Whitehouse landscaping

Whitehouse landscaping

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Putting Our Clients First. Whitehouse Landscaping we design and construct the very best garden design. From paving, patios, walls, artificial grass, fencing, and anything landscaping. Whitehouse Landscaping do it all and perform the very best. Check out some of our work today!

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Tree Service Job in Whitehouse Station

MUM is dedicated to providing you with exceptional landscape design services, while seeking uniquely personal expressions that set your landscape apart from the ordinary. MUM develops modern site-sensitive landscapes that are thoughtful reflections inspired by your lifestyle needs and existing architectural elements. Our core design philosophy is manifested in creating modern, sustainable, low-impact solutions for your landscape. The clients had just completed an exceptionally stunning modern exterior and interior renovation of their home.

Their request was that the landscape design needed to complement and reflect the contemporary architecture of their home. Vast fenestration throughout the home afforded a complete integration of exterior and interior perspectives.

An addition to the main entrance of the college created a courtyard that remained barren and unimproved for several years. The courtyard could be seen from public hallways and administrative offices. The Chair of the Art Department requisitioned funds to enhance the space, and the garden was completed using contributed labor and college foundation funding. The landscape transitions a 3-acre woodland setting for this Mid-Century Modern house, designed by architect John Vincent Anderson.

The residence is perched on a magnificent acre moraine with views spanning over 50 miles. The owners were intimately engaged in the restoration of the iconic Mid-Century Modern home and landscape designed by John Vincent Anderson.

Working collaboratively on the concept and design with the owner's son, an artist, the project involved clearing large swaths of meadows and oak savanna for native restoration.

Minimal plantings were employed to define and respond to the architecture. An emphasis was placed on the clearing of invasive species, and a simple editing revealed the natural beauty and serenity of the existing surrounding landscape. Clients had just completed a handsome and accurately sensitive expansion of a Portuguese Revival villa and needed added landscaping to integrate with existing plantings. A semi-formal European informed design was implemented with a respecting influence of Spanish gardens.

Dating from the late '20's, this iconic lakeside home, the "White House," was derived from southern antebellum architecture. After a trip to the South, the owners were inspired by the grand mansions there and wanted to recreate that experience back home in the North.

The 3-acre grounds had been neglected for many years, overgrown to the point of obscuring the house completely. The landscape program was straight forward, emulating classic garden themes with more contemporary less maintenance requirements. After extensive clearing and reviving the stately oaks with selective pruning, a new overall design plan was conceived. The plan included a new pool with outdoor patio dining, lattice enclosure and newly created garden beds with a fountain and garden vignettes.

While we worked in tandem, the owners finished a complete top to bottom, sensitive yet updated contemporary restoration of this masterpiece. We collaborated with exceptionally skilled contractors to install a reimagined courtyard with a wingwall enclosure lost over many years to several previous owners.

Landscaping and hardscaping including an IPE wood wingwall, fountain koi pond, and concrete courtyard set in independent monolithic slabs to complete the front of the house and property. Work will continue on the lake side of the property with a new terrace patio, spa and built-in seat lounge with firepit. Situated on over 10 acres, this new build, incredibly handsome home styled on a contemporary riff of a Belgium farmhouse is simply stunning. Over a three-year period with the collaboration of the interior designer and owner, the installed landscaping included a pool, stone terracing, clearing, land forming, prairie restoration and plantings.

The grand Manor home included a prairie restoration of approximately 3 acres surrounding the property. A pool and terrace with architecturally sensitive retaining walls and stairways forming a partially enclosed lounging area encompassed the first phase of the hardscaping and landscaping.

Simple, contemporary, elegant plantings complimented the refined taste of the well-known interior designer and owner along with her husband as they undertook a top to bottom completely reimagined restoration.

As part of a second phase, a 2-ton 12' tall European Beech was planted in a center island car court at the front of the house. More images will be accompanied as the restoration is completed. A new build, transitional Manor house all clad in limestone sits impressively overlooking a golf course. Two large city lots comprise the completely landscaped property. The owner himself sourced over 50 12'- 15' Norway spruce, arborvitae and white pine, nearly depleting all large plant material from a local nursery.

The hardscaping and plantings are extensive and touch every part of the grounds. Behind a large patio with pool is a grand park-like play lawn completing the dominating presence of this house.

Mum Modern Landscapes is a partner of Mum, a boutique shop that selects objects-of-art in the form of home accessories, women's and children's clothing, fine art and books.

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Building Back Better

Realty Landscaping offers a full range of landscaping services for both the residential and commercial customer, including: landscape design, landscape maintenance, as well as landscape irrigation services. Realty Landscaping commercial landscape maintenance services consist of: turf management and weed control; organic turf and ornamental plant care; mulching; integrated pest management; tree, shrub, and herbaceous plant care; soil enrichment; seasonal landscape decoration; migratory bird control; water feature maintenance; litter control; and watering services. Realty Landscaping residential landscape construction services will enhance the look and increase the value of your home. Our uniformed, highly experienced, and certified professionals deliver consistently high quality and value landscape solutions. We use only the finest plant materials and landscape products from the most reputable suppliers. Realty Landscaping leaves no detail untended to when it comes to residential Landscaping and maintenance services.

Everglade Spring, used for the surrounding landscape turf, has field green and lime green blade tones with brown thatch.

Garden Associates of Whitehouse Station wins for Best Residential Landscaping Design

This is where we make your dream Landscaping landscape project in Whitehouse TN a reality, transforming your lawn into the beauty and tranquility that only our unique Company expertise in Landscaping services can bring. Since , as a Landscaping Company expert, we have offered Landscaping services in Whitehouse TN and surrounding areas, and have been dedicated to the highest quality Landscaping services. By being the best Landscaping Company in Whitehouse TN, we are the most qualified to bring beauty and value to your Whitehouse TN home and make your property stand out in the neighborhood while not overpowering the brilliance of your home. Imagine the soothing sound of your waterfall as it flows into a handcrafted coy pond, a custom Landscaping project, or even a special designed patio with lavish flowers and charming iridescent lighting to capture the special moments as you relax in your new Whitehouse TN beautiful surroundings. This Landscaping Company values customer service and we always make it our top priority in Whitehouse TN to serve you with expert Landscaping Company services. Here in Whitehouse TN we strive to not just meet your needs for a Landscaping project but to exceed your expectations. We do these Landscaping services with an overall goal to bring our customers dreams to life. We are not a Landscaping Company that is detached rather, a Landscaping Company that values having a strong communicative relationship with our Whitehouse TN customers and their needs.

Looking For Help With Your Landscape?

The West Wing's four floors contain offices for the vice president , White House chief of staff , the counselor to the president , the senior advisor to the president , the White House press secretary , and their support staffs. Adjoining the press secretary's office, in the colonnade between the West Wing and the Executive Residence is the James S. Before the construction of the West Wing, presidential staff worked on the western end of the second floor of what is now the Executive Residence. The West Wing was originally intended as a temporary office structure, [6] built on the site of the extensive greenhouses and stables.

We highly recommend Whitehouse Landscaping!

Richard Whitehouse

Whitehouse Landscaping is primarily engaged in landscape planning and in performing landscape architectural and counseling services. Establishments primarily engaged in landscape planning and in performing landscape, architectural and counseling services. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in planning and designing the development of land areas for projects, such as parks and other recreational areas; airports; highways; hospitals; schools; land subdivisions; and commercial, industrial, and residential areas, by applying knowledge of land characteristics, location of buildings and structures, use of land areas, and design of landscape projects. Call usWhitehouse Landscaping.

Landscaping & Landscape Design in Montgomery, Chester, and Berks County, PA.

The History and Traditions of a Classic Dessert. Pulling Back the Curtain on the Executive Mansion. During the Rutherford B. Hayes administration, the elaborate landscaping from the previous administration was removed, and grass was planted around the fountain. Next Cherry Blossoms. Since the first cherry blossom planting in by First Lady Helen Herron Taft, Washingtonians have celebrated the scenic beauty and It is hard to imagine that it was something as casual as a lunch conversation between a newly elected president

Whitehouse Landscaping Contact: Sam Whitehouse Phone: () Office: Schwenksville, PA Website: WJA Landscaping.

Whitehouse Landscaping

MUM is dedicated to providing you with exceptional landscape design services, while seeking uniquely personal expressions that set your landscape apart from the ordinary. MUM develops modern site-sensitive landscapes that are thoughtful reflections inspired by your lifestyle needs and existing architectural elements. Our core design philosophy is manifested in creating modern, sustainable, low-impact solutions for your landscape.


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Whitehouse Landscaping, located in western Montgomery County, serves customers in Berks, Chester and Montgomery counties.

Kurtz christmas trees

Contact Us. Getting a perfect landscape requires a lot of care and dedication. That's why it's a good idea to work with a company that values hard work and customer satisfaction. As a locally-owned business, we enjoy providing top-tier service to our community's homeowners and business owners. Whether you need drainage work or sod installation services , you can expect consistently excellent work. Reach out to us for landscaping services today. Our team has over 10 years of experience to pull from when we work on your landscape.

Lawn Maintenance | Bridgewater

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has threatened to keep lawmakers who are eager to get home for Christmas at work in Washington into next week if progress isn't made on the backlog of more than 70 ambassadorial nominees awaiting votes. Biden administration officials acknowledge the president will almost certainly end his year with significantly more ambassadorial vacancies than any of his recent predecessors and that the slowdown of ambassadorial and other national security picks has already had an impact on U. At the same point in the three previous administrations, presidents had far more of their diplomats confirmed and installed at embassies around the globe.

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