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It's the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and that means spending more time indoors as the weather starts to cool off, but also enjoying the beautiful and colorful landscape. In order to get you in the mood for Fall we have selected our favorite 10 influencers who are all about using plants, flowers, gardening and much more to spark up their life and bring in a good mood. Feel free to check them out, get inspiration and use these beautiful bits of nature throughout your own home or garden. TikTok: K followers. Nanda is a German content creator whose passions lie within photography, vintage decorations, and naturally DIY.

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22 Animals You Absolutely Need to Follow on Instagram

Dracaena is a large group of about species of succulent shrubs and trees that tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions. It is an ornamental houseplant that is grown both outdoors and indoors in subtropical climates. Howsoever the dracaena indoor houseplant is the most common houseplant which is liked by dracaena plant care. With minimal maintenance, Dracaena plants are attractive, hardy, and make a great addition to the interiors of the house or offices.

You can place them very easily on a tabletop, balcony, windowsill, or any other place you like. The collection of dracaena can surprisingly enhance the beauty of your house as some of the best dracaena varieties are Ribbon Plant, Florida beauty, Madagascar Dragon tree, Lucky bamboo, Janet Craig, Song of India, and Snake plant. With various sizes and colors, you can choose the perfect alternative suitable to your space. Below are some tips available for dracaena plant care.

Dracaenas can reach a height of 2 feet to 10 feet. So if you are keeping them indoors, trim regularly to maintain the proper size required for your space. These plants are easily manageable and require low maintenance. So if you are a greenery lover, undoubtedly plant the beautiful dracaena plants indoor to enhance the look of your home.

But beware, dracaena plants are toxic for pets. Visit here to buy dracaena plants in India. Howsoever the dracaena indoor houseplant is the most common houseplant which is liked by dracaena plant Care.

Below are some tips available for dracaena plant care.. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Its designer foliage has stunning color patterns which surely makes them a good eye-catcher and becomes the focal point of the room. It grows at its best under a warm, near-tropical climate. They tolerate low light, require minimal Dracaena plant care, and are easy to grow. While some plants have glossy bright green leaves with red edges or yellow stripes, few have pale yellow leaves and shiny green leaves with different shapes.

These plants also serve as the best air purifiers and are effective at removing the VOCs and toxic substances from the air. Below are some tips available for dracaena plant care Propagation of Plants.

Watering Plants. Fertilizing Plants. Maintenance and Pruning. How to Care for a Dracaena Houseplant? How to Care for Succulents Indoor Plant? Leave your comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Inside the Homes of Instagram’s Top “Plantfluencers”

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Best & trending hashtags for #plants. Use them on ✓ Instagram ✓ TikTok ✓ YouTube.

An Engineer’s approach to house plants

Whether you are using your smartphone or a full on camera with interchangeable lenses to snap your plant pics, you need to spend some time playing with the settings, trying different combinations, taking photos in a variety of light situations and making adjustments as necessary. Some smartphones can adjust well to scenes with little or harsh light whereas others can not. On the other hand, not enough light will result in blurry, out of focus or dull photos. If you have a large window that you can set your plants up next for photos, then you have a winner! Soft, bright side lighting creates gentle contrast on your plant and helps the plant look more 3D less flat. Try to avoid photographing when there is strong light behind the plants or at night. The flash creates a dull photo with unnatural colours and makes it look flat. If you need extra light you can set up a large white board foamboard - you can purchase this from your local art shop or large stationery store next to your set-up to bounce existing natural light back onto your plants. We love Snapseed for editing our pics on the go, and Pixlr if you prefer to work on a laptop or desktop.

We have moved …

Can be made using clear push pins , clear Command strips or clear light clips. Are you also a houseplant fan? Since my insta-feed is becoming a jungle, I thought I should share my best Plants-tagram accounts to follow for plant inspiration, plant care advice or for a repost as of JanuaryLet me know your favorites and the ones I missed in the comments.

Life is better with plants, and so is your Instagram feed. Alessia at apartmentbotanist has an absolutely stunning Instagram feed with a mix of close-ups, apartment scenes, and top notch humor on letter boards.

Meet Singapore’s O.G. Indoor Plant Superfans

In this super cute account, Anne and her kitten who live in Barcelona, Spain, are determined to build their urban jungle and share their gorgeous plants to their followers and the rest of the world. Based in Paris, Justine has turned to Instagram to share her passion for plants and has made it her mission to show plants in their full glory as well as share tips on how to care for them. With beautiful plant images and some excellent decorating ideas, this is an account worth following. The Boys With Plants Instagram feed will give you stunning pictures of plants…with boys. If you need design ideas and inspiration, then Tropica Loco is the page to follow. This account showcases some of the most beautiful tropical plants that are used to the warmer climates of the south.

Best Plant Captions and Quotes for Instagram

The Covid Pandemic has sparked the interest of people in gardening all over again! If you are wondering about the plants which got the most attention on social media, then have a look at these Most Liked Indoor Plant Pictures of on Instagram! A post shared by brad canning leafy. A post shared by Fairyblooms fairyblooms. A post shared by Erin Harding cleverbloom.

Luckily there's a great selection of plant shops in Bristol where you your plant addiction and understand how to care for your plants.

5 IG shops for first-time plant parents on a budget

With over 95 million photos and million stories uploaded to Instagram every day, the platform has quickly become one of the best places to find inspiring ideas and free information on just about any subject. And for home gardeners, social media presents the unique opportunity to draw inspiration from others by getting to peek inside their homes and backyard gardens. Baker Creek Seeds is a Missouri-based heirloom seed company that distributes to over a million gardeners across the country each year.

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Australian House and Garden. To celebrate all things green and serene, we have rounded up 10 Instagrammers you should follow for your daily dose of greenspo. They specialise in weddings and events. You may have spotted their handiwork of the latest season of Married At First Sight ; they supplied bouquets for the two Melbourne weddings. Ivy Muse is a botanical wares studio based in Melbourne. Creative friends Alana and Jacqui design beautiful, functional plant stands and are driven by a commitment to encourage creativity with greenery.

In the digital world we live in today, anyone and everyone can become Instagram-famous — including your pets! In fact, some of the social media app's most-followed accounts actually belong to animals , and as so-called "pet influencers," they're total pros at bringing in all the likes while being absolutely adorable, to boot.

Our curated selection of plants, herbs and pots, a collection is designed to extend your gardening experience to the outdoors. We are here to help you transform your balcony or courtyard with our new range of curated Collections. Let us help you embrace your plant love. With studios and stores in Melbourne and Sydney, we promote positive and open conversations around gardening. Through our outposts we hope to inspire you to nurture greenery in your home and help motivate a greener city.

All rights reserved. Maranta , Monstera and Sansevieria. These words might sound like spells straight out of a Harry Potter novel. But in reality, they are some of the hottest plant names in the burgeoning green movement of homeowners cultivating indoor plants.