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The mission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension is to extend the knowledge and resources of the University of Wisconsin to people where they live and work. The Extension Ashland County staff and programs contribute to fulfilling this mission through innovative programs and partnerships. Our educational programs are developed and measured against our strategic directives, aiming to build:. Lissa conducts educational programs to assist leaders, communities and organizations in building knowledge and taking action in the areas of:. She provides education that enables people to:. Extension Family Programs provide education to help families thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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Gearing up to garden? Here are 6 community plant sales happening this spring

Show All Answers. This area is where most utilities are located. The pruning or removal of trees located in this area is performed by the City. Arterial streets have a greater ROW. The Right-of-Way can vary greatly on both residential and arterial streets.

City owned trees are pruned on a city-wide programmed cycle. The City is divided into six forestry management units. Within each unit, all public trees in parks, street right-of-ways and public grounds are pruned. After all six units are pruned, the cycle will start over.

Stated simply, all City trees will be pruned once every six years. This is the most effective process to care for City trees. Annually, the City arborist conducts a city-wide tree removal survey of public trees. This usually occurs in September. Trees identified for removal will be marked with an orange dot. All dead or hazardous trees marked will be scheduled to be removed over the winter months.

Trees on Private Property If you have questions about trees on your property, there are a number of ways to get information. The UW-Extension Horticulture Helpline can be called at to answer your tree or horticulture questions.

There is an abundance of information in all areas of horticulture located there. Finally, it may be best to call in a professional to evaluate your trees. A certified arborist can give you recommendations on the core of your trees. Link to Reservation and Rentals More Where is Fox Brook Park? What are the hours and cost? Link to their site. Skip to Main Content. Loading Close. Do Not Show Again Close.

I have some questions about plants or bugs or soil on my property. Who can I talk to? The University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension, provides a free phone service for callers to speak with a trained Master Gardener volunteer regarding plant, bug or soil questions.

Call their Horticulture Helpline at , or for more information go to their website: UW Extension. Show All Answers 1.

I have some questions about trees in the right-of-way in front of my house or on my property - who can I contact? Waukesha County Parks 4. Are dogs allowed in City Parks? Where can I go to exercise my dog? Link to Dogs In City Parks brochure. Where can I find out about recreation programs and classes being offered and how to register?

Link to Community Recreation Group page. What job opportunities does the Department have and how would I apply? Job opportunies are listed on the Department web page. Employment and Volunteer opportunities 8. Call their Horticulture Helpline at , or for more information go to their website: UW Extension 9. Is a special permit needed to take pictures in City of Brookfield parks such as for a wedding, etc.

No special permit is needed unless you are requesting exclusive use of a facility or picnic area, which may require a reservation and related fees. Picnic and Facility Reservations. Live Edit Close. Permit Applications. Sister Cities. Things To Do. Agenda and minutes prior to SeptemberMunicipal Code. Comprehensive Plan. Business Hours. Library Visit our local library. Online Payments Easily pay your bills online.

Elections Voting Information. Arrow Left Arrow Right.

City of Algoma

Show All Answers. This area is where most utilities are located. The pruning or removal of trees located in this area is performed by the City. Arterial streets have a greater ROW. The Right-of-Way can vary greatly on both residential and arterial streets. City owned trees are pruned on a city-wide programmed cycle.

Wisconsin Crop Manager. According to UNH Cooperative Extension Specialist Catherine Violette, SAFE began in the early s with a focus on three areas.


With an office in each Wisconsin county, Cooperative Extension develops practical educational programs tailored to local needs and based on university knowledge and research. County-based Extension educators are University of Wisconsin faculty and staff who are experts in agriculture and agribusiness, community and economic development, natural resources, family living and youth development. Our educators live and work with the people they serve in all Marathon County communities. Extension specialists work on UW System campuses where they access current research and knowledge. Collaboration between county and campus faculty is the hallmark of Cooperative Extension in Wisconsin. Cooperative Extension partners with local, county, state and federal government to address public issues. Educators plan and carry out programs with a wide array of community partners -- volunteers, business and educational groups and advisors. Using state-of-the-art technology, Marathon County UW-Extension brings educational programs to every corner of the county. Communication and computer networks link Marathon County Extension and UW campus departments with other universities, state and federal agencies and other sources of knowledge and information around the world. For more information, visit our website at marathon.

Former UW-Extension

Ut extension publications. To help both landowners and farmers, the … none Publications Extension Publishing works with UI Extension and the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station to publish educational, research-based information for specialized audiences and the public. Animal Science specialists provide in-service training on topics that relate to beef cattle, dairy cattle, equine, poultry, small ruminant, and swine management. The Smith-Lever Act formalized extension in , but its roots go back to agricultural clubs and societies of the early s. For questions about, or suggestions to improve, Iowa Publications Online click here.

Waukesha, WI

What to do when things are dormant

Although registration is closed for Foundations in Horticulture: Growing and Caring for Plants in Wisconsin for , we will be offering this class again in , along with other classes. Find out more and get on the email list, so you can be one of the first to know about upcoming offerings! Gardening and learning to grow your own food provides many benefits, but we know it can be a bit intimidating when first starting out. Check out our New Gardener Resources to get your Wisconsin garden started quickly and easily. There are things you can do now to protect or extend harvest of existing crops and prepare your soil for next year.

UW Extension Volunteer Opportunities

Wisconsin State Horticultural Society. UW — Extension Horticultural Publications. Door County is the easternmost county in the U. As of the census, the population was 27, Its county seat is Sturgeon Bay, making it one of three Wisconsin counties on Lake Michigan not to have a county seat with the same name. About 80 percent of the collection predatesFurther information will be forthcoming in Fall ofFax:

Garden enthusiasts interested in learning more about horticulture and who have an toll free , or by e-mail at [email protected]

Ut extension publications

If you're not: For more than 25 years she was the consumer horticulture agent for the University of Wisconsin-Extension Milwaukee County, where she headed the Master Gardener volunteers program in Milwaukee and Waukesha. Show her a plant and she can identify it in a flash. Ask her about your sad-looking tomato plant and she can tell you where you went astray. But as of Jan.


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As always, the Conference was a huge success — even the weather cooperated by sending us a sunny day with temperatures near 60 degrees! Every year, we sell out our Conference as seats are filled by those eager for Spring, excited to hear from our guest speakers, and interested in visiting with our many vendors! This year, we had garden decorations, jewelry, organic herbal soaps, lotions, and scrubs, batik scarves, tree charms, stone-cast garden leaves, wood furniture, live plants, garden tools, and much, much more. The Conference is always held at the end of March or early April each year. Make a note to check our website www. Like the other Master Gardener groups in other states, in Wisconsin our organization is supported by the publicly funded University Extension system.

The seeds were sown when there was still snow on the ground, and now those plants are ready to go home with gardeners. Gardeners will find more than varieties of annuals, both flowers and vegetables.

Unh extension agriculture

Current technology services available through the University of Wisconsin Extension are able to address educator needs in a more fluid and timely manner that static manual content. Because the agency could not obtain the permit, they chose not to advance their therapeutic horticulture programming. As a result, the Expansion project only grew into Kenosha County only. However, the replacement agency we chose to partner with was serving a significantly different population and allowed Green Works to expand in programming purpose rather than geographical space. We had significant challenges accomplishing the goals of this grant. Juana Avila, the original staff on the grant moved to a different agency. Her expertise and connection to the Latino community was basis for the development of the project.

Our new, independent synchronization agency is based in Montreal. It has 16 gauge thickness, one grounded outlet and is rated for V, 13A or W, making it suitable for many applications. He has almost 30 years of experience as a musician, composer, arranger, programmer, and audio technologist.

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