How long for guava tree to fruit

How long for guava tree to fruit

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How long for guava tree to fruit ?


How long for guava tree to fruit ?

Short answer is:

It takes 7 years of good care to grow to fruit.

Long answer:

Your problem is in the word "fruit". "Fruit" is usually a vegetable with a sweet or acidic taste, edible only after the development of all its parts. So it's not good to say your guava trees produces "fruit" because a guava tree doesn't produce fruit.

You can say it produces "guava", because that is the name of the fruit it produces.

In your case, the fruit has a pulp as well. The main difference between guava and fruit is that fruit does not have a pulp. When you eat fruit it's not necessary to eat the pulp of the fruit.

In the case of your question, you are confusing fruit with guava.

Nowadays, guava trees has been modified by breeders to produce a fruit with a pulp. But there was a time when the guava tree was considered a fruit tree. And in this case, it produces guava.

Image from here:

I believe you should understand what a fruit is before going any further.

What a fruit is:

A fleshy fruit has a stone.

A seed, the result of the splitting open of a hard-shelled seed capsule, is often very small.

I can't speak for fruit tree experts, but I know this is how we commonly refer to these plants.

Source: wikipedia


This is not an answer, because I do not have a reference to support this opinion (please link me to where you found this and I will edit my answer to incorporate that evidence):

I've always understood guava trees as fruit trees and guava as fruit. When it says in the image below that the fruit is edible, it does not mean that it is meant to be eaten in the way you would eat an apple, an orange, or a mango, it means that the pulp is edible.

From the Wikipedia article:

In the tropical parts of the world, the fruit is commonly used to make juice and preserves, and in some regions is eaten fresh.


If you look at this image, the guava appears as a fruit, not a tree. I'm not sure the tree in the background is a guava tree.

This is the fruit. Notice that the pulp is edible, while the seeds are not.

This is an example of a Guava.

This fruit has an edible pulp that makes great jelly.

This tree is a Guava.