Plants for miami garden

Plants for miami garden

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Plants for miami garden (19-24)

A miami garden is defined as a flowering shrub, perennial or herb that is used as a potted plant for decoration in a home. The most common types of miami plants are flowers, roses, peonies, and perennials. Miami Gardens often recommends the taller varieties, like peonies and moorhemea, for the interior. Also, they might recommend climbing varieties, like roses, for outside.

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Liliaceae: Lily Family

Lilium longiflorum, lilium hybrid

African lily

White lilies bloom throughout summer in cool climates, from the coldest corner of the Northeast to Texas. In some varieties, the first white lilies will be spring crocuses that look like daffodils. Over the next few months, spring bulbs will replace the crocuses. As the season progresses, the lilies bloom. This is one of the most popular choices for the indoor garden.

Lily of the valley is a great ornamental. It has some smaller (4" to 6") and some large (6" to 10") varieties. It is easy to grow, but it needs good, well-drained, fertile, and often shady, soil. The largest lily of the valley can reach nearly 6' in height.

Hydrangeas are perennial plants that originated in eastern Europe. They are considered a warm-season plant, meaning that they do best in cool-winter areas. Hydrangeas are drought-tolerant and bloom for long periods. They are fragrant and do best in full sun and well-drained soil.

Peonies are biennials. They have early flowering season in spring and a later period of flowering in the summer. This biennial plant grows well in any type of garden with cool temperatures and dry soil. The first flowers are borne from the end of summer, starting in early fall. Each plant produces numerous flowers of various colors.

Ageratum is a flower that is also biennial. It has a flat growth pattern, but will grow to about 10" in height. This plant is very easy to grow and very well-suited for a sunny location. This plant's flowers can be any color, and they can last for several months.

Yarrow is a flower that is biennial. This flowering herb is perfect for a shaded patio or woodland garden. The plant does not grow tall, but it does make beautiful additions to the garden. This annual herb is usually in bloom in the summer. The flowers are about 1" in size and are white, pink, blue, or red. They last for up to 3 months.


Aceraceae: Maple Family


Japanese maple

Out of all the deciduous trees and shrubs, maple trees can withstand the harshest weather and are among the most appreciated as an ornamental plant. Japanese maples are the most popular, as they are easy to grow and beautiful in appearance. Their colors range from white to purple and pink to red and yellow.

Aubretia: Plum Family


Southern flax

This biennial has blooms that are some of the largest of any garden plant. It also has a tall flowering stem. Its flowers are about 3" in diameter and are lavender, white, pink, red, or yellow. If this plant isn't available, I recommend calling a garden store and asking for Florida, floribunda, or candy pink.

Buxus: Box Family



Buxus is a genus of plants that are used to make boxes. While Buxus has over 200 species, many popular species are used for hedges and ornamental uses. Because of the box wood's upright, twisted, and twisted branches, it is easy to see where it originated from. It is one of the best hardwood plants to use if you want a heavy and long hedgerow. Buxus grows to 15' or more in height. Boxwood is a medium-temperature plant that does best in a greenhouse or garden.

Heuchera, sometimes referred to as coral bells, is a hardy perennial. The plant can withstand a hard winter and can be grown in most locations. Because of this, it is a popular choice for a miami garden. Some species are very cold-hardy, while others are not as hardy. The blossoms of Heuchera range from 2" to 3" in diameter and are usually white, purple, pink, or magenta.

Kalmia, sometimes called mountain laurel, is a biennial plant that makes an attractive hedge and a lovely bush. It has large, white, fragrant flowers that are 6" to 10" in diameter. They can last from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Morus is a genus of plants that produce delicious fruits. This plant has distinctive, thick, needle-like leaves that create a beautiful silhouette and are frequently used in hedges. Many of the popular varieties of moorha are in the mulberry family and are used for their timber and delicious fruit.

Myrtle is a biennial plant. The plant is also a member of the Myrtaceae, which includes the redbud, hibiscus, and sage family. Myrtle is drought-tolerant and an excellent plant for the patio or garden. The largest varieties will grow up to 15' in height. Some varieties are fragrant, and some varieties have pretty pink flowers.

Rosa L.: Rose Family


Red or purple roses are often used for miami gardens. They are popular for the indoors, or the outdoors with vines or hedges. My favorites are the rosalina, moorhemea, tea roses, primrose, and ruby red. You may also want to try a color that is not so traditional like peach and silver.


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