Landscapers in grand forks nd

Landscapers in grand forks nd

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Landscapers in grand forks nd

Create a Spacious Yard

Creating a yard that's big enough to sit back and relax in is easy to do, and anyone can do it! With a little planning and elbow grease, your yard can become a soothing space to escape to. If you live in an urban setting where space is tight, yard space is at a premium, or if you want a big yard to use for entertaining, check out some of these ideas for making your yard more enjoyable.

There are two fundamental approaches to landscaping:

Cottage gardens are organic

Minimalist gardens are geometric

Although you may be surprised by the difference in style and approach of these two approaches, it is worth a deeper look at them both to understand the benefits of each.

Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens are centered around a small house or cabin and include some or all of the following:

A compact garden

A patio and porch

A garden that is surrounded by the house

Gardens with room to grow small ornamental fruit trees

Cottage gardens have a simpler, more personal feel than expansive city backyards or large suburban gardens. In a cottage garden, you'll find larger plants, shrubs, and trees, which allow you to appreciate the landscape in a smaller way. The garden will be filled with a number of small plants like grasses, perennials, and annuals. Garden beds and borders are also narrow and filled with edibles. Often a bench or seating area is added to the garden. This approach is perfect for smaller yards that have limited space for landscaping, but if you do have a small yard, try including some cottage garden features like a small fountain or a raised bed.

Cottage gardens are typically designed by homeowners as a peaceful space to escape to during the summer. You can enjoy watching your grandchildren play and the birds that call your backyard their home. For a more formal feel, you can incorporate formal landscaping and architectural elements into the cottage garden, such as brick patios, a central seating area, or steps leading to the house. This option works well for small yards in urban and suburban areas, but a formal feel isn't necessary to make your cottage garden beautiful.

Minimalist Gardens

Minimalist gardens are rectangular or square and allow the sun to shine directly on them, creating a dramatic effect. These gardens are a cool, crisp alternative to the warm and cozy cottage gardens, and are perfect for suburban gardens that may not have a lot of land. These gardens are typically decorated with a large, square boulder, water feature, paved area, or many benches to encourage outdoor sitting.

A minimalist garden is best for homes with big yards. To create a minimalist garden in a big yard, be sure to include at least one square area that you can use as a relaxing area with a focal point. To make your garden feel even bigger, add in a small water feature, more stepping stones, or a small bench. If you want a space that encourages the habit of sitting and relaxing, a small patio can help with that. These gardens are great for entertaining, too! A sleek, minimalist garden will showcase your backyard beautifully.

Best Lawn Care Tips to Improve Your Lawn

No matter what kind of grass you have, a healthy and lush lawn is the envy of your neighbors. With the right lawn care, however, you can transform your lawn into something stunningly beautiful. Whether you need a new lawn or you want to refresh your lawn, these lawn care tips will help you do the job right.

Start with Healthy Soil

Take care of the soil under your lawn before you start lawn care. Check the soil under the lawn to be sure

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