Celebrities who care about the animals and plants

Celebrities who care about the animals and plants

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Celebrities who care about the animals and plants we eat and share the earth with


Oscar the world famous mongrel dog goes vegan. But why? I asked him. Well, Oscar says that because he has big personality and he is adorable he wants to save the environment and be a great ambassador for the animals that are saved by becoming vegan. When he was little he hated meat because it was killing all the animals and he wanted to save them all and that is how he came up with his amazing idea to become vegan. I totally believe him and I admire him for his ideas, so here are some other celebrity's idea of how to save the environment.

How to save the environment:

A lot of famous animals get out of their cages and are placed in an urban environment.

So, I started wondering how we can save the environment without releasing them. I thought of possible alternatives like heating houses and offices, driving electric cars, solar heaters, and creating solar farms. We could also use many cars with a great battery capacity or a plug in a house and then save all the energy in the house. You can choose to be the ones who care for the environment. We can make a difference.

Green Party - Environment:

The Green Party is for the conservation and regeneration of the environment for the benefit of humanity and nature.

Green Party policy:

· Ecological approach to sustainability

· Respect for nature's diversity

· Democracy and localism

· Green policies for sustainable development

· Promoting the full employment and decent incomes of all

· Sustainable public services

· Improved education

· Greater public control over economic activities

· Decent housing

· Equitable distribution of wealth and opportunity

· Public finance based on need

· A welfare state that works

· Civil and political liberties for everyone

· Good health care

· Reforestation and protection of wilderness areas

I chose to be Green and sign up for their e-mail list to receive their information.

Darla Moore (model)

Darla loves animals and nature and she is taking it to the next level by doing vegan for 10 years. She already has been vegan for 5 years and plans to go vegan for a long time. She encourages everyone to do vegan and tells others to see their doctors and their nutritionist about it.

Monica Bellucci (actress)

Monica is a beautiful actress from Italy. Monica has always been vegan and wants to be vegan forever. She loves being vegan and always tries to encourage others to be vegan. She loves animals and how can I be like this amazing actress? We need more people to be like her to help animals and the environment.

Hilary Swank (actress)

Hilary Swank believes the diet she eats has always been the best for her. She feels it is a great idea to be vegan. She supports the Vegan Society of America.

Vanessa Hudgens (actress)

Vanessa loves animals and she feels everyone should try vegan. We should love them all and we need to share the land with them. I love Vanessa and I am so proud of her. She could not be nicer and she wants everyone to be a vegan.

Alexa Chung (modeling)

I admire Alexa Chung for being vegan.

James Brolin (actor)

James Brolin goes vegan because he feels all the animals on the earth deserve to live and he feels he can help.

Eric Knowlton (actor)

Eric Knowlton goes vegan for the animals and he tries to save the environment by doing vegan. He loves animals and I admire him for saving all the animals he can and saving the earth.

Joe Pantoliano (actor)

Joe Pantoliano is a vegan. He loves the animals and the planet. He likes to plant trees because he cares about all the animals and he hates to pollute.

Eva Longoria (actress)

Eva Longoria is a vegan and she wants others to try vegan because it is the right thing to do. She is very nice and she cares about the animals and the planet.

Jordana Brewster (actress)

Jordana Brewster cares about animals and she tries to get as many of them as possible to become vegan. She has been vegan for about five years. She says she wants to be vegan for the rest of her life.

In the eyes of an animal lover, no animal should ever be harmed in any way. It should be loved. Our humanity comes before everything else, even our love for other animals. Unfortunately, for the most part, the closest thing we have to an animal’s experience of the world is the way we treat them.

Gandhi said, “As human beings, our main problems stem from our inability to put ourselves in the position of others.” In other words, we only think of our own desires, our own needs. Gandhi stressed that as we treat animals, we are treating ourselves. We need to stop doing that, and be sensitive to the rights and needs of all living beings.

Gandhi said:

“The question which human beings need to ask themselves today is this: Shall I hold myself separate from the rest of nature or shall I realize the identity and interrelatedness of all? Shall I hold myself a law unto myself or shall I realize that I am but one with the rest of creation?”

How to Save the Environment Without Killing an Animal:

1. Compassion for animals does not need to be anything special or extravagant. The basic way is to give more attention to the way we use animals rather than keeping animals as pets or animals as sport. Humans are animals and not the superior ones. As Gandhi said, we should put ourselves in the position of other animals and not treat them as objects.

2. If there are any forms of abuse and cruelty you can be a victim of them without having to kill an animal. It is not about getting animals but about not abusing animals

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