Why would a grape fruit tree not produce

Why would a grape fruit tree not produce

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Origin: grapefruit is believed to have originated in Barbados as a cross between sweet orange and pummelo. Australian distribution: grapefruit grows in most mainland states and in the Darwin and Katherine areas of the NT. The grapefruit tree is evergreen and small. Tree size will depend on the environment, the type and how it's looked after. The leaves are often large and oval in shape, glossy green in colour, dotted with oil glands and have broadly winged leaf stalks.

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Pomelo or Grapefruit tree – advice on caring for it

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Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Useful Searches. Hey, I've had this grapefruit tree for about 7 years, that yes, I did grow from a seed.

Well It's been growing just great, it's about 12 ft tall and green all around. However, its never made a single grapefruit! Its just a big spiny tree in my backyard oh, and I live in South Texas which is supposed to be great for grapefruit.

Any ideas? CanNeverGrowAnything , Jun 14,Messages: 3, Likes Received: Location: Vancouver. I have never grown citrus, but from reading the forums I would say give it a couple more years I think 9 years is the maturity required for fruiting and look into the purchase of a fertilizer specifically for citrus.

Eric La Fountaine , Jun 14,I have heard of grapefruit trees producing around 4 years old, so maturity may not be the problem. In order for a tree to fruit you must "trick" it into fruiting which CAN be done.

This winter you should leave you're grapefruit tree out for about hours during the coolest of winter days. Do not worry about cold chill because it takes a lot to kill a grapefruit tree and will suffer no damage from temperatures between degrees. Once your tree had experienced the "winter chill" for about two weeks move the plant into warmer weather which would indicate spring to the tree causing bloom, thus, creating fruit.

Kyle , Oct 25,Seedling grapefruit and oranes require years to flower. The protracted period of non-flowering in seedlings is called juvenility.

Cold weather shocks have nothing to do with the tree fruiting. For your information the juvenile period for mandarins is only 5 years. Lemon seedlings require only years to fruit and Key Limes 1 to 2 years.

Your 9 year old tree has from about now to 6 more years before fruiting begains. Millet , Oct 25,Seedling citrus tends to revert to a poor quality, often inedible fruit All citrus nursery stock is grafted; the root stock is resistant to disease and the grafted scion determines the type and quality of the fruit.

Your best bet is to go to a nursery and purchase a new grapefruit tree. It's possible you could graft cuttings from the new tree to your seedling, but that is a bit tricky. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

A local version of The Love The Garden website exists

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. When it comes to giving citrus trees tender loving care there are a few basic principles - and one of the most important is adequate nutrition. Citrus trees are gross feeders - that means they need to be fed in July, November and March with a good citrus and fruit tree fertiliser. Give them grams for every year of the tree's age at each of the applications. Spread the fertiliser evenly around the drip zone, water in and the tree will power away. Even with regular fertilising the leaves might still show symptoms of iron deficiency.

Expert advice on how to troubleshoot trees that are not fruiting Quick-release fertilizer can result in weak, soft growth that is.

Indoor Citrus

Citrus species are the most widely produced fruit crops in the world, and Spain is one of the leading citrus producers that supply the fresh market. Rootstocks greatly influence variety behaviour as it ensures tolerance to abiotic stress conditions, as well as the provision of minerals and water for the total plant, and consequently impact crop yield and fruit quality. So, rootstock choice is one of the most important decisions a grower makes when establishing commercial citrus orchards. In this chapter, we attempted to provide an overview of the response in terms of plant growth, fruit quality and yield parameters of several citrus cultivar trees grafted onto different commercial rootstocks, plus new hybrids and some dwarfing genotypes, to reduce costs in some cultural practices. In particular, we considered the rootstock influence on scion photosynthetic capacity linked to carbohydrate distribution for plant vegetative and reproductive development. Spain is one of the leading citrus producers that supply the fresh market worldwide. There is a huge variety of cultivars that gives rise to vigorous trees, produces high-quality fruit and allows to extend the commercial period for these fruits from September earlier clementines, Citrus reticulata Blanco to May late oranges, Citrus sinensis L. However, several environmental factors could threaten the citrus industry. Some abiotic stresses, such as salinity and flooding, also reduce citrus growth in different citrus areas.


Gerard W. Powell, Former Extension Horticulturist. Citrus plants are very versatile around the home and may be used as individual specimens, hedges or container plants. Their natural beauty and ripe fruits make them attractive additions to the South Georgia home scene.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst normally fast-growing, there are a number of issues that can result in your lemon tree not growing as well as you hoped. This article will uncover the most common issues and help you get your lemon tree thriving again. The main causes of a lemon tree not growing are insufficient light, water, and fertilizer. All are essential in moderation for healthy growth. Problems such as root rot or pests can cause damage and prevent growth.

Why do my orange trees have no fruit? Blame pruning, watering

Shop for trees at least two to three years old — the age when they're mature enough to produce and support fruit. Garden retailers know this information, so you don't need to become a pro overnight. Trees may seem small now, but even with dwarf varieties and regular pruning, most container citrus trees will eventually measure near 6 feet tall. Citrus trees prefer their soil evenly moist and never soggy. Soil that stays too dry or too wet spells trouble. Commercial potting mixes labeled for cactus, palms and citrus provide a good balance of ingredients to retain moisture, yet drain freely and quickly.

An indoor tree may not receive enough direct sunlight to thrive. Even when sunlight is adequate, a difference of 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grapefruit Tree (Growing, Caring For, Grapefruit Uses)

Growing your own citrus tree can be a rewarding pleasure for a North Texas gardener. Not only are homegrown citrus fruit a real treat, but the tree itself can make a handsome addition to a patio or garden. Citrus trees can be relatively easy and pain-free to grow in North Texas. The biggest concern with citrus trees in our area is keeping them warm enough in the winter.

Growing Grapefruit in Zone 4


One of the benefits of living in the low desert of Arizona and other warm areas of the United States such as Florida, California, and Texas is the ability to grow citrus outdoors year-round. Learn how to grow citrus in Arizona and add a tree to your landscape. The proper selection, planting, and care of a citrus tree can provide you with delicious fruit and a b eautiful tree for years to come. Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. See my disclosure policy for more information.

Most citrus is descended from four ancestral species.

5 Solutions for Unproductive Fruit Trees

Click to see full answer. Also question is, why is my grapefruit tree not producing fruit? Insufficient Maturity If a grapefruit does not produce fruit , perhaps it has not been growing long enough. Grafted trees should first bear in their third season. In fact, any fruit that sets earlier than that needs to be removed, so the young tree can concentrate all its energy on growth. Subsequently, question is, why are my grapefruit skins so thick?

If you grow them in your garden they are likely to be far sweeter and juicier than any shop bought fruit you may have had. Grapefruits are generally eaten fresh, cut in half and segments being scooped out with a spoon they are also squeezed for their juice and they can be made into a delicious marmalade. Trees get fairly large — around twice standard ceiling height and maybe more.