. When you have some natural plants in your home, moving them is not always that evident.

Moving natural plants could cause damage to the plant itself, so most people often find themselves leaving the plant as it is without being happy with it. Fortunately, an artificial plant does not provide you with this problem, since you can put it in a different plant pot or location whenever you please! Are you convinced about the benefits of artificial plants? Be sure to check out the available artificial plants at Spotlight and begin your own collection at home today!

Need some help finding the perfect choices for your interior? Do not hesitate to contact our team for some assistance. Remove all filters. Filter 0. Botanica Artificial Areca Palm Tree.

Botanica Artificial Bamboo. Botanica Fiddle Leaf. Botanica Artificial Bay Tree. Botanica Artificial Dieffenbachia.

Botanica Jumbo Fiddle Leaf Plant. Botanica Upward Artificial Fern. Botanica Jumbo Banana Plant. Botanica Banana Leaf Plant. Botanica Cherry Blossom Tree. Botanica Onion Grass. Botanica Planter Pot. Botanica Artificial Philendron Potted Plant.

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Indoor Plants

Known for her party-like plant sales around Australia, Linda is always on the prowl for the next big thing in the planting world. Below she names her top three hard-to-find indoor plants of for serious collectors:. This species has been a phenomenon for some time. It is a natural freak of nature with a cell mutation that occurs one in every plants to create beautiful white marbling throughout its famous Swiss cheese-like leaves.

Perth's largest range of Succulents, Cacti, Rare Palms & Cycads. Visit Wattleup Plant Nursery, wander through our spectacular gardens and chat with our.

Perth - Huge Indoor Plant Warehouse Sale - Plants + Pups + Pets!

If you live in a metro zone, your order qualifies for free shipping! Orders placed will be delivered in January - Learn more. Premium quality plants and pots delivered. GreenHouse Co. We help plant people build jungles that last. Our happy, healthy plants have been reared with love and potted to perfectly fit in our unique pot range. These magnificent works of nature remove toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air and replace it with nice and fresh oxygen.

Perth Indoor Jungle Festival

Create a calming sanctuary at home by adding a burst of greenery to your interior space. Indoor plants have been known to improve air quality, boost your mood and reduce stress. Explore our range of indoor plants from small desktop sizes through to large indoor feature trees. We pride ourselves on our personalised customer service and inspirational plant displays.

Utilise mother nature to purify the air and bring your living spaces alive.

Home of Houseplants Notice

The plants look gorgeous! They are lovely, strong and healthy looking. Are you looking to buy plants online in Perth? We have a wide range of plants to suit all t ypes of garden conditions. And, we deliver right to your door.

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The Echeveria Lotus is beautifully elegant with a light green heart and a natural purple gradient. It makes a pretty addition to any home. As it's a succulent plant it should be watered sparingly - it thrives on neglect! If you wish to pot yours up we do have a wide range of pots on our website to choose from. This low growing Pilea has very small, silver-blue leaves. It's perfect for a terrarium as it loves high humidity, stays small and will creep and climb around your scenery. Also makes a great hanging and trailing house plant and will tolerate a variety of conditions as long as not in hot sun. It's easy to create a tropical feel with this impressive house plant, as the rich green paddle-shaped leaves are a really generous size.

John Cole's Nursery offers retail plant and garden supplies at wholesale prices in Banjup, Perth Western Australia. Camellia and Azalea specialists.

Huge Indoor Plant Warehouse Sale

We are now closed for the season! Thanks for your awesome support and Happy Holidays All! See you in March !

Easy Decor: Small Monstera Adansonii in White

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Of all the ways to zhoosh up your place and generally lift the mood, a bit of greenery is right up there. House plants are a vital connection to nature however tenuous and many species even purify the air. And treated well, plants grow and improve over time, rather than gradually falling apart like everything else you own. Shop for new indoor plants at these spots — from chic, tiny homewares stores to sprawling, multi-acre nurseries. This former diesel warehouse is now a thriving community hub, home to nine small businesses.

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Perth’s best quality artificial trees, flowers and floral arrangements.

Christmas Closure: We will be closed from 23rd December and will re-open on the 10th January. Empire Wholesale Nursery has over 20 years experience in the nursery industry. Our staff include some of the best growing minds in the country and we are proud of our attention to detail in producing premium indoor plants, perennials and succulents, including rare and new varieties. First Name. Last Name. What do you need help with? Empire Wholesale is an award-winning wholesale production nursery, specialising in premium indoor plants and succulents.

5 to try: Plants

Over 35 nurseries will fill Langley Park full of the best plants and flowers in the state's largest plant market. With new release varieties and garden favorites there is sure to be everything your garden needs Don't miss out on special event only discounts and offers! May 5th - May 8th